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[Refurb] Dell 32" S3220DGF Gaming Monitor 165hz VA Curved $399 Delivered @ Dell


Unsure if this is one of the newer models with 120hz option . Apparently it is a factory only firmware update . Any Monitor manufactured after ~June 2020 has the 120hz option enabled . I'm thinking it's possible these are older panels without the 120hz hence the cheaper price . This is a guess .
I figured for $400 it didn't really matter .
FYI comes with 3 year warranty .

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  • it's refurbished that's why it's cheap

  • Price in title

  • good price, brand new is 599

  • If model is S3220DGF, I think 100% 165hz, or you can return it.

    • It does 165hz as well as 144hz and 60hz . the newest version does 120hz instead of 144hz .
      From my understanding this is important because the PS5 and Xbox do 120hz ,

  • Dell refurbished monitors are excellent

  • Absolutely nutty price, bought one thank you

  • bought one as well, was gonna buy it at $599 on the current ebay sales, but now $399 seems like a good deal. I remember Dell customer service rep told me that Dell refurbished laptop will have no scratch on screen so hopefully its the same for monitor. I don't mind a few scratch on the body to save $200… and it also comes with 3 years warranty

  • There were 27" DGF available too but the last one ran out as I paid for it (still got charged).

    I actually am glad that happened because I'd rather pay the extra for a new one.

    If the monitor has been returned is is 'refurbished' — it's most likely because of excessive bleed or dead/stuck pixels (especially for these type of monitors).

    Outlet means up to 6 dead pixels is acceptable, and light bleed isn't an reason for returns either.

  • About to buy
    It sold out

  • Just talked to Dell support and asked them if these refurbished items were returned due to dead pixels etc, they said no and they have been tested. They also advised refurbished item will have no scratches. Maybe only minor hairline mark on body but not the screen, if there is any dead pixels or light bleed you can contact them to get a full refund.

    • Hey, could you please post their exact reply? Maybe even a screenshot of it?

      • Heres the invoice details I recieved .

        Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor:
        DFO-S3220DGFQ 1
        3Yr Advanced Exchange Service 865-68747 1
        GDO APJ Order 754-54475 1
        Limited Warranty:Yr1-3 Advanced
        Exchange Service
        709-16003 1

        No idea if that differs from a new unit .

      • I called and ask the customer care

  • I received my item, the screen is perfect, no scratch and no any dead pixels. The screens seem like brand new, only the stand has some minor scratch but who is going to look at the stand ? Overall happy with my purchase.