This was posted 1 year 8 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20%-50% off @ Oakley


Up to 50% off sunglasses
20% off custom
Up to 50% off apparel
20% off eyewear accessories
Up to 50% off accessories
50% off goggles

Custom GasCan (Black, Prizm Polarzied) Normally $256, Sale price $204.80

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +10

    I remember in school when you weren't cool unless you had a pair of Oakleys. I was so lucky to find a pair for cheap at my local market.

    • +5

      Yeah it was Mission Impossible 2 that made it a hype at that time everyone wanted a pair of Romeo or Juliet.

      • +1

        I always wondered why they discontinued them at that time. Wish they still made the insert pieces, mine could do with another service even though I no longer wear them.

        • Which model? Romeo or Juliet?

          I'll buy them if you're no longer wearing them :)

          • @tavers: Juliet plasma ice, 2nd gen. Not really interested in selling them though.

            Wearing Holbrook XL woodgrain and tungston polarised now.

            • @apsilon: You can get spare rubber, and the nose tuned. Check out X-Metal Workshop on Facebook for bits.

              • @tavers: Thanks. I knew some people were doing them aftermarket, I should check it out. I actually have about 4 unused complete sets of rubbers. The last service I had done Oakley returned them with a note saying this was the last service they could perform and enclosed were the last of their supplies of the rubber pieces. To bad they didn't send me the tools.

              • @tavers: He'll custom cut some lenses from OEM donors. I've got some Romeo & X-Squared lenses from him. Always a perfect fit.

            • @apsilon: I have those but in prizm and are amazing.

        • M:i-2 came out in 2000 and the Romeos weren't discontinued until 2004. They were discontinued because of a design flaw - the frame flexed on the lenses which caused the lenses to develop small 'spider cracks' around the flex point.

          The Juliets, Mars, XX and Penny flexed on the nose bridge so no problem with the lenses cracking. The Juliets were produced for years after, discontinuing around 2012ish.

          • @FXD: I thought MI2 was later than that but apparently not. Time flies.

      • +1

        Well I went to school a bit earlier than that movie and they were already the cool sunnies then. If you didn't have Frogskins you weren't invited

    • Did Ozbargain exist back then?

    • X-Men got us fangirling too

  • -2

    Foakleys from AliExpress lol
    But ready order some Sutro origins (cycling sunnies pretty well discounted - half price), just checked and no cheaper luckily.

    May be of interest to some (snobby af but why not)

    • Foakleys + then replace with galaxy polarised lenses. $30.

      Use a soldering iron to melt frames/ arms back together..they will snap after a year as the knockoffs don't use enough plasticisers.

      I bought a pair of legit polarised Holbrooks from surfstich 2 years ago for $139. Never seen this price since.

      • +1

        I bought a pair of legit polarised Holbrooks from surfstich 2 years ago for $139. Never seen this price since.

        If you want a non-polarised Holbrook, they start at $93.99 delivered here.

        • Whoops, they're US$93.99 ($128.70).

  • +3

    Honestly the fact that you can pay hundreds of dollars for non-polarized glasses drives me nuts.

    $200 for "customs" that aren't even polarized, need to pay even more to go from the Prizm to the Prizm polarized…

    • +1

      $188 for polarized ones, best I could find

      • +3

        I don't have any speed to sell people to buy those glasses

    • +2

      i remember when Ray Bans claimed that their
      lenses being unpolarized was a 'feature'!
      in that for aviators having a polarized lens when flying the refraction could mean that things could be missed and go unnoticed!

  • Good Price , thanks for the post

  • Use the prices, to get sunglasses hut to price match, then use work employee discounts for 10% off at sunglasses hut.

    Love this time of year.

    I saw one pair on their which I liked, then realised I already have them, in the same lens colour and everything

  • Which Oakley’s for motorcycle riders ??

    • +3

      Oakley doesn't make a full face helmet

      • Sorry, I was referring to which sunnies…..(don’t want goggles)
        Any recommended ones ??

        • I've had the Racing Jackets for yonks and now sport the Field Jacket, thanks to OP bought another pair.

          Excellent FoV and the anti-fog system is great for mountain biking too.

    • Fives work well

      • Looked them up on website.

        This is the message towards the bottom of above page.

        “Not suitable for Driving and Road use“

        • +1

          Sorry are you looking to use them instead of an approved visor? I don't think oakley do that.
          If you want sunnies that fit well inside a full faced helmet then these do that well.

          Edit, just looked further into that message. TIL there are sunnies that are illegal for driving use. Can't say I've ever thought they affected my vision in a negative way. The fives aren't polarized so you don't end up seeing rainbows through the polarized visors.

        • Not sure why that is there.

          The grey lens polarized or not are great for driving.

          The reds and greens are the not suitable for driving.

          Its on the oakley site somewhere.

    • Prizm Road is what you want.

      • Yep, excellent for cycling, already got a pair (actually got the chromatic version then paid $100 for the prizm lens only. I get a good 4 or 5 months out of the chromatic in the winter season.

        Not really a big fan of the big style cycling sunnies but thought I'd try the suato out. Few different lenses and pairs are handy. I got an older radarlock with fire iridium which is great in summer on a bright day

  • +1

    Extreme good deal of snow goggles. Sad that border is closed no snow anywhere

  • Has anyone compared Oakley to Shady Rays?

    • Oakleys don't have a special note that for some pairs that they are salt water stable.

      That was the one thing that made me query the shady rays quality and product specifications.

  • +4

    Don't forget Shopback for cash back! (currently 7%, compared to 5.6% with cash rewards)

  • This is going to go down a treat in Moe.

  • $180 for gascans tell em their dreamin

  • in store as well?

  • I don't really understand how you can buy eyeglasses, but doesn't ask for prescription? Do you then need to take them to a specialised optometrist?

    • i would like to know as well

    • they just sell the frames. you can take it to any optometrist to get rx lenses put in. you don't need to get oakley branded lenses either (those are extraordinarily overpriced)

      • But extraordinarily excellent.

  • +1

    Thanks! Picked up new snow goggles

    • I absolutely love my prizm goggles, they're so good.

      • keen to get on the bandwagon! i've got smith i/o mags. they're ok :/

        • almost as keen as I am for next years snow season… didn't get a single day this year, stupid lockdowns!

  • I guess could have gone instore, mine have shipper from China via HK (placed Thurs 19th)

  • Hi folks, for those on private health insurance (eg Bupa, Medibank,etc) - would you be able to use your annual Extra entitlement to just buy a frame like this without lens ? (assuming you already have a valid prescription)

    • No.To claim prescription frames, the receipt has to have an item number, the item number linked to health funds, and Oakley dont provide that.
      So you have to see whether the discount from oakley is better or paying more at the optical store and claiming the health fund rebate.

      They may possibly do it at the Oakley Sydney City store as they have a section there for their prescription glasses.

      • Thanks mate.

        Hmm… Sounds like if I can find a Sunglass hut store (like comment below) that offers the discount AND does private health claims- that would be best!

        • +1

          Sunglass hut dont sell any frames that are can take prescription lenses. Frames purchased from Sunglass hut also dont qualify for health fund claims as their receipt doesnt have item numbers.
          You would have to get them from an optical store like OPSM. OPSM are currently doing 20% off storewide only.

  • seems other stores applying the % off as well, these were sold out on Oakley's website but Sunglass hut had them available for me to order, so make sure you look around!

    009364 FLAK DRAFT - $317 down to $158.50

  • Thanks. Got a pair of ski goggles.

  • Anyone using sutro origins for cycling?

    See all the cool kids wearing them and I have a $10 copy pair but for $108 at half price I’m wondering if they’re a good deal.


    • Ordered some, will see. Agree good for half price. I'm used to prizm roads and the ev / radarlocks.
      Will be quite different. Not really into The poser looks but could use another pair anyway

    • Sutro is pretty much a cycling-specific frame. They were designed using feedback from cyclists.

      • Good enough for Egan Benal :P
        Probably made them famous at the Time

      • Aaron Judge has also worn the sutro within a baseball context so it can be used for multisport purposes depending on activity

    • Ive been using some for Riding/Running for the last 7 or 8 months and they are great. Super light weight, great lense.

      • Good feedback, wore them this morning and although don't feel as secure as my other ones they still stay in place and are light. Perhaps as I wear a cycling cap and used to the radarlocks that grip more (one pair bit too tight).

        The lenses are great, nice to have a black prizm pair and think the holes will help prevent fogging up. They dock in more securely upside down in my helmet (Giro Synth)

        • I do have a decent size head and some trouble with other glasses moving around. For cheaper glasses check out They do not move off you face and really comfy

          • +1

            @TravisD: It's like the arms on the Sutro just needs a rubber gripper sleeve on the end or something.
            If you ask someone at the Oakley store they say you can bend the frames on the EV paths, same could be true for these - best to check /research it first.

            Cheers will have a look, wouldn't mind another casual pair, someone decided to keep my polarised new waferers, never that cheap on sale.

  • -1

    Be ready to wait and wait, then wait some more for delivery.
    I've ordered some apparel close to a month ago for a weekend I've got coming up on the first weekend in Dec.
    Delivery date of 1/12, yet hasn't even been processed (still sitting in processing status).
    Expecting this date to get pushed soon.
    Extremely poor.

    • Miner turned up inside of a week (6 days)

      • I contacted Oakley on 1/12 (expected delivery date) to cancel my order as it was still sitting as processing, despite both items in stock.

        If they haven't been shipped then that is no worries they said. A full 24hrs later I receive shipping tracking numbers for the items, sent express with DHL from Dungguan china that day.

        If I hadn't brought it up with customer service it would be interesting to see how much longer my order would have been sitting there.
        Obviously they 'rushed' the order so they didn't have to refund.

        Not that it's much good to me now, my trip is today and my items are on a plane from China.

        Never buying from Oakley online again.

  • Looks like around 30-50% off the range at Myer…eg Gascan non polarised were $146, $116.80 at Oakley, $102.20 at Myer

    These polarised Crankshaft are 50% off as an example but there's quite a few more on there that are discounted the same amount if you sort by cheapest price.

    Plus 9% (?) Shopback

  • So i just had an order of one of the snow goggles (Airbrake XL) i ordered last Tuesday cancelled due to insufficient stock? yeh i just checked their website and it still had them on their as in stock/purchasable…

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