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10% off Apple Macs (M1 MacBook Air - $1439, M1 MacBook Pro - $1799) @ The Good Guys / JB Hi-Fi


New released M1 MacBooks will be having their first 10% off Sale as part of Good Guys Black Friday deals mentioned in this article

EDIT: JB are also doing a 10% off Mac deals. Have updated title to reflect.

TGG Prices

Intel Macbooks (limited colours)

MacBook Air - i3 10th Gen/8GB/256GB - $1295
MacBook Air - i5 10th Gen/8GB/512GB - $1619

MacBook Pro 13 - i5 8th Gen/8GB/256GB - $1619
MacBook Pro 13 - i5 8th Gen/8GB/512GB - $1799
MacBook Pro 13 - i5 10th Gen/16GB/512GB - $2699 (was $2999)

more higher spec'ed Macbook Pros 13/16 listed on the website

M1 Macbooks

MacBook Air - M1/8GB/256GB - $1439 (was $1599)
MacBook Air - M1/8GB/512GB - $1754 (was $1949)

MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/256GB - $1799 (was $1999)
MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/512GB - $2069 (was $2299)

M1 Mac Minis

Mac Mini - M1/8GB/256GB - $989 (was $1099)
Mac Mini - M1/8GB/512GB - $1259 (was $1399)

JB Prices

Price beat at Officeworks to save a further 5% off
Alternatively, price match at JB or Harvey and use discounted gift cards.

Enjoy :)

Mod: It is unconfirmed either way whether this item will be included in tomorrow's sale, or will be an excluded item. This deal may not go ahead.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    • Great video

  • +1

    Ordered one from apple, nothing beats the apple return policy, I’ll have until 8 Jan especially with apple holiday return policy to see if I want to keep it or not.

  • Same got OW to pricebeat but add the $8 delivery. - $1374 base model

    Use of Afterpay was a bonus too!

    • Have you received an order confirmation? I still haven’t.

      • +1

        I went to store and did this in store this morning. Wow they just updated their price!

  • +2

    currently using the m1 base model pro. first time MacBook user. can't believe how good this thing is.

    owned 3 days, number of times I have heard the fan, ZERO!

    • battery life estimates?

      • when it came out of the box, it had 78% charge. around noon.

        I played with it till 1am then it died off charge.

  • I'm considering getting the MBP 8GB/512GB model. Not sure if I should wait for the 15% off Coles GC tomorrow and try my luck on JB price match or just do OW price beat now…

  • +2

    Anyone managed to do BTO 16GB version and price beat with OW?

  • +2

    Looks like OW have now updated their prices.

    • I price beat at OW at 8.30am this morning over the phone but I still haven't received an order confirmation, just an email saying that they're reviewing my order.

      Can they decide to not honor the price beat after the fact?

      • +1

        I think you should be fine. Once they process a price beat they generally don’t go back on it. This was also a valid price beat and not like it was a pricing error or something. Also, maybe check your spam folder if you haven’t already.

        • Finally got the confirmation. Sweet deal and I’m glad i got in early before they updated their website.

  • The lady wouldn't price match over the phone an hour ago.

  • You can still price match the Macbook Pro 8Gb/512Gb with OW.

  • Ordered Macbook Air 8Gb/256Gb Space Grey at 9am in OW $1367.05
    Sadly they don't have Silver colour atm so can only order Space Grey

    • Have you received an order confirmation email? I only received one that says they're reviewing my order.

      Hope they don't cancel the order after they've charged my CC.

      • +1

        I ordered in-store got the tax invoice print out when I order (I pay by card on the register)
        Few minutes later I also got the confirmation email with the tax invoice attached

  • +1

    I secured an OW price beat on the M1 Air 8GB/512GB (8 core GPU) about an hour ago, delivery to a metro address included: $1,666.30. The guy at the store told me that OW was just then in the process of changing their prices to reflect TGG's price, so nice to have gotten my order in on time. Good luck to others!

  • Word on the street is JB is doing 10% off on Friday.
    I was there today inquiring about using Gift Cards and a price match. Was offered 10% today, and was told the Sale will be on Friday.

  • +1

    Just called 2 JB Hifi's about the new mac minis and both said they only come in 8gb RAM versions only. Have to go to Apple to get the 16gb RAM :(

    • +1

      That’s wrong

      They do BTO

      I got told that twice at Camberwell and Brighton yesterday and both times I got them to check and both times they came back and apologised after speaking to someone else

      They 100% do it question is will they do 10% off

      • +1

        Even if they can't do the 10% off, I could still use the gift card option to get 15% off

        • +2

          Of course you can.

          I got them to agree to EDU pricing for BTO

          That plus the 15% is a bargain in my book

          • @saitken: Was it the unidays BTO price?

            • +1

              @iShibby: No just standard EDU pricing

              I have to go back with my housemate to order it cause he’s the student :)

            • @iShibby: what is better EDU or unidays pricing?

              • +1

                @stickymoo: UNiDAYS. Edu price for a 512gb 16gb Ram Mac mini is $1639. UNiDAYS is $1607.

  • I just called JB, they told they will do the price match in store, and can accept the giftcards too.
    So you can get 25% discount.
    So waiting till tomorrow to get the giftcards.

    • +2

      23.5%. I also called JB HiFi and confirmed the same. I just hope I can manage to grab enough GCs tomorrow.

      • Hey guys, will they accept gift cards for all of the amount? You would need at least 15 gift cards

        • Yes, according to the store rep I talked to.

          • @zeno: Cool thanks

            • @fozzie: Check the gift card post. The T’s & C’s clearly state you can only use a max of $500 at JB HI FI 😞

              • @iShibby: Plenty of people on here have used more than 5, even though it’s not garanteeed

                • +1

                  @fozzie: Yeah I used 15 this morning to order my BTO Mac Mini

      • Hey, have you asked if they do BTO(Built to Order) systems ?
        Was after 16Gb and 1Tb MBP.

        • Yes, they do. Would take 2-3 weeks though.

          • @zeno: They take orders for them, but don't believe 10% off would apply to them though?

            I believe the only way is to PM to the Apple Edu store, or so i've been led to understand…

            • @squarepants: I believe you're correct. The store rep mentioned I can't get discount on BTO.

    • Looks like JB have updated their price as well with 10% off on their website

      • Guess now we cant ask for 10% off the 16Gb built ones.

        • Not sure about that, atm it looks like just the individual product listings updated, I can't see any banner/promo page advertising 10% Mac's yet (and associated T&Cs). Maybe when the mega price blitz/black Friday page goes live later today…

          Doesn't hurt to ask anyway? (I don't have any personal experience with ordering BTO from JB and discounts, so just going off comments, GL!)

        • nope but they will price match Apple Education via Unidays so works out about 20.5% off

  • TTG online payment limits 2 egift cards (store does not have the limit), it's kind of stupid limitations, got hit by this using 5 egift cards…

    Also, pick-up is nowhere available, had to spent another 16 bucks to get them… sigh, very bad online shopping experience (even Myer / DJ online payment using eGift card is better…)

  • can someone recommend a cheap mac laptop i want to give to my mum so she can transfer her photos from her iphone x to the desktop alot easier. she is having all sorts of issues with a PC so im hoping a mac laptop is easier.

  • JB HIFI does not have any Mini Mac in store in QLD.

    If I buy it on bhifi.com.au, they will deliver it only in January/2021 and I think I can only use 2 GC in online shopping.

    I asked them if I could buy JB Hifi GC using another GC and the answer is NOOO.

    What is the best way to buy a mac mini M1?

    • If you have Suncorp AAMI you can get the correct amount on one gift card with 5% off. Why can’t you order in store to be delivered?

    • You can use more than 2 GC's - I just used 10 cards (5 Him 5 Her - converted to JB ones) for an online order of $1000

      • Even physical cards? Cheers

        Edit : read other comment and I saw you used online cards

      • How did you manage this based on the terms of the card here - https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/terms-conditions

        Says max of $500 at JB and can’t be used to purchase JB gift cards?

        • E-gift cards can be converted online apparently.

    • Hello, confirmed, you can do the full amount in gift cards in store, online its $500, but you may need to provide the photo-ID for verification if card value is more than $500

  • Can I buy a Mac Mini from JB Hi-Fi online with 10 TCN GCs directly? Or do I have to exchange for JB Hi-Fi GCs?

    • I've only used the online TCM vouchers and they need converting to JB first (the physical cards may behave differently)

  • Seems no base Mac mini in JB until mid Jan :(

  • Would apple watches be included?

    • Nope just computers

  • Mac mini price is awesome.
    If your working from home, why would you pick MBP over Mini?

    • So you can work from any part of your home, sit in the backyard, take it to coffee shop or the beach and work from there, flexibility is the key here.

      • The main benefit is that you can take the MBP to the bedroom…
        Hmm but the Mini is almost half the price!

  • I picked up the MacBook Pro yesterday at Caringbah for $1,781. So it's was 10% off and a little bit more. :)

  • +2

    I price matched with OW yesterday morning before they dropped their prices (Air, 8GB/256GB) which should have come down to $1374, but for whatever reason, they invoiced it as $1,216.65! Not reproducible, just dumb luck. Already invoiced and shipped…

    I cancelled my order of the Lenovo s540 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578125) as this will be a much better fit for me.

  • If only they implemented a better GPU. Would have been a no brain winner.

  • I just called and was told they are not doing 10% off for BTO

    • No they will match the Unidays Edu Price though. They did for me with the Mac Mini 16gb RAM

      • Are you a student?

        • I work at a TAFE and have a .edu.au email address, but they never asked for proof.

          • @iShibby: Oh ok. I will think about it, thanks

            • @hoh: Yeah 5% difference isn't too bad to get the BTO you really want.

    • Unidays works out about 5.5% off so not bad.

  • Managed to score a macbook air 512gb 16gb 8 cores GPU (BTO or they called it CTO) in my local JB Hi-fi (Melb Central) with edu discount (they do not need me to show my student card tho). Paid with 20 @$100 HIM/HER TCN cards (Got those this morning before the issue started). Overall, I saved almost 22% over the RRP ($2,249) Now, I just need to wait for 2-3 weeks to pick up the item.

    • curious as to why you bought a fully specced out MacBook Air instead of the Pro? the Pro is better in every way especially with cooling

      • +2

        I don't know, my conjecture is that the extra money is worth spending on additional RAM rather than the extra performance on pro version (after watching many reviewers). Anyway, thanks OP for sharing.

    • This was my plan except the Pro version. No dice with GCs, sadly.

    • Nice, seems some do BTO some don't, I walked into store and they said they don't, also Apple store retails staff said so, but very nice to score one.

  • JBs in Brisbane don't even have M1 Air in stock. They are expected to come next month.

  • Has anyone tried connecting the MBA M1 to two external monitors? I’m reading several sources claiming that it only supports one external monitor.


    “The MacBook Air with an M1 processor can connect only a single external display at a time, in parallel with the internal display. It supports up to 6K at 60Hz so monitors like the Pro Display XDR will work fine.”

    • +3

      According to Apple tech specs, both the M1 Air (and Pro) only support one external display. I did however come across a YouTube vid where someone was able to hook it up to 2 monitors - but that was via a Display Link dock. I've seen another video where the user used a dongle plugged into each TB/USB C port, and only one of the monitors worked.

    • +1

      cross post from another deal (credit to Jebus), using DisplayLink again, but with more monitors: https://www.slashgear.com/m1-macs-can-run-up-to-six-displays...

  • I price beat a MBA at Officeworks on Tue, delivery was meant to be yesterday, but noone came, then last night the date in the tracking page shifted to Fri, but this afternoon I got a "missed delivery" email saying they attempted today! And we were at home all day! Maybe they happened to arrive while we were having lunch on the back deck, but we weren't expecting a delivery today anyway. Grrr.

  • Can you get JB to do the 10% off the education/student pricing of these?

    • +1

      In case anyone was interested - no you can not

      • no luck here in the ACT, but others have successfully P/M edu pricing.

      • You cannot price match or you cannot do an extra 10% after price match?

        • +1

          You’re not able to take 10% off the education price (which is about the same as the price match)

  • Does anyone know when the JB sale ends? Have to convert 15x HIM giftcards into JB cards is a time consuming task!

  • Any recommendation for lightweight case/protector for Mac Air? And cheap USB adaptor.
    Is it worth getting AppleCare to insure against school accidents?

  • +1

    Just bought a m1 base model MacBook Air at jb hifi for $1183, price matching educational price to $1386.1 and paid with coles gift card.

  • I planned to buy from JB, but by the time I got some discounted vouchers they were OOS.

    I ordered from TGG online (3 day delivery), that was 6 days ago & no updates!

    I'm pretty close to just cancelling & paying an extra $36 to buy direct from Apple.