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Black Friday: Extra 10% off Storewide @ Chemist Warehouse & My Chemist (Online & In-store)


Regular exclusions apply - prescriptions, baby formula, gift cards. Valid 27-29 Nov. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Thanks TA.

    Perfect to stack with Amex offer.

  • Is there sunscreen available which isn't greasy? 1L preferred

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    This should be good as long as there isn't a price jack on Thursday preceeding.

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      Their catalogue ends on 26th , so expect prices to change on 27th

      • good spot. And doh! I had my eye on some things.

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        I've got their next catalogue - it starts on 30th November, so yes probably many prices will go back to RRP from Friday just in time for this, then drop back down on Monday. Dodgy.

    • Yeah this sucks, but you can combine with Cashrewards 8% cash back

      • CR for CW is a pitiful 1% at the moment. Where did you see 8%?

        • Ahh disregard. Had my prices mixed up.

          Edit: I can see it's 5% with Shopback

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    CW is so dodgy. Brought 2 Gucci perfume with that last 20% off and that would reduce the items to $110 and $90 (still a lot cheaper than other stores). After the 20% off sales finished, the 2 items prices was $110 and $90. Is this even legal to jack up the price before going on sales

    edit: Just check the online price for the 2 perfume now its $119.99/99.99 yep jack it up with 10% and its goes back to normal price

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      go to ACCC or fair trade

      do it on behalf of us ozbargainers!

  • again

  • Thank you. They had the impossible to find cerave in my local store โค

    • Lucky you! I've finally found some too!

    • when are they releasing the sa cleanser, been 'coming soon' for a minute

  • Thanks

  • When do they release their new catalogue??

  • 5% shopback?

  • Any deal?

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      nothing of interest. really

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      Looks like most things got price jacked to me

      • yep e.g. claratyne 75 pack was 29.99 yesterday, today 33.99 "down" to 30.59. or even a manicare bath sponge that was 5.99, today 8.49 "down" to 7.64.

  • if the supplement hardly discounted in CW, the deal is good.

  • Some items seem to say 50% off in the search but then are only 10% off on the product view

  • shame they accept various payment providers but cant redeem gift cards online.
    Stacked up gift cards from Amex deal but has to go in store to redeem

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    Geez, had two items in cart for the last two days waiting at $57 (before discounts), this morning cart is jacked to $67 AFTER discounts. Pigs.

    • Did a sale / catalogue just finish yesterday? That pretty much happens every time there's one of these.

      Generally, fragrances are a good option. Meaning they usually stack with existing bonuses.

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        They set it so that the last catalogue finishes yesterday, but the next doesn't start until after the 10% is gone.

        So for anyone here who typically buys only when on special, there is no bargains to be had except for the rare items that never go on sale. Even then, its just 10%.

        So meh all around.

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          I lost interest in these for that reason.

          Better to buy at their 40-50% off sales.

          Fragrances, in my experience don't and haven't changed price, at least some of them.

          Eg. Yesterday $50, today $45

    • Wow, thats bad. Should report to ACCC.

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    Read the EXCLUSIONS, it isn't as great as you may think!!!

    Also what bugs me is that for YEARS I have done on line PC orders with no problems but when I decided to use the phone app it insists I can't until I front up at one of their stores to prove my ID!!! I deleted the app.

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    All 3 items I was watching have been price jacked by at least 10-15% higher than earlier this week.

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  • Dang I wanted the vb cologne for a gift but now itโ€™s sold out. Should have just bought it before the sale especially since everyone is saying most things got jacked

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    Donโ€™t forget 5%cashback on ShopBack

    • 8% with Cash Rewards

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    yeah "Price Jack Kings" ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ™„

  • Interesting they took a couple of items off their website including all Acqua Di Parma fragrances. Was going to buy one today

  • INC Preworkout Plus Watermelon 300g was $29.99 yesterday and now it's $39.99

  • This was around $45 with a free shaker yesterday, now it's almost $60 with no shaker.

  • Yes, dodgy. Such as Nutra-Life Magnesium Sleep 60 Capsules, on 25/11 the price was $17.99 only, and now as a Black Friday Offer,$21.59!!! What can I way? Shame on U! This is definitely not the only product.


  • Really dodgy here, this item was $13.99 before sale, now $14.39 after 10% off.

  • Free shipping or click and collect*

    *except nothing is available online to ship, and whatever you want to click and collect will not be available at any store close to you

  • So many upvotes for an extra 10%? Doesn't seem THAT amazing.
    So what's everyone buying then??

    • yeah this looks dodgy

  • Hmm

  • Only good for fragrances

  • Optifast 18 pack sale price held strong - $43.19 per box after 10% off.

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    Bought $200 worth of QV products that never go on sale. 10% off + 2x $20 cashback from two 28 degree cards + 5% cashback from Shopback. Pretty chuffed!

  • Just another unhappy CW customer here…
    Yesterday morning (6.15) I put in a click and collect order for Chanel Coco EDP, and the price came down to $206.99. Looked to be a pretty good price. (no delivery option, and only a few stores around city seemed to have)

    Got an SMS around 9, saying it was 'successfully' cancelled with no explanation at all. Wtf.

    Not even on website at all now…
    And… The refund may take 3-5 days to process. Yeah… Thanks. (insert sarcasm)