This was posted 1 year 1 month 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nest Mini + Chromecast 3 $48 (EXP) I [Latitude Pay] Google Nest Hub $58 I 2x Nest Mini $56 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


$20 off Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne, Bing Lee + More @ Latitude Pay

Charcoal Nest Hub

Google Nest Mini Chalk

Google Nest Mini - Charcoal

Credit to Doweyy if you add chromecast 3 and nest mini in cart, you will get $49 discount in cart and the total price will be $48. - Latitude Pay is not required for this price. Discount expired

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      Added just now :)

      • Too quick for me!

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          Just saw your link is for hub. I was wrong I only added Nest mini. I have added charcoal hub as well now :)

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    Can also get Google Nest Mini + Chromecast 3 for $48 ATM at Harvey Norman :)

    Will probably be fixed soon as the extra discount seems to be applying before the price drop.

    • Ah nice I was wondering how. Didn’t know of extra discount.

      Added it to description:)

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      if you want cheaper delivery go to joyce mayne

    • Thanks for this! I put it in cart and went to check out and the discount magically appeared, seems like a great deal for a chromecast 3 and a nest mini!!

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      Looks like they fixed this while I was middle of the order. The $49 discount does not appear anymore.

    • +1

      I think they fixed it. as of now

    • How? Because its showing $89 for me when I'm checking out/ Cheers

  • Does Latitude Pay come out automatically, or do I have to do it manually each week?

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      You can pay it all off right away.

    • The discount applied when you proceed to the checkout I just paid with the PayPal
      Make sure the correct discount applied and the balance you are paying

      • Please excuse me my comment is not correct and it will work for the doweyy's excellent find

  • Good sound from 2x nest mini?

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      Only if your standards are very low

      • +1

        Very very low.

        • +3

          Not very very low. Its ok for casual use.

    • It's decent. Certainly better than the original Home Mini.

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      Pretty bad, I had two setup for a few months in my office. Just got rid of it as I really didn’t like the sound, it’s missing a lot of the lower range…

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    if you want cheaper delivery go to joyce mayne

    • Cheers mate. Snapped one up. Insane price, easy Christmas present

    • It says work with Google Assistant but in the description says work with Alexa too. Does it also work with Alexa?

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      this or the google nest hub? Whats the difference?

      • +1

        this has camera for video calls

        • Lenovo cant cast Netflix to it, google hub can

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    Newbie here… when I click through to HN i am only getting the $78. How do i get the extra discounts?
    thanks ;)

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      You need to have Latitude Pay membership and on checkout page select Latitude Pay as the payment method.
      Also they conduct a credit check if you are thinking of signing up

      • +2

        thank you #Pricebeat :) I have now purchased it for $58 - yay! I have also now paid it off in full. Woohoo awesome deal.

        • +1

          How did you #pricebeat and where.

  • what about max?

    • +11

      He's mad bro

  • I don't need another one as I bought one months ago at $99… but this price is too good to pass.

    • I get error msg saying "LatitudePay is currently unavailable. Please use an alternate payment method or try again later. Contact us if you need help"

      • Tried again and it worked. Paid for delivery and ended with $65.95

  • Got one,thank you op!

  • I used the $20 discount to grab Cyberpunk 2077 for $68. That's cheaper than I could find it anywhere.

    • +2

      now you'll just have to wait until 2077 to play it

  • When i added nest mini and chromecast, it comes up as $97. Do i need to have lattidue pay membership?

    • I think they've just fixed the chromecast pricing.
      I got it discounted, went back for a friend and its now $97

    • The combo deal does look like a pricing error and they have just removed the promo from the site.

    • Discount removed.

    • Yep… this doesnt seem to be working.

  • think there canceling orders

    • If you are talking about chromecast 3 and nest mini deal, I have successfully claimed it twice previously.

      • Oh may have been jsut for me then

        No clue why

        • Did they cancel yours already?

  • 2x Charcoal GN Minis are showing in my cart as $76. Am I missing something?

  • Can it be paid all in one go ??

  • Do you need to still sign up for Latitude pay.

  • +1

    Damn, got insta-rejected by Latitude. Have no idea why? Got no debt, a history of repaid loans and credit cards. Weird.

    • I was the same and wondered if it's because I've been a long time user of Afterpay and Zippay.

    • +2

      Me too (got rejected) I requested a credit report, just in case some scammer has stolen my identity

      • Yeah I did the same. Annoying.

  • No option for Lattitude Pay on Bing Lee?!?!

    • says in-store only for latitudepay in offers (hover over ?)

      • Thanks - went to Bing Lee store and picked Nest Hub for $59 :)
        Bing Lee is just very near to me than HN

  • Am I missing something obvious here… I added the Google Nest Hub to the shopping cart, proceeded to the checkout page and select Latitude as the payment method, but it still shows price as $78. Does the $20 discount only get applied after I'm approved for a Latitude account?

    • Yes. I'm new to Latitude as well.

    • Yep, I'll suggest signing up for a Latitude Pay account first, getting approved, and then going for the checkout. LP's signup-during-checkout flow is a bit wonky, and I ended up getting a 404 error, forcing me to go back and repeat the entire process. (Although it may just be that they've been ozbargained :). The $20 discount ultimately gets applied on your Latitude Pay checkout page, as a deduction from your payment plan.

      Cheers OP! These will make great gifts!

      • Is there a credit check for signing up LP?

  • Thanks OP.

  • Anyone with click-n-collect order of the $48 combo has received confirmation for pickup yet?

    • +1

      I've received ready for pick up confirmation, but haven't gone into the store yet.

    • Yes got confirmation

    • Yes, just picked up

    • Guys, I just went into store and they told me my order was cancelled. I haven't received any cancellation email and my payment definitely went through.

    • yep just picked it up HN nunawading

  • could someone please share the receipt for chrome-cast and mini bundle offer $48 if collected or received invoice HN said they will honor it if I show the receipt. Thank you.

    • +1
      • Thank you :)

    • I have checked with one of the store in WA (Phone) and they denied to match the price said its only online special :(

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    Thanks. I grabbed two Nest hubs. When check out with LatitudePay, $20 discount will be auto applied. "Discount Added! $20 off at Harvey Norman with LatitudePay. Single use only".

  • +1

    Just picked up. No issue in Brisbane.
    Tax invoice here.

  • Paid via LatitudePay (signed up new account).
    Paid the outstanding LatitudePay amount off straight away.

    Now my LatitudePay account has a note saying "Unfortunately you're unable to make new purchases using LatitudePay, please contact us for further information."


    • Mine too. Paid it off a day later in full. Apparently it's 8 days for a customer service response meaning I miss all their deals which is no fun

  • Cheers OP, ordered, signed up for Latitude, double checked order info… Received pickup confirmation 20 mins after getting invoice.

    Not bad for a Tuesday morning. Now where to put it…??

  • Missed this chrome-cast bundle offer twice, previous one was $53 and now for $48. I was searching for chrome cast and waited for offer to come still missed it in an hour window :(

  • Very stupid question - Does getting a Latitude Pay (or AfterPay etc) would affect my credit score?

    • +1

      Don’t know why your question was downvoted as it seems to be a legit question. I too would be interested to know as well.

  • So the 2x Nest Mini $56 deal also needs Latitude?
    Can it still be paid with gift cards?

    • +1

      I just bought a Fitbit versa 3 for my wife. It was listed as $324 so I paid $250 using discounted HN gift cards and the remainder ($74) with latitudepay in order to get the $20 off. You enter gift cards at checkout before the payment screen, so yes you can. But in order to get the $20 off the remaining amount needs to be at least $60.

  • Financially better off buying items from Good Guys than Harvey Norman… as the same $20 off Latitude Pay offer applies plus you can take advantage of Cashback offers.

    • I agree. This deal was posted before good guys had $20 off deal

      • Yup realise that… which is why I decided to post (I already put through my order at HN)! :) Not that I can be bothered… but what actually happens when you cancel / return a purchase to HN when Latitude Pay has been used as the payment method?

  • Sorry for hijacking this thread, if anyone want to sell Google TV (with netfilx offer) or Chromecast3 (bundle with nest mini) offers and no longer needed? I am unable to post in classified so I thought to ask here.

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