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Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $329 @ Officeworks


Looks like Officeworks have joined the party on the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook, which is now sold out on Amazon.

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  • Thanks OP! Bought!

  • What was the original price?

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    Would be ideal if it had an LTE modem built in.

  • How does this compare to the Samsung Tab A 2019?

    • I have the Galaxy A 2019, it's really slow and Netflix, Plex don't work, very disappointing tablet tbh.

      I got this 2in1 to replace the Tab A 2019 and will be selling the Samsung shortly.

  • grabbed, thanks Opp

  • Good price. Got one too

  • Noob question… anyone know if you can install Windows 10 on this Chromebook?

  • Apart from better battery life since it runs ARM chip… does it run more Google Playstore apps compare to X86 version of Chromebook?

    I had x86 of Chromebook before but doesnt run some Android apps i want. Just want to know if this ARM chip version runs more Playstore apps? Anyone know?

  • Many thanks OP :)

  • Anyone know if the Chrome OS is actually good/worth it? I've been using Windows for years, any reason to change besides the price?

    • Depends on what you use it for. Light officework with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and some light internet browsing and media is all a Chromebook is intended (and good) for.

    • I've used Chrome book years ago - basically, all that you can use is Google Chrome.
      Just open chrome on your windows laptop - this is your "Chrome OS" incl google docs, google photos, google drive etc

      Plus you could use apps from google play, but very limited of them, usually some unuseful rubbish (not sure if something changed)

      it ok for browsing, watching movies, emailing, typing texts in google docs

      battery life

      limited in use
      had lots of bugs

      PS grab one to replace my small windows laptop Lenovo 100s

      • This Chromebook can access full Google Play. It's basically a tablet and (very) mini Chromebook in one.

        • yep, confirming
          just picked up my order - it has full google play

          like the design and materials. screen is good
          looks fast enough, will see

          no headphones jack only adapter usb-c > mini jack

      • this can run almost all google play apps. looking forward to use it as kitchen laptop.

    • Maybe if you need to load webpages only. Could make a good second tablet, do your main work on your iPad or your Windows 10 tablet, and then you've got this chrome thing to browse on and sync your browsing history and bookmarks to the chrome browser on your main device.

  • Just got one too. Was going to get one from JB Hifi when their sale starts tomorrow for $374, so this is an absolute steal! I believe they first launched at $599.

  • I think I'm gonna grab one for my mum.

    She just needs basic computing, ebooks and Zoom. This should do it right?

  • Got one thx. Need an alternative to using my mobile only

  • Thanks OP! I just missed out on the one this morning. Picked this up.

    They gave me a call and told me the last one in stock has been opened and returned as a 'change of mind'.
    They want to give me a further 5% off ($312.55) because of that. They have assured me that the warranty will apply from MY purchase date.

    If this is in good condition when I check it out soon. Would 5% off be worth the open box and unseen possible drop damage?

  • Absolutely this is a great deal. I myself bought this machine 1st week of Oct for $424 from thegoodguys. So another $100 price drop since is a great deal. Its great for quick recipe lookup on kitchen benchtop, google assistant also work out of the box. Zoom video is great. Have also tried few games and works like a charm.. This chromebook is great in tablet mode too.

  • Being that this is arm rather than x86 like the s430 was, does anyone know if Linux (such as arch) still be installed, and Linux apps such as vscode still be run? Or am I better off passing this up for an x86 Chromebook?
    Thanks in advance guys.

  • Thanks OP! Ordered one.
    Good price

  • This reminded me to check amazon prices for the larger lenovo chromebooks as mum needs a bigger screen and keyboard (broke the first).

    Lenovo Chromebook S340 Celeron N4000 4GB RAM 64GB SSD 14-Inch FHD Laptop, Black, 81TB000GAU

    Bought one in july for $380 and that was amazing.
    4%CR too

    • I posted that deal and I think it's worth every penny. But that isn't a tablet and doesn't come with detachable keyboard.

  • Can this one play Android games? Or just office and video stuff?

  • Wow what a deal, used to bet $599 at launch.

  • Thank you op, I picked one up in store.

  • it is even cheaper from BigW from tomorrow https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583844

  • And don't forget to grab your free 12 months of GoogleOne storage (100GB) and 3 months of YouTube Premium from Chromebook Perks once you buy it.

  • Just saw the big w. Ill ask for a refund if I can snap one up tommorrow

  • Can you download Netflix and Amazon prime apps?

    Do they stream well without loading issues?

    My old tablet can't download Netflix anymore.

  • Showing as OoS for delivery and click and collect

  • I believe they are all gone now.

  • Sorry. Just a couple of Qs about Chromebooks as I've never used one before.

    Will they run Microsoft Office apps - particularly Word?

    And is it better to get one with Celeron / x86 or ARM type processor?
    Not intending to run any fancy alternative OS or anything. Just basic web browsing and light office work.

    • you can download word from play store, it is different to the Win10 version but still usable.

      Or you can use google doc, very similar function to word.

      For basic web browsing and light office work this Chromebook will beat any Celeron laptop in any occasion.

      • Thanks rainy118. I was just reading through the comments in the multiple Lenovo deals today.

        As it's a detachable screen, I assume it will rotate to display in portrait view too?

        Given how hard this model is going to be to get at this price, I was just looking at the c340 and s340 deals, but they use the seemingly ubiquitous Celeron N400 which is why I wondered.

        Thanks again.

  • Managed to get a click and collect order in. Limited stock so we'll see if they manage to honour it :)

    • LOL I managed to add it into the cart, then…

      Unfortunately this item is currently out of stock! Please remove item to continue

      Damn, no hope there…XD

      • I was just lucky that the nearest OW had stock, it was an hour's drive though.

        Picked up this morning :)

  • Wow. Purchased yesterday, delivered today. Is Officeworks trying to be the new Amazon or something! Very impressed

  • Dam the price has gone up :(

    • Yes FML. I was planning to get 15%off gift cards and ask JB to price match.
      I cant even get one card! Now I save $280+ in total

      • Yeah the gift card thing as soon as I got to a coles about 3 families were scanning cards, pretty shitty deal if you ask me

  • Anyone know of where to get cheap glass screen protectors for these?

    I've done some searching and looks like I'll need to fork out $25+ for a glass one :(