[Unobtainable] Black Friday Sale: Lenovo Duet Chromebook 128GB $279.75 (25% off $373), AirPods Pro $329 & More @ Big W

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The very popular Lenovo Duet Chromebook with 25% discount is a big bargain + potential 5% eGift discount. For full details of sales please refer to https://www.bigw.com.au/black-friday

Sales from 25th ONLINE and 27th INSTORE

For those who want affordable phones, there is a 20% discount on Nokia, LG etc. But my eyes are on these two:

Airpods Pro $329 and Lenovo Duet Chromebook $279.75 (after 25% discount) + another 5% saving from using eGift card(s)

Mod - All Big W Black Friday Posts (as of 24/11)

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[Switch] Nintendo Switch Neon Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [Digital Download] + 3 Months NSO Individual - $429
Dynamo Professional Laundry Liquid 5.4L $22 (Save $11)
EKO 55" UHD Smart TV $379
Guinness World Records 2021 $12
Lenovo Duet Chromebook 128GB $279.75 (25% off $373), AirPods Pro $329

Mod: This Chromebook deal may not go ahead, as the 25% off could be off RRP. See comments. The deal post will be removed if this is the case, treat this as an unconfirmed deal until such time.

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  • As the actual price isn't mentioned on Big W's Black Friday Sale Page - I'm wondering if it 25% off RRP or current price…

    • I don't think I'll be cancelling my Amazon order at this stage.

      • just wait till tomorrow, snack a cheaper one then cancel :)

      • If I get at Big w tomorrow I will cancel the Amazon

        • sure thing :), gear up your discounted Woolies egift cards too, even not for spending at BigW tomorrow you still can use them later

          • @webtherapist: Hey guys, I would really appreciate some help here. My Amazon order has been marked as "shipped", 2 hours after I paid (incredibly quick).
            Does it mean I cannot cancel the order any more?
            If I opt to return, anyone knows how much it would cost?
            With thanks,

            • @motui302: That's right, you cannot cancel your order now.

              However, Amazon are pretty good at taking stuff back even for "change of mind", so you could wait until it arrives and return it. You'll be out of pocket for a week or two though.

              • @pjetson: Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated!
                I just found out that Amazon charge $7 flat for return.
                If I can get my hand on the Big W sale tomorrow, I'll go ahead with the return then.
                Again, thanks for the help. I hope you've been scoring many good deals for yourself this Black Friday season.
                With thanks,

            • @motui302: $7 I think for return of that size item. just don't open it, they got a restocking fee too if they can't sell it as new. You don't pay for postage, they send you a label, and when they examine it you get your money back minus $7. but maybe they pay for return also.

              • @bobvegas: They have free return shipping if you're inside their parcel connect network. If not then you may have to pay for shipping, provide proof and get the shopping fee reimbursed. Perhaps this hinges on prime status to some extent also?


            @webtherapist: Gift cards don't work online at the moment. :(

    • +3 votes

      This is already 25% off RRP ($499). Many of the items listed on the black Friday sale page (e.g: Samsung A31, Fitbit versa 2, Lenovo M7 etc.) are already reduced to the listed sale price. Therefore I'm pretty sure $373 is the 25% off price.

  • Damn was about to grab one from officeworks. F to everyone that got the lenovo tab today.

  • Wouldn't the 25% off current price bring this to $279.75?

  • I was eyeing this duet off, as it seemed good value and good specs, but my old man just needs a tablet that does youtube and facebook calls. Would anyone suggest one of the Lenovo tablets over this at all?

    I've zero experience with Lenovo stuff, so apologies for the dumb Q.

    • grab an iPad 8th gen for $499 if you cannot find any discounted deal, safest option for your old man :). if you have school/student kids, take them with you to Apple store for education price or education store (online) for further discount

      • Is this based of the high likelihood of my old man being a complete techtard and the lenovo just being less user friendly than the iPad?

        I've been keeping an eye out for iPad deals for a couple months and no bites yet.

        • iPad is definitely more user-friendly than Lenovo if your old man is not so tech savvy, alternatively this Lenovo is not that bad at all, totally up to you but I would go iPad if not mainly for productivity

  • My nephew is starting to get into basic video editing for clips on youtube. Would this be a good device for simple edits or would a tablet be more powerful? (hes currently using iphone 5, but a bigger screen would be heaps better i'm sure).

    • video editing, it is better to go with iPad Air, Pro or latest M1 chip Macbook if can afford

    • For $279 this is an unbeatable device!

    • I would say from the age of the chipset on the iPhone 5 this Chromebook would probably be an improvement, but I think you should look at some reviews to see if anyone has even tried to video edit on this Chromebook.

      I would be a bit iffy on the support and performance unless someone has tested it for that particular use case.

    • I'd be looking on Whirlpool and building a desktop computer instead. For years there has been a page over there showing the latest system builds, parts stores, and prices. Pick the best one you can afford, anything from a budget build up to a powerful gaming/graphic design desktop. You'll get a far more powerful desktop for less money than any laptop or tablet. And with video editing be sure to try out different software. Years ago I was doing some very simple video editing. I tried some professional programs that took several HOURS to do simple cut and join, then other dirt-cheap or free software did the same thing in just a few minutes. I'd like to think things are better now, but who knows.

  • Oh crap just got the officeworks one

  • So many Duet deals!

    I just want to say, my Chromebook is six years old now, still getting updates and working well for basic tasks.
    Which is the same as a 6yo ipad (Air 2) , definitely not something you'd say about an Android device, or a 6yo budget Windows laptop.
    So this is a worthy competitor to an iPad. Especially if you don't want to be locked to one hardware vendor.

    (of course iPad has faster SoC, but $880 with 128GB and keyboard.)

  • Do we know if this is the 64gb or 128gb model? (lenovo duet chromebook)

    • I believe it is 128GB as BigW listing price has been the same as other retialers with 128GB storage. Anyway, go in store or ring them to check :)

  • anyway, can anyone tell me why BigW does not offer Woolies egift card as a payment option online???

  • Also worth mentioning that if 25% discount applied to all Chromebooks, then the Lenovo c340 11 will hit its history low price of $245.25 too, which is absolutely a steal.

  • Just have ordered at Officeworks for click&collect.

    Thinking of trying to collect it tomorrow, and immediately returning it and asking for pricematch to BigW… m

    • Let me know how this goes… I have already collected it. Need to return and ask for a BigW price match.

      • all you have to do is getting one from BigW tomorrow then refund the OW one :), save even more by using discounted egift instore (don't know why cannot use egit online at this moment)

  • Can you download the Netflux and Amazon prime apps?

    Do they stream well without loading issues?

    I can't watch Netflix in my old tablet anymore.

  • I can't figure out if the Lenovo Duet is the 128GB version?

  • got a few ultimate gift cards to spend.
    Would you guys think that I could price match this one in JB hifi or TGG

  • Webtherapist how much money did you have to put on it to hold was that a layby.

    • yep, just use a credit card so easier to refund when come and pick up with egift card(s), it is up to the store staff about how much they charge you as deposit but best to go lowest :)

  • Can you run android apps on it? or can you use bluestacks on it?

    • Can run android natively

      • Can run android natively

        Not native. ChromeOS is more of a traditional Linux box, and emulates Android for the apps.
        Like IOS apps on Mac, except this has a touchscreen. (why not, Apple?)

        It is not 100% foolproof though.

    • anything Android + true desktop Chrome browser in case there is no app for other things you want to access to

  • Pricematch at officeworks?

  • This, an ipad 8 or a samsung s6 lite using jb high cards ?

    Looking for something for a 4 year old to watch YouTube, and play some games etc.

  • Does this have 4G LTE? or just WIFI?

  • This Chrome book is refreshing the lowest price 3 times today.

  • +10 votes

    It seems likely that $373 is the price after discount. Price Hipster shows that Big W dropped the price today by 25% to $373: https://pricehipster.com/product/R4pTQ5ooyRdPeDHMu_nJEg~rJBV...

    • Not sure why some people negged. Some items are already showing the advertised discounted price. $373 could be it. Time will tell.

    • Good Find…. if this is true, then the IT teams of Bigw might get a good bashing…. did they move too fast on updating pricing…

    • 25% of 499 is 374.25. I see that harvey norman have got it for 373 also so its possible they dropped it as a price match.

      • Would the correct sale price come into effect at 12.01AM tonight,

        or at 8AM tomorrow morning similar to todays price hipster time records?

  • Would OW price match this?

  • If only Chromebook tablets were as tablet friendly as the iPad. I have a HP X2 and while it is a great device, the tablet mode is undercooked. Most apps are poor cousins to the iPad.

    But for $280, this is a HUGE bargain.

  • Will be interesting to see the actual price of Duet! My click and collect with Officeworks is on Thursday, so I will decide which one I go with!

  • So better buy it online or in-store? Most of Big W around me showing low in stock!

    • where do you check the store count? I don't seem to find a link which points me to store stock.

    • better buy in store with egift (cannot use egit online at this moment)

      • Wouldn't many stores be sold out by 8AM tomorrow if the price gets reduced earlier in night/morning

        and/if there is an online sales grab of the few in stock?

        Edit: If Sale Starting Price hours as stated below at 8AM is correct, then that answers it haha.