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[LatitudePay] Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse $108 Pick-up / +$7.95 Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Been waiting on a good deal on this!
Expires tonight.

$20 off Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne, Bing Lee + More @ Latitude Pay

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • I see $128 after $20 off via Latitude Pay (10 payments of $12.80). Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Did you get past the checkout step after selecting LatitudePay?

    • this got me as well last time i bought this mouse from previous deal. its not until youve selected latitudepay AND then jump to next stage to login into latitudepay to pay that the discount can be seen. unfortunately because I almost cancelled/gave up on the order because i thought it wasn't working for me.

  • my opinion is the master 2s is way more comfortable than the master 3

    • u talking about anywhere 2s or mx master 2?

    • I have 1,2 and 3. Thought 2s is more comfortable at first, then got used to 3 in a few mins.

    • Cheeses, why would anyone neg that comment?
      I have a MX Master 2S bought for $65ish, the most I'd ever paid for a mouse.
      The bar has been raised apparently, I don't know what benefits accrue to paying 66% more.
      I don't know why someone would neg that comment, is it a Kool-Aid thing?

      • They probably just disagree and cbf commenting.

        • Too many Negative Nancy's in the world

          • @Chimi: nothing negative about it, it lets people know quickly and easily if a lot of people agree/disagree with the person's opinion. I don't think anyone would be against them sharing their opinion, but if they don't agree with it, I think they should down vote it.

            I don't have any of these mice, but I've been looking at getting one, if I saw someone saying that the 2 is more comfortable than the 3 and had 50 upvotes I would probably get the 2 then.

  • Is the mx master 1 terribly worse than the 2s or 3? Wanting to buy one for a niece going into high school with a macbook.

    • I think that version had issues with dud batteries. I ordered one for the old man a month back and it looks pretty much the same, all the buttons and whatnot.
      Whenever I've had a mouse die on me, I've just contacted Logitech with a polite explanation and they just express ship me a new mouse. YMMV

      • That is nice. Even when out of warranty?

        • Can't remember to be honest. I think they just asked for model, serial no. and colour. Didn't have to fill out warranty forms or anything. 2x mx master 2 for broken scroll wheel mechanisms and one mx master 2s that wouldn't hold it's charge.

          Out of interest, does anyone have a fix for the blank grey Logitech Options screen?
          No updates or re-installs will fix it and it's only on some systems. Having to export settings from working systems to 'blank screen' systems really sucks!

  • Under $8 delivered is pretty good.

  • Best deal on this mouse to date!

    • almost: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571231

      got it last time. the mouse is bit slanted but didn't take long to get used to it. it's got quite a few features but youll need the software installed to make the most of it. for example, horizontal scroll wheel does not work without it. fancy mouse at a fancy price. can probably resell at that price if it isnt your style.

      • I don't have the software installed and the horizontal scroll works for me. At least in some apps.

  • Wts latitude pay?

  • Everyone is Mouse obsessed recently LOL

    Like 10+ models to choose from

  • Thanks, first time using latitude pay. Cheapest price I've seen in ages, especially if you pickup!

  • Can't pick up from any store in VIC

  • Latitude pay would affect credit rating right?

  • Damn, waiting on a deal for the mx anywhere 3

  • I have two questions regards to Latitude Pay,

    1) how easy do you get a refund with an item if you use Latitude Pay?

    2) how do you price match "Guaranteed Price scheme" if there is better deal on Black Friday Sale in coming days?

    If anyone can share their experience, it would be great !!