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Samsung 75" Q80T (QA75Q80T) $2798.60 / 75" Q60T $1848.60 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


Slightly cheaper option for the 75" Q80T. In store pick up does't seem to be available at too many locations.

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  • Will this be eligible for 10% shopback later today?

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    In store pick up doesn't seem to be available at too many locations.

    TBH. Would you really want to pick up a 75" TV? The TV on its own would be huge. Boxed up would just be far too big for most vehicles that people have.

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    I read somewhere that Samsung TV's have adds built in the GUI. Is that true?

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      It's 100% true for my 4 year old KS8000.

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        I've got the KS8000 too, and to be honest it's super subtle. Just looks like another app tab on the far left, and its just a picture, not flashing or anything.

        On an unrelated note, how good is the KS8000! Picture quality still holds up really well compared to similar level TVs these days.

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      Yeah we get an ad for shows in the menu but I would / will buy another Samsung. The remote and interface is nice to use. But it’s all I know haven’t tried LG or Sony

      • LG is far better and smoother in terms of interface.
        If Samsung include those nice stainless steel remotes for all their high-end TVs, I would buy another Sam TV. Otherwise, I will switch to a new brand.

    • Possibly depends on the unit.

      On the TU8000 I haven't noticed any, but it has a fairly simple smart interface.

      • same here on the tu8000.

  • $2873.60 for me - $130 delivery

    • did you add the PTGG5 coupon?

      edit/ nvm just realized the delivery negated the discount :o

      • Still the best deal at the moment, but I have a Latitude card sitting here and can get interest-free at HN.

        Maybe I should ask them to match this price?

  • Is the 80T worth the price over the 60T? Just watching Foxtel (HD) and mostly sports. No gaming.

    • If in a bright room then definitely, as the Q80T is much brighter with a better anti reflective coating.

      • Thanks :)

    • Q80T has been criticised for poor grey uniformity by a few people which could impact its performance displaying sports. I haven’t got one so I can’t comment either way but definitely have a look into it.

      • Thank you!

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    I'm waiting on the Sony to go on special. Always had Samsungs. I want to see why Sony is nicer

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      Planning on getting a Sony for my next TV (coming from Hisense). Read up on the customer service and aftercare, that has 100% convinced me to give them a shot

      • Hisense after care is pretty good from what I read. Make sure you compare sets tho, if you don't need HDMI 2.1 and what it brings or android TV the hisense Q8 beats out the x9000 on pq

        • I haven't had any issues with my Hisense, also never needed customer support so I can't rate it. I have a series X and plan on getting a ps5 eventually so i'm looking at the Sony X9000H for HDMI 2.1

          • @hodgeyhodgey: Fe just know the firmware won't be out till next year and even if they do release it and they have removed VRR from the update too. The q70 or 80 is the better bet if you don't want the cx

            • @Dezeption: Yeah i'm holding off my upgrade until middle of next year. I am a little worried about them removing VRR, though the samsungs only have 1 HDMI 2.1 port from what i've heard which is an issue given i plan to have both consoles in future. The CX is just absurd money for the 75", i don't know if I can justify it. Maybe see what other models get released over the next year with these features

  • Off topic slightly, but why aren't we seeing the Q70T on any of these sales? I checked history on ozb and can see it was about $2,300 recently, would like that price now. Waiting to see what can happen by Monday or I will wait untl boxing day to find out what the prices are on all again.

  • only 1 HDMI has 120mhz I think if you have both new consoles

    • yep only one, 2 on LG Nano's (at a lower data rate) 2 on Sony's (although some issue's with the sony implementation) .. only LG oleds i believe have all 4 HDMI 2.1 :)

  • Thanks OP! Works out to be roughly the same price as Jb using 5 x 15% off giftcards without the f**k around!

  • I'm liking this TV as I can't justify the price/performance compared to other TV's on my tier list.
    - Samsung Q90/Q95
    - LG CX OLED

    My only question is should I be looking at Sony? The Sony X900H ($2,935 at JB) or Sony X950H ($3,995 @ JB). The X950H puts it in a different price bracket. Main usage 4k steaming via Plex, PS5.

    • Buy or wait till Boxing Day?

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        Some random sales person at JB said Black Friday is just becoming as big as Boxing Day. I'm buying now. There is already too many things to do during the holiday season and shopping isn't on my list.

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      The X900H is awaiting a firmware update to enable 4k 120hz..
      They released one but it caused blurring at 120hz

      Also removed VRR as a listed feature on their website which had me concerned enough to drop it from my list..

      If you can afford to wait.. I'd wait for 2021 models from all manufacturers.. Hopefully they will sort their HDMI 2.1 issues out

      Also make sure you go and check them out in the flesh.. the Sony had terrible viewing angles
      Really quickly washed out off centre

      • yeah… I was this close to pulling the plug on this but decided to hold off and see what happens. (I still haven't got my XSX yet as I didn't pre order so i'm looking at next year anyway)

        My room is smallish (2 m from the TV) so 75" is overkill.

      • When do we expect the 2021 models to make it to market? I assume it'll be essentially another year before they go on any sort of reasonable discount right?

        • Think they get anounced in May usually and models pretty much come out from then to September

  • Joyce Mayne have the same deal as well. https://www.joycemayne.com.au/samsung-75-inch-q80t-4k-qled-s... without the discount if your local shop dosent have it.

  • Such a small stand for 75" TV 🙄

    • but it is very solid and not wobbly. Also does not take too much space.

      • If that stand is anything like my Panasonic oled stand. It is hefty in weight and very solid.

  • -1

    I'm thinking of buying the QT60, but saw one of the reviews on youtube
    DON'T BUY The Samsung Q60T

    • "You can pay someone like me $4.99 a month to calibrate your tv for HDR, or pay $249 for a professional to do it"

      Go away dude.

  • Q80T all gone

  • which of these - (Sony or Samsung) are better for HDR and daytime use?

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    Pulled the trigger in store at TGG and they will deliver today also. Very excited and a great price!

  • Looking at the Q80T in-store today and its pretty disappointing, I'm fairly certain we get the gimped Q80T like europe, not the 'Q85T' which would be equivalent to US Q80T model.

    • That's interesting. I was almost sold on the Samsung Q80t

      • Yeah, very close to Q70T performance unfortunately, poor black levels and definitely didn't have the wide viewing angle layer, the Q95T next to it was in a different league but 2X the price, Sony X90H (or X95H) is the way to go now IMO.


        "Note that the EU version of the Q80T is different. It doesn't have the 'Ultra Viewing Angle' layer, and local dimming may perform worse. The Q85T, which is exclusive to the EU, appears to be the closest model to the one we've tested."

        • Interesting as I went an viewed both instore

          The Sony x9000h washed out really quickly off axis..

          The Samsung Q80t was significantly better..
          We don't get the EU version btw

      • Go and view both before spending your money.. don't go off one random post on ozbargain :)

        • +1

          don't go off one random post on ozbargain :)

          You can't tell me what to do.

          * buys every random ozbargain post


  • Has anyones shipped yet?

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