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Dell S3221QS 32” 4K Monitor $499 (600 Units Only) @ Dell AU


Came across this deal when i woke up in the middle of the night!
Was on sale for $599
Special extra $100 off only for first 600 units
Potentially stack up with cashrewards.com.au 10%

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Beat me to it. The sales just keep coming! :D

  • I ordered this monitor about a month ago in a previous deal. I waited patiently for two weeks before contacting Dell to enquire what was happening since the order status hadn't changed, only to be told my order had been cancelled due to an "IT error". They couldn't explain why I was not contacted about this, despite debiting the money from my bank.

    Annoying but mistakes happen, so I asked to place the order again—which they couldn't do as it was apparently out of stock (despite it being available to order on the website). Instead, they offered me the S3320DGF, which is a completely different monitor and inferior for my use. Alternatively, I suggested the P3412W as it was less than the RRP on the replacement model they suggested and more suitable for my needs (e.g. not a VA panel). The service rep said they'd seek approval and get back to me that day.

    Two days went by and nothing, so I emailed them again. They said it had been approved by finance and I'd receive an invoice within an hour.

    Five days went by and nothing, so I contacted them and I was informed that despite their statements it had been approved, it had actually been rejected. I was then told I'd be contacted to process a refund… but of course have not been.

    Order this at your own risk.

    • That's a brutal experience.

      I'd be so annoyed!

      Imagine if you had a new machine and you were waiting for this to game on. What a stitch up

    • Had a similar experience with a laptop, seemed they want to back out of cashrewards in my case.

    • Whereas THIS one ships in just 25–33 business days.

      • YMMV - when I got a Dell screen it said 7-10 days to dispatch and I received it 3 days after ordering.

        No shipping notification, got a call from a random number saying I had a parcel, went to my front door and a minute later a courier handed me my screen.

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      Feel free to contact me with your order number and deal you purchased on originally. I can help you resolve this if you'd like.

    • Had a similar experience with my order of S2721Q, ordered it on 15th October, was cancelled due to the mysterious IT issue, they did place an order for me when I contacted support but it has been delayed three times since then.

      I am still waiting for the monitor, the new expected delivery date is 2nd Jan.

  • I didn’t have that experience getting my HS but I hope LiMaa addresses this as it’s terrible customer service. I can imagine what you’re going through since the pricing is so different to normal prices. That being said, we shouldn’t be inconvenienced for it. We need an answer.

  • Hi @LiMaaa is this the widescreen monitor you were talking about in your earlier monitor posts?

  • OP looks like CR won’t be eligible??

  • Do they make flat 32” screens?

  • Sorry it's my first time downvote bargain, as other user mentioned, Dell cancelled my order twice due to "IT error".

    The first time I thought ok, maybe there is a glitch in Dell system, But after a few weeks, I ordered another monitor but they continue to cancel it.

    The customer service is worst, they deliberately let you jump around different Customer care. Poor call quality, it's hard to hear what they saying, In the end, they tell you just need wait.

    • Did they cancel your order after the order confirmation is sent?
      I just received my order confirmation stated that my order is confirmed. But the expected delivery date is mid Jan!

  • Hesitated and now back to only 20% off

  • is this good for video editing / photo editing?

    • Depends on your definition of good. This is a very basic VA panel, 300 nits, 4 ms respond time. I wouldn't.

  • What is upscaling like?
    I have no 4K content, browsing would be better, home spread sheets needs aren't great.
    I had a 28" 4K for a bit but the old I5 integrated graphics only ran it at 29Hz, onsold it, it wasn't good at upscaling.
    Apparently my current I5 9400 will run 4K at 60Hz
    A review https://webllena.com/4k-uhd-32-curved-monitor-perfect-ultrat...

    • With 1080p there should not really be a need for fancy upscaling as 4K is a direct multiple of 1080p.

    • You are not giving much information, upscaling Windows (text), video (blu ray), console games?

      Upscaling Windows (text) from 1080p looks horrible actually. But if you have native 4K and Scale 125 or 150%, looks sharp and nice. Text is smooth and sharp.
      I have a 27" 4K, I would imagine upscaling 1080p to a 32" would look even worse.

      If you were watching videos or 1080p console would be fine, Windows text is not good.

      • I would run windows at 4K.
        I have a lot of standard def, 1280 and full HD video.
        My old Hisense1080p TV did/does a good job upscaling, the 28" 4K monitor I had briefly didn't, it was only running at 29Hz though. I've ordered one anyway.

        • Ok.

          I you are watching videos in Windows (in 4K resolution) , I think it would be Windows/video card doing the upscaling and not your monitor.

          Full HD and 720p Youtube when I stretch it out looks okay to me.

  • The lowest its ever been, although some customers have been having cancellation issues.

  • Cheers, impulse bought!

    Was wanting LG 32UN650-W (32" 4K IPS), but for some inexplicable reason, LG does not seem to be importing this monitor to Australia!!!

    • I am considering this: LG 32UN880-B

      • I would prefer that monitor for sure, but it's in a different price bracket! :)

        (I guess LG 32UN650-W would probably be in a different price bracket too, but closer in price - was listed at CPL as $649)

        • yes, this dell one is really cheap, although it uses a va panel. $649 for LG 32UN650-W is a good price!

          • @aec: Yeah, unfortunately LG Australia has decided Australians do not want affordable 32" 4K IPS!! :(

            They probably want to push people towards the higher priced IPS gaming models, and leave the budget end to their VA monitors.

  • Finally pulled the plug and bought one with extended warranty included

    • +1 vote

      I hope you don't mind too much if I nitpick. "Pulled the plug" means to end something.

      To go ahead with something, the expression is "pull the pin" - e.g. when you pull the pin on a hand grenade, there is no further possibility to back off - you are forced to go ahead.

  • Done :) Thanks for the heads up. Fingers crossed it is a good one ;)

  • This ? or the xiaomi 34inch ?

  • Deal is on again:
    Found the deal at: https://deals.dell.com/en-au/category/monitor_deals

    It's a VA panel though, a good VA is ok right?

  • When is that 34" model going to drop LiMaa?

  • is this good for gaming? or is it better to find something better?

  • I've been on the fence over this one for the last couple of days, I think my inner OzB'er is hoping the bonus units sell out and the price increases so I can walk away. It would be a perfect replacement for my 4K 43inch LG if the seller wasn't Dell. It's almost like buying a grey import with these guys - first you pray it arrives, next you pray it doesn't fail forcing you to deal with their support. Also, it's Displayport is older than half the console gamers I know.

  • "Ships in 24–32 business days"

  • Back to $599

  • Hi LiMaaa

    Happy new year all ! :)

    I had put in the order on 28/11 through the Dell website. There has been no status updates since then. It has remained "In Production". It is slated to be shipped on 13/01. What are the chances this is pushed back…

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


    • An entry just popped up in my AusPost account today from Dell (7 Jan - shipping info received and picked up from sender in Minchinbury NSW). Just checked the Dell website, and it's now marked as shipped 6 Jan (maybe they are using US timezone?). (Haven't received any notification from Dell though - just surveys asking me to rate how I like my new monitor!)

      Woo hoo! :)

      So they have started shipping some units, fingers crossed yours is sent out soon too!

      • Thanks for the heads up.. Mine just got shipped too. Pity the 24" that pushed to March hasn't been revised or shipped :(

    • My order just got shipped, and will arrive today. hopefully yours also.

      • You got a notification saying it's coming today?

        Mine just arrived at Tullamarine this morning (11:16am). Guess they weren't on the same flight! lol

        Edit: Ooh, just changed to "onboard for delivery"! :)

  • No luck, called them up. Apparently they have no idea when it'll arrive as they are short in parts. Disappointing after a 1 month wait…

  • Mine arrived. 4k doesn't agree with my PC so much. Won't do over 30Hz. Set it to 1440p seems better at 60Hz. But I found a dead pixel. Anyone else find any? One you find it it's hard to unsee. Need over 6 to be a warranty I think.