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Sony 75" X9000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $2788.25 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Looks like a new low for brand new, $146.75 saved with the coupon.

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  • If you mainly watch Netflix UHD, would you choose x9000h or Q80T?

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      I think it depends on the amount of light in the room. Dark room the Sony bright room the Samsung.

    • If U just doin Netflix have you looked into Hisense?

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        The Hisense 75Q8 does look good but I'd rather not support you know who, if I can help it.

    • I think either would look bloody amazing, but for some reason I just prefer Sony.

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      Sony as it has Dolby Vision. Lots of netflix content is in Dolby Vision too. I'd also choose Sony again for the reliability.

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      Don't be fooled!!! The Australian Q80T is gimped and not even close to the amazing US version

      I was all excited to buy one today but from my experience in-store the Samsung Q80T was well below my expectations, I spent an hour comparing & trying to work out why, even tried a few different stores because it looked broken but the Q80T just looks near identical to much lower spec Q70T (see rtings.com reviews, big difference) and leagues behind the Q95T.

      There is no ultrawide viewing angle layer, only the basic Samsung anti-reflective coating, clear difference next to Q95T which does have it.
      Black levels pretty average, I couldn't see any blooming but I suspect that's because the "full array local dimming" isn't doing much.

      Rtings say Europe gets lower spec model, looks like we are too, very disappointing and misleading from Samsung as they continues to significantly overprice their TVs here.

      Sony is clear winner, add Dolby vision support with Netflix and its a no brainer, cheaper too, I just hope they fix the 120Hz gaming issues soon.

      • Thanks for this comment. I was wondering why Rtings had it rated so great but on HDTVtest and another channel whose name I can't remember (but both are based in London) the q80t just looked so average. I already knew I wanted the Sony but now I'm completely solidified in my thought.

      • only the basic Samsung anti-reflective coating

        I didn't think it even had that, when I looked up the specs on the Aus website, no mention at all of anti glare coating. I am not surprised as that did start at the 2019 Q80R, which is what the Q95T is equivalent to now. Q80T is closer to the 2019 Q70R
        Q95T is miles ahead of the Q80T, but so is the price, so…..

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    Any deals on 65 inch? Sony Samsung LG, seems all the deals are on the 75 inch

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat. Partner told me specifically do not get a 75 inch, our lounge room is too small. I ended up getting a 75inch lol. No deals on the 65 in my defence…

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        What is your viewing distance? Mine is around 3 meters and I am thinking 75in is too large.

        • +4

          At 3m that is fine, you'll adjust in no time.

        • +1

          Need to look up one of the many charts for tv size for which viewing distance. 75" is recomended for any viewing distance over 6.25ft (1.9mtrs). https://www.tomsguide.com/us/choose-right-tv-size,news-24708...

          Mine distance is 3mtrs as well and thought 65 is what i needed until i looked into recomendations. if it was a 1080p TV then 65 at that distance would be the max but with the 4K tvs you can go bigger at a closer distance.

      • same…hahaha.. mouth-watering to all those 75 inch deal, yet to find any 65" deal

  • Do you guys know if JB will price match Good Guys eBay pricing?

    • The good guys wont price match their ebay store when eBay are offering a discount, so i don't think jbhifi would.

      • +1

        The good guys stores will match. Last ebay discount my good guys did as they said dont make the money off the ebay click and collects. They get reimbursed for whatever is sold if its an ebay click and collect so the sales manager said he will match the discount no worries.

        I will be going in tomorrow and dont expect to have an issue getting them to match the fridge and TV with discount from their ebay store.

        • Handy info thanks :) hopefully I'll be able to get my store to do the same

        • I got a flat no, however it was early this year.

  • What's the recommendation on 85"tv. Occasionally kids use PS4, otherwise YouTube, Netflix, prime.

    Room is not too dark or too bright

  • Yep want this in 85in, Harvey's had it for 5k but surely it can be had under 4k

    • Cant seem to find it under 4k anywhere

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    I got the Q80T but this is also a very good deal

    • +1

      It a toss up between the two in my opinion, i like both. Good choice.

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        From the reviews i've 'watch on youtube' - The Samsung is 'slightly' better but it depends on how and where you're using the tv.

        • Those reviews are pointless for Aus Spec though, we don't get the same. The closest to US spec Q80T is the Q85T, which Aus doesn't do, and even that is lower spec.
          So as far as Aus is concerned the X9000H is the far better tv without a doubt.

          • @snuke: Most of the reviews i watch are from the UK they are Pal and generally get the same stuff as us….

            I guess it comes down to opinion there is no way either TV is 'far better' then the other - specs wise there isnt a lot between them.

            If anything as a brand Samsung will always trump a Sony on OLED becuz they have there own supplier for the panels where as Sony buys them from LG - when it comes to warranty that makes a huge difference

            • @Trying2SaveABuck: It's not a PAL vs NTSC thing, that has zero to do with it. It's just a differing spec around the world. Au version is a lower spec than other regions.
              It's an issue when looking at any non Aus review. Unfortunately most if not all Aus reviews are pure shite.

              If anything as a brand Samsung will always trump a Sony on OLED because they have there own supplier for the panels where as Sony buys them from LG

              Ahhhhhh, no. That used to be the case, but Samsung Display has now stopped making LCD panels to concentrate on QD-OLED, which Samsung Electronics TV devision doesn't want to use because they spent so long bashing OLED. Soooo, Samsung will most likely be using TCL Mini LED panels for 2021 models.
              And as for 2020 Samsung, their 4K panels are worse than 2020 as Samsung moved to concentrate on 8K. One major change was going from 10-bit panels to cheaper 8-bit FRC ones.
              PLUS, there is the good ole Samsung Panel Lottery, in which case the same model can have three different panel suppliers. Not sure what models this effect anymore, but you could have a Sharp or Optronics panel instead of a Samsung one.

              As for Samsung trumping Sony OLED, with the exception of brightness and their excellent anti reflection coating on the Q95T, yeah nah, not even close. Hell Sony beat LG in pure picture production quality, and Panasonic beat them both.

              If you're happy with your TV and it is doing what you need it do well, that is all that counts.

              I am personally not happy with any of the 2020 offerings, so holding out for the 2021 range. My 2011 1080P tv will have to hold me over for a few months more.

              • @snuke: But fair enough i didnt know that

                I'd be happy with either what I had before was a 450$ unknown brand tv (JVL not JVC) that was 'fine' but nothing flash and the picture sharpness for a '4k' tv was average.

                IMO as long as the tv ppl buy has HDMI 2.1 and can hit 120hz then you're fine (which both TV can) - i dont see the point in buy TV that has only the old HDMI plug in. - it would be like buying a new phone that doesnt have the ability to connect to 5G.

                • @Trying2SaveABuck:

                  i dont see the point in buy TV that has only the old HDMI plug in. - it would be like buying a new phone that doesnt have the ability to connect to 5G.

                  Interesting comparison, 5G is a bit munted right now, doesn't have great coverage, small speed advantage that goes away quickly in congestion, eats up battery at a horrendous rate.

                  As for 2.1, many features can be offered in 2.0B, so not really needed unless you must have [email protected]

  • +2

    Me: Patiently waiting for a 65 inch deal because I know that's the max size that will fit on my entertainment unit

  • Is this worth the extra $400 over the Hisense Q8? Been on the lookout for a 75" and just can't make up my mind…

  • Is tv the 'best'? Sony or samsung (q80t)? Or is there another tv (different model or brand) that’s better? I’ll be using the tv for a min of 10 yrs.

    It will be in a bright and dark room (depending on time of day), face windows so there’ll be glare and reflections, etc. using dot tv shows, Netflix, YouTube, some games I’m clueless when it comes to these things, can anyone help?

  • +1

    These may not be the best tvs available , but they are probably the most popular models out there at the moment as they support hdmi 2.1 which is the current spec of hdmi.. They should be compatible with sony ps5 and xbox series x

    Check out the video for a comparison. But there is a lot of reviews online. So check em out


    The samsung q80t 75 inch was about $4500 only last week.

  • Can’t find stock anywhere for this model.

  • Guys call the store or go in store and negotiate. I picked up the 75” for $2,600 delivered. I did also buy a Dyson airwrap however they were happy to go $2,600 + delivery without the Dyson.

    Receipt: https://ibb.co/QJHhPPs

    • How much did you negotiate the airwrap for?

      • Just got them to price match the Dyson Black Friday offer - $699. Doesn’t seem to be much movement on these.

    • My local wouldn't budge beyond $2,850ish, said the receipt deal would've been to compensate for something or due to some other reason, which I doubt.

      • +1

        Yeah nah that’s bs.
        That said I had no luck in-person at 2 HN and 1 GG store prior to calling castle hill and getting my $2,600 offer accepted over the phone.
        Try calling around to other stores.

        • Castle Hill is a particularly competitive place because of all the stores in such close proximity.

        • Thanks gonna try with my local

      • My local aint budging either. Tried calling castle Hill and they weren't budging on price. Even tried Harvey Norman and best they will do is $2850.

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