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Save $20 Per Month on nbn 250/25 for 6 Months ($109/Mth, Existing Customers nbn FTTP and Select HFC Only) @ Aussie Broadband


Searching for the Aussie Broadband Black Friday page and accidentally stumbled across this link. Nice to see existing customers being offered something too.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Wonder if they will do this for Home Ultrafast

    • Can't edit my post but I called ABB this morning and they told me this would be a separate deal for Cyber Monday.

      • Has ABB come out with any new promos today?

        • They are saying there’s a cyber Monday deal for new customers only now and referred me to the exisiting BF deal haha (which is useless if you are already on a 250 plan)
          My 6 months is up anyway, time to go back to Superloop as a “new” customer on a better deal.

          • @Kdw26488: That's the nail on the head. As a current ABB 250/25 customer, I feel left out. Superloop seems to be the way to go. Called them. All sorted

            I give this a thumbs up because it's a good deal in general, but just bad for me an other early adopters of 250/25 on HFC

          • @Kdw26488: I rang ABB and they confirmed that the $30 discount on the 1000/50 plan is only available to new customers.

            However, contrary to what they told me on Friday, the $20 discount on the 250/25 plan is now available to existing customers (even if they are already on that plan).

    • Just got the deal email for 3PM cybermonday sale. Includes ultrafast, but only for new customers

      • yeah they won't give it to existing customers, real big shame since that Home ultrafast deal is a banger. $30 off for 6 months for a new customer nothing for existing….disappointing.

  • This or super loop for HFC ? Also what’s 25 ? Min speed ?

  • i was hoping their nbn 50 would be cheaper for BF deals, isnt that $10 discount for first 6 month the same all along? why would they announce it as BF deal?

  • Okay so I've given them a call to see if I can apply this onto my existing 250/25 and the lady was adamant there was a promotional code that I needed to give her, has anyone seen one?

    • No promotion code should be required. An internal email was sent out to the support team explaining the promo.

  • I called Aussie this morning and was told that this offer does not apply if you are already on their 250/25 plan :(

    • Same here. What a let down to the loyal customers who've been on premium plans. :(

      Obviously an advertising tactic to get more customers onto premium plans with the aim of them staying beyond the promotion period. Those who are already paying for premium plans are likely willing to continue to pay the price without a promotion.

      • I rang ABB again this afternoon and, contrary to what they told me on Friday, the $20 discount on the 250/25 plan is now available to existing customers (even if they are already on that plan).

  • Thanks for this. $10 difference between 100/20 and this 250/25 plan. Usually $109/month would only get 100/40.

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    Is it right that the plan chooser doesn't show the discount? I will only see it once I get invoiced?

    • Correct.
      Take advantage of this Black Friday deal by heading to the MyAussie portal or app. Simply log-in, upgrade your plan immediately to the 250/25 and we will do the rest!

      • If you click on 'Need help switching' though, the screenshot shows the discounted price. In any Aussie are pretty good so I would assume if there's an issue they'll rectify it later.

  • or you can change to superloop by 31st Jan and get $20 off on pretty much all plans for 6 months, inc. the 1gigabit plan

    via https://www.whistleout.com.au/

  • Just called them to activate this offer and they wouldn't roll me over to this one as I'm on the last month of the EOFY promo

    (even though I've already paid the last invoice for that promo, such BS)

    Superloop here I come

    • To qualify as a new customer you need to churn away from Aussie BB or SL for 6 months and join back on a new promo.

      • yup I change between ABB and SL every 6 months now

      • Sure, but this offer was for existing customers not new ones. I was emailed about this directly. They could have 6 months more out of me. I would rather they do that than me having to switch.

        To this still on the eofy promo, this might be an issue

  • I'll be signing up with Aussie Broadband tomorrow. I just brought my first decent router, an Asus RT-ax58u on sale. Tried setting it up at home but it wouldn't work so I called Dodo and they told me that I needed a modem router and I had to use their supplied one. Bullcrap because I have FTTP and the modem is already in the NBN box.
    They refused to help so I called ABB and they were super happy to help and assured me the Asus would work. So they are calling me back tomorrow and I'll be signing up.
    I'm so excited for decent internet speed. Currently I only get 2-5mbps in my lounge. My PS4 only gets 100kbps and I can't wait till I can finally download game patches.

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      RT-AX58U can be configured to any ISP on the nbn. Tell Aussie BB to turn off Carrier Grade NAT for gaming purposes.

      • Sounds good. What does NAT do?

        • Carrier Grade NAT may give your gaming consoles a type 3 (Strict) NAT. Aussie BB have to turn Carrier Grade NAT off on their end for your connection.The PS4 NAT type will change to type 1 (Open) or type 2 (Moderate). There is a list of what else Carrier Grade NAT may affect here

          What about hosting games?
          Aussie Broadband has adopted CG-NAT technology for assigning IP addresses. This can cause issues for Xbox and PS4 users, as well as blocking the ability to host games or access p2p gaming on some servers.
          If you need to opt out of CG-NAT, please contact support on 1300 880 905.

    • I missed the BF deal by just hours so I start with the 100/20 same $79/mo than Mate but it could not be worse..
      Starting with the TPG Archer C1200router, the big square white Telstra Alcatel moster sort of actually works as well.
      Then getting a Draytek 2862VAC. They are not cheap with over 600 a pop but my colege swears by them and he has fttn while I got fttp.
      Mate was good at the beginning but 5% of what you pay for that is what Telstra used to give me. Dodo lecturing you? Seriously a shot in their own foot.
      NBN co having a symposium this arvo in our Casino hotel. Got an invite and hope to bag them vacuum heads!

  • Apply promo code CYBER30 to save $30 per month.

  • That Price Hike ABB did seems to have paid off to lure new customers in with further discounts while existing customers get shafted

  • I joined them 2 weeks ago to not be signed up until 18/12 due to moving house and they won't honour the sale. Nice way to start off a relationship.

  • Just resynced at 250/25, after restarting my HFC modem. 267/23.7 on speed.aussiebroadband.com.au .