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Xbox Series S Console $499 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good time for this to become available.

20/01: Back in stock

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    can it survive till to 5pm?

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      Of course, it will survive because nobody wants Series S.

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        No drive no buy

      • lol

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        Aaaaand it's gone.

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    Good find, not for me though.

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    Doesnt this run some games at 600p?

    Surely that's some sort of joke, right? Right?

    • Dirt 5 has a 120 fps mode. I doubt anyone buying a Series S is thinking most games will run at 120 fps.

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      Context matters here - I can see only one report of this for one game and it states that in performance mode, which targets 120fps, the resolution may drop as low as 600p - which is not unexpected for the specs

      Why you would want to run 120fps on a Series S is beyond me

      • Ok not sure why I'm downvoted here but the SS is a 1440p/1080p at 30/60fps console; so logically if you try to run games at 120fps the resolution would have to decrease to compensate

        In Dirt5 you have the option of different graphical modes so you are not limited to high framerate low resolution only

      • Why you would want to run 120fps on a Series S is beyond me

        Some people don't have the budget, but still want to play at high FPS…

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          Unfortunately if you don't have the budget, dropping either FPS or graphical quality should be an expectation. Hard to have both on a budget

          Edit: Probably should have read the rest of the thread. You weren't necessarily disagreeing with me. My bad

          • @Kallavan14: Yea I wasn't, I was just providing a different perspective on things… Some people might not mind the decrease in graphics quality, and could benefit from the increase in FPS

            But yes that is correct, you really can't except both graphics quality and high frame rate when you're on a budget

          • @Kallavan14: Wait… I just came back to this thread and realised you weren't the original person who I was replying to…

            Were you on my side or not? :)

            I believe that the Series S makes a lot of sense since you can still get that high frame-rate experience, even when you're on a budget

        • hang on, you have a budget to buy a new tv that can run 120 fps but cant spend extra $200 on sx?

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    I don't understand appeal of this console. Xbox Series X is only for 250 AUD more, and it runs games much better.

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      Yes, at this price, might as well get PS5 Digital for $100 more, proper 4K and heap more powerful.

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        I dont know why you got downvoted so hard. It is only $100 more, its more powerful and has bigger internal storage.

        Basically the same games run on both Xbox and ps5, with if anything an edge to exclusives to PS5 in the next 18 months, bit harder to tell longer term given microsoft's studio acquistions. There are some gamers for whom they would not be interchangable, but that has to be a minority.

        For some gamepass might be the difference, but if that is the case, do as Mistredo said and get the X

        • +1

          Gamepass was 100% of the reason I went with Xbox.

          I also grabbed mine with Xbox all access. So 45 bucks a month for 2 years I have a gigantic list of games to play and get a xbox series x thrown in. Also with the bonus telstra points I got a 2nd controller for free.

          The library of games they have is awesome and I figure it will keep me occupied so I only actually buy the absolute top tier stuff.

        • Using your logic, why not go with he more expensive Xbox if you want the more "powerful" box? I can’t help but lol every time I see someone who is like 'PlayStation games are better than Xbox". It’s not a competition. Do you not realize video games are subjective? If somebody wants to buy this cheaper Xbox, good for them. Looks like this will sell like hotcakes for families and their kids this holiday-I know I’m interested in one to gift to my nephews

          • @OzBoganYeah: This new-gen is a weird one.

            The Xbox series S is seriously good value for $500, it's slightly better value than what we got in 2013 with the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. What makes it good value is the hardware consists of a 500GB nVme SSD, Zen2 cpu, and GPU close to the old Xbox One X. It's certified to do all next-gen games, albeit at 1080p/60fps.

            Add $100 and you get a substantially faster PS5, with more storage, and access to it's exclusive games (which are great titles). However, for long-term consumers who end up with lots of games, or poor internet, NO Disc is a huge disadvantage.

            Adding another $150 gets you a Disc drive in the regular PS5, or better yet it gets you to a notably better upgrade to the Xbox series X. Now you're talking 60fps-120fps, with resolutions between 1440p-2160p. What your $750 bucks buys you is that 1TB nVme SSD, Zen2 cpu, and graphics that rivals dedicated graphics cards in the AUD $600-$900 price bracket. That's serious value. Plus the XseX gives you 4-generations of backwards compatible gaming, a good value subscription (gamepass), and to top it off for a limited time you can unlock it (retail mode) which allows you to sideload your own Apps.

            In particular, sideloading it allows you for emulation anywhere from: Atari, Sega, S/NES, GBA, N64, NDS, PS1, DreamCast, PSP, PS2, 3DS, GameCube, and upto a Wii. It's possible to see: PSVita, PS3, WiiU, and Switch Emulation also in the future (but not likely). And this also applies to the $500 budget XseS as well.

            ….yet perhaps the BEST VALUE may be had with a Used PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. These have great titles from the current gen, which are also supported by the new-gen. You could grab these with some accessories for like $300 off gumtree/facebook and grab a ton of current gen games for cheap. Yet curiously these consoles will officially support upcoming new-gen games for the next two years. So that puts them in direct competition with the new-gen consoles. That's a stark contrast to the past, where newer generations displaced the older ones quite rapidly. Refer back when going from PS1 to PS2, or from PS2 to PS3, or from PS3 to PS4…there was a relatively quick transition. Microsoft has caused this big effect here. They're no longer making exclusive games, and don't care if you use an Xbox or PC. They just want people paying for games, and want them on their platform and subscription. This increased performance and value-for-money is basically rolling back to 2003 and earlier (original Xbox, PS2, PS1, N64, SNES, Sega, Atari) when those were great graphical hardware at a great price for it's time. We lost this trend with the lackluster Wii, PS3, WiiU, and PS4 launches.

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      Parents buying for their children

      • -3

        For only 250 AUD you can give your kids much better experience.

        • +30

          Only $250

          • +6

            @pharcyde: So like 2.5 games?

            It'll hold better resale value, better chance of not needing to do a mid cycle upgrade. You can use discs and resell games you buy. Not to mention double the storage.

            Buying the S now is literally shooting yourself in teh foot.

            Unless all you primarily care about is playing last gen games. But maybe better of with second hand xb1s or xb1x.

            • @modiika: I'm an "ex" gamer twenty something who played the hell out of my PS3 when i was a kid but now I've got rent and bills to pay, a $400 car and I still use the same old 720p 40" TV I bought for $200 used to play that PS3 back in the day.

              I spend a lot of my spare money on my other hobbies and travelling and frankly don't really game much, but over lockdown I had an incredible urge to play flight simulator and also wanted to give the last of the unchartered games a crack. No online stuff, no 4k, no 60fps requirements. I just wanted to play some of the new releases and not pay out the ass for it.

              In the end I split a used Xbox one with my brother that I'll occasionally play a game or two on at my parents. This is who the Xbox series S is for. Honestly I wish I could just play the next gen titles on the Xbox one and set the resolution to 720p @ 30fps because I frankly don't care that much. Maybe it's better and maybe if I borrowed a specced out 4K 60fps system with a 3000 and RTX I'd have an epiphany but gaming just isn't that important to me.

              That's who this is for. Honestly though for $500 it's still too much in AUD. The US price point of $299 is the sweet spot for the casual crowd imo.

              • @stanstho: Yeah fair enough, i just think you are a very small segment of the market, the majority of people buying this arent getting what they think they will be getting. Mostly because you arent able to make the trade off you complained about not being able to do with the xbox One.

                Also, if you have a look it seems this seems driven by covid. Without covid would you really have felt compelled to play flight sim? Also must have been a problem since you wanted to play uncharted but also flight sim, given they are different systems, wasnt really an option for you.

                Consoles havent really increased in price, in real dollars its cheaper than ever. It's like half the price of an iphone 12 (and like 1/3 of a pro model), given your other purchases i'm assuming if you own an iphone its probably a 6/6s, but probably an android.

                I dunno, i guess my point is should someone like you, for whom it is such a low priority drop $500 on this? It's too much for your use, particularly given your enthusiasm doesnt lead me to believe you'll get $500 worth of enjoyment out of the few games you play. I also cant see you (meaning people like you) being a big segment of day one buyers for a new console launch. Surely, for your use case, waiting a year or three and buying used console or something is a better fit? Actually, the future for you is probably cloud gaming, dip in and out when you see a game you like, and probably cost you less than $70-120 a game. So no i dont think this is good fit for the 'casual crowd', its still too expensive for that.

                I am curious what you do in your spare time, since you seem unusually low on screen time. Given that dated tv I also assume you dont spend much time watching tv or netflix. Or maybe you do that on a phone or tablet while travelling? So are you just an outdoor adventure type/nut or you just very social at parties all the time? I ended up bootcamping a mac I had that i didnt intend to ever game on to try flight sim, it was real appealing during lockdown.

                • @modiika: I dont think I'm necessarily a huge segment of the market but I think it is big enough to support the existence of the Series S, I think the switch and wii's success have also proven that.

                  I don't necessarily spend that much less time behind screens than others, but I do have a pretty wide variety of hobbies going on at once. Over lockdown I learned html/css and built a website for my photography portfolio, got into (digital) art/painting with a cheap wacom tablet i got on ebay, got really into plants and woodworking, fixed up a bunch of old furniture and redesigned my apartment a little. Finished up editing a short film project I'd been procrastinating after lockdown. Then I got into lock picking for a bit. Cycled back to practising piano. So I guess I kind of jump around. I' not necessarily always social but I try and get out there when I can.

                  I definitely could see myself buying a cheaper console for the odd game here and there, and as you can tell from my other interests I kind of duck in and out of things and knowing that of myself I try and avoid spending any more than the bare minimum on whatever project I'm currently throwing myself into. Dropping $750 is just too much - but if the Series S got to the $3-400 mark in AUD I can see myself justifying it.

        • +8

          50% more

          • +1

            @sghetti: YOU MEAN 300% MORE ON EBAY

        • For the more expensive Xbox? They could just save that money and buy more games

      • +2

        No parents should buy a Xbox S for their kids!

        • +1

          Yes, it's crime against modern gaming industries :)

          • @kml22: If that was the case every kid would be playing on a PC.

        • I may get one at some point as a second Xbox for multiplayer with my son.

          We do have a Xbox X already.

      • +1


        What did the children do?

        Shouldn't CPS be called in in such cases

    • +5

      Yeah I guess not everyone has $250 spare

      • -1

        If you struggle to save $250 then this one might not be the best choice in the first place, second-hand PS4 Pro or second-hand Xbox One X will be much better choice (and cheaper).

        • +8

          This is a better buy than an Xbox One X. The improved frame rate and responsiveness from the CPU and SSD is more important than a bit of extra resolution on the One X.

          • +2

            @tp0: If you're comparing RRP prices then it's probably better to buy the newer gen. But it's not necessary the case when taking into account the cheap second hand prices you can get for a One X now.

          • +3

            @tp0: I am not dispusting that. I only said if $250 is a lot of money for you, maybe the better choice is save even more and buy a second-hand console from the previous generation. You will also save on games, because you can buy second-hand discs. That is not possible with Series S.

        • -1

          the xbox one (and one X) have CPUs that were considered shit by 2014 standards.

          • +2

            @akib: yet, you'll not get much upgrade on the S, given the current state, apart from the small SSD. There have been some backcompat games that run better on XB1X than this S.

            I think really the suggestion is buy a cheap second hand last gen console. Or perhaps wait till you can afford X. Not like there is anything really to play on the new gen Xboxes really anyway.

            The real smart money now is not to upgrade if you cant afford it. Hell wait 5 months and buy a second hand S if you must.

        • It's not just 250 though.

          It's do you have a 4k tv as well and on top of that a 4K tv which supports HDMI 2.1 so you can get 4k 120hz (Theres only a handful at the moment)

          So while you can talk about 250 dollars you will need to spend another 1500+ before you get all the optimized use out of it.

          Also Xbox has come out and said part of the reason they took this model is because they didn't want the generation leaps to happen anymore. So when the Xbox series X 2 or whatever comes out anyone with a X box series X or series S can still play all the latest and greatest games (Granted scaled back) indefinitely. So in theory the Xbox series S could still be playing the latest games 10+ years from now.

          So really a console like that makes sense.

          • @kasp: You don't need HDMI 2.1, not many games will utilize 120 FPS, the console is not that powerful, and you can get okish 4k monitor or TV for $500 to have 60FPS in 4k. If you are lower income class you should probably stick to the older generation as you can buy second-hand discs and save on games plus the second-hand console will cheaper than this one at RRP. If you are middle income class you shouldn't have a problem spending 250 bucks to get much better experience and resale value.

            • @Mistredo: @Mistredo
              I was just saying that unless you spend a significant amount of money more you aren't going to be utilizing it to it's full extent.

              It's not always about having the best, a lot of people are fine with 1080. The series S still delivers pretty awesome graphics even if it's not 4k.

              I think the biggest selling point of the Xbox is the direction they are going in (Subscription gaming) For 15 bucks a month you get access to hundreds of games while with the PS5 you need to spend a significant amount more to get a decent game library.

              So you can argue about the consoles and whats better but that is not really the direction Xbox is going.

              • +1


                It's not always about having the best, a lot of people are fine with 1080. The series S still delivers pretty awesome graphics even if it's not 4k.

                I just dont think the performance of the S is there even if you dont have a 4k tv. Also surely, its a long term purchase, so a decent chance people will upgrade at some point. I think its fine not to care about 4k, but you'll still get sinificantly better 1080 or 1440p performance out of the X. Already, the new consoles arent able to run last gen designed games at 4k all the time. THe machine is 1/3 as powerful and has half the storage. For $100, you can get a machine with almost double the storage and like 2.5x the performance and for $250, you can get literally double the storage, 3x performance, and ability to play discs on the Series X.

                I think the real question is, if you can only afford $500, why buy now? If you dont care about performance why even buy during the launch window, there is literally 0 compelling reason to buy an xbox at launch this time, unless you care about performance. Why not wait till there is a compelling reason, exclusives, a library of games that run better. I cant imagine many buyers dont own any console, so its not like they are missing out in the meantime.

                If you absolutely will never buy a game for it outside gamepass, and you'll only ever have a 1080p screen maybe. I'm just doubtful that is many people. I really think its more people convincing themselves they can get next gen now and save some money, but at the expense of long term satisfaction.

                I mean if all you are going to do is play fifa for the next 5 years, then yeah sure itll be a cheaper outcome and probably work out ok.

                Ultimately, this may come down to perspective on how much do you spend on gaming per year. Are you buying 1 game a year, 3, 6, 12 or more, plus game pass on top? Are you going to ever upgrade the storage? Are you going to own it until next mid cycle upgrade in 3-4 years or wait until next full gen 7+ years (assuming that still happens). Honestly, i think if you answered 3 or more games, and yes to any other question, then you should be getting X.

        • Hmm 2nd hand ps4 pro in good condition will easily send you back ~$400, considering the production stopped a while back and new remaining stock is still flying off the shelves, it will remain it's value!

      • +4

        That price argument works both ways. Yes, the Series S is $250 less, but it has half the storage which is priced at $359/TB. You also lose out on all the physical game deals. Want Assassin's Creed? $70 on Amazon vs $100 on Microsoft Store. You effectively close that initial gap just from buying a handful of digital games.

        • +1

          Not to mention reselling or trading those in.

          That $250 price gap will disappear fast.

          The S is more affordable, and i get why its attractive to people, but its not living up to their promise. It's not delivering 1080p 60 with comparable graphics to the X at 4k. Maybe that'll change in 18-24 months as developers get better at these consoles. But, its really hard to see the S as good value long term. And if its only good value short term, then its probably not a good deal.

          Ultimately if you buy and S, and decide you need to upgrade in 12 months. You probably wont lose too much, reselling it and upgrading to an X or whatever. But, you'd definetly still lose money.

          • +1

            @modiika: Yep. Resolution isn't everything, but even just on price… the Series S just doesn't make sense to me. I can very easily see that $250 gap evaporating in the first 6-12 months between games and storage. If you literally only want to play Game Pass games and nothing else, then sure. Otherwise, it's a bad deal.

            • @SydStrand: Firstly, Re Resolution, I just wonder are people really going to keep their 1080p screens for 7 years or whatever from now. I just think a good chance people would upgrade during the life of their S if they havent already.

              I think I can see perhaps 2 scenarios where it might make sense to the the S.

              1) A second console, either as an alternative to a playstation 5, or as an xbox in another room (i.e. incase lots of people in house often need simultaneously).

              2) A kids first console, say under 14. They dont have money to buy games regularly, it may not make sense for the parents to buy them the more expensive one and/or its more achievable for them to save up with pocket money/odd jobs.

    • +2

      I have a Series S and X, the S on my 1440p monitor looks great. Then the size of the console itself is minuscule, almost half the size of a 1S. You could easily chuck it in a back pack or luggage and take it away with you.

      • Yeah good point. It's a good option as a second console. Either if you need another Xbox in the house, or an xbox to play those exclusives on (current or previous gen).

        THe sizing and design is very attractive.

    • This I agree with; the smaller capacity means you'll need external storage sooner ($330 for 1TB) and no disc drive limits you to digital games - no physical disc sales or used purchases

    • I think a 1080p digital-only console makes sense for GamePass users on a budget. That being said, A$500 is too expensive for the Series S. Microsoft should try and bring down the price to $250 max. I mean, Amazon had the PS4 for A$180 at last year's Black Friday.

    • "only $250 AUD more" is an extra 50% of the price of the console.

      For people that don't have a 4K tv, and/or want a second next gen console, the S is a great deal. I've got an X for my 4K tv and I'd happily replace my One X that's now on the 1080p tv with a Series S.

  • -2

    This console is currently struggling to run cross-gen games, imagine 3-4 years down the road when actual next-gen games are out….

    • +6

      What game is it struggling to run?

      • +13

        He'll get back to you when he receives more information from whoever is dribbling that rubbish.

      • +1

        Digital Foundry has all the answers my friend, enjoy

        • Yeah it is running games with lower resolution and frames than XSX/PS5. Still it isn’t struggling to run any game. Grow TFU mate, it is the console for the kids or the old TV in the rumpus room.

          • -1

            @sallan75: Didn’t realise that’s how Microsoft were marketing it… a console for the kids in the rumpus room 😂😂

            Are they going after Nintendo now?

            I must’ve missed it. No need to get triggered buddy. Running Dirt 5 at 600p with a lot of missing textures would constitute as ‘struggling’ me thinks. And that’s not even a next gen game…

            • +1

              @OCD Completionist: Triggered? You’re the guy responding lots with out owning one. You don’t need to run Dirt 5 in 120 FPS mode. It has a 60 FPS mode that runs better than previous gen consoles. But hey you are here to talk a load of bollocks, good on you.

              • +1


                You don’t need to cant run Dirt 5 in 120 FPS mode

                I fixed that typo for ya

                I'm just repeating what Digital Foundry have stated in their analysis videos, but I guess they're bollocks paid shills
                I don't own and will never own a Series S as I'm not dumb enough to buy a half gen console, then fork out more money for storage when I can just grab a Series X for less.

                Don't worry I wont neg ya as I've grown up in the last few hours 😉

    • +1

      Are you sure that you're not confusing this for the Xbox One S?.

      This has a faster processor and GPU than the old Xbox One S.

      • +6

        no the reports from Digital foundry were pretty disappointing. It is faster than the One S, but in some tests it was doing worse than One X, which has a more dated but faster GPU, although the One X's CPU is much slower than the S, it still performed better in some games. I've watched so many I cant recall which specific game it was. Devil May cry, or Dirt.

        • -1

          Shush, you'll trigger some of the fanboys in here who need validation for their Series S purchases

          Personally I'd rather pay the extra $100 and get an actual next-gen console, the PS5 Digital makes the Series S redundant unless people are that broke and need Game Pass. PS5 and Series X or just keep the One X, that has Game Pass too

        • Probably because those games aren't optimised for the Xbox Series S.

          • +4

            @hollykryten: But that's the thing, NO GAME will be optimised for the Xbox Series S. Only PS5 and Series X

            The Series S is holding back true next gen

            • @OCD Completionist: Well I think it may depend what ends up selling more long term.

              But we saw when the PS4 Pro and XB1X came out, developers shifted focuses to that, and the experience on base PS4 and XB1 started to detoriate.

              Also reports that developers only had very late access to xbox dev kits, so really didnt have much time to optomise for either S or X. Guess we will see long term, but still seems that microsofts initial push that the S will target 1440p 60 will be the exception not the rule. Also, 4k60, also seems like it wont be the standard on Series X or ps5 outside performance mode offerings. I personally, think developers will revert to focusing on better visual quality, than frame rates in the long term. Hopefully, i'm wrong.

              • @modiika: Tbh the upscaling tech in both consoles to achieve 4K60 is far better than native 4K. I don't see the benefit of native 4K in general even in PC the DLSS in Nvidia GPUs is far better for fps while having close to the same picture quality as 4K. I hope developers focus more on fps than resolution.

                • @Bissy: Firstly they have AMD chips, AMD's DLSS is way behind.

                  But upscaled DLSS4k60 is not better looking that native 4k, however its so close and so much more efficient that its better. But if you are saying it looks better, you are crazy.

                  Developers have been better at adopting dynamic resolution scaling. But i don think we are going to see 4k60 very often, we will probably see modes targeting 4K40-60ish maybe 4k30 for the right genre and a performance mode targeting 2k60. Maybe online modes targeting HD120, but I think that depends how its received by the press and the consumers. Ultimately what game does the developer want to make, and what performance vs visuals are going to appeal to more customers.

                  These machines are clearly a massive upgrade over the prior gen. And I personally think ssds and decompression tech, will be more important long term than the raw power of these machines. The visual returns from improved hardware diminish each generation.

                  • @modiika: I understand AMD's ai upscaling it no way near as good as DLSS however, as you mentioned the visual returns are diminishing each generation. Just look at Demon's Souls both performance mode and quality mode look almost the same. Even the devs for Demon's Souls preferred performance mode instead of the quality mode. I know native 4K looks better but I think its safe to say most people won't see the difference when playing on a TV and if so they wouldn't be gaming on a console. Upscaling to 4K through the use of dynamic resolution is better as fps in games and that matter more. The last time we saw 60 fps in more games was during the PS2, Xbox and GameCube era since then games were focused on visuals than fps. Achieving native 4K60 is not worth it on consoles.

            • +1

              @OCD Completionist: lmao wtf I didn't expect console war BS to be here… typical it's always from a certain group of people too. Like clockwork.

  • if you have a 4k tv then get the X, if not or not planning to get one then get the S.

    • That was my thought since I was not going to upgrade my TV to 4K for a while - but it has no DVD player. So can't run any of the games I have purchased. Serves me right for buying physical copies at a discount!

    • +1

      I have a series s running on my 4K tv and it’s perfect. Couldn’t fault it. Fast and does upscaled 4K, if you’re a casual gamer then I recommend. If you’re a dedicated gamer who wants the best, get a series x or ps5

      • -1

        unless i'm behind the times, i would think a dedicated gamer would get a pc with a 4 million dollar graphics card

        • Lol weak comment. I’m sure there are many dedicated gamers who would opt for a ps5 or Xbox series x…

  • +2

    The Xbox Series S will outsell the Series X in the long run

    • Agreed, IF ONLY it has a Blu-ray drive, then yes, but not without it.

    • And what is this based upon?

      • price. I think its a bad choice for people to make, but I think a lot will make it.

        • I don't think it'll outsell the Series X, regardless. It's been relatively easy to find the Series S at retail compared to the other three next gen console SKUs, so unless Microsoft made dramatically more of them than the Series X, then doesn't seem like demand is as hot.

          • @SydStrand: agree that seems to be the case.

            Early reporting in the US was very hot on Series S, so i think that's where the perception has come from. Particularly given how hard they have been hit by the pandemic. Also, I think the Xbox did quite abit worse than PS last gen in Australia, so be interesting to see if its closer this time around, or whether that might cause a delay before people start looking at xbox.

            Ultimately, I dont think its surprising that people looking and ready to buy a console day 1, are enthusiasts willing to spend more on the. It'll be interesting to see how it does over the next 12 months and Christmas, and in particular if Series X remains hard to obtain over much of that time as well.

            The OZB thread on ps5 orders seemed predominately for the Disc version.

          • +1

            @SydStrand: Early adopters are always the "hardcore" that want the top of the range. The X and PS5 won't be having much in the way of price drops because they're not going to be getting big die shrinks etc. When the mass market starts buying these consoles, the one that's $250 cheaper and plays the same games is going to sell more.

            • @MrFunSocks: Possibly. Guess we'll wait and see. Without actual sales data, it's all anecdotal and it feels to me like the Series S is a shelf warmer compared to Series X or either PS5.

          • @SydStrand: it's only early days don't forget. Doesn't always have to be the best console to sell the most. Just look at how well thr Wii sold over its life span

      • +1

        Based on Xbox chief Phil Spencer's expectation.

        Xbox head expects Xbox Series S to outsell the Series X over the years

  • I was looking to get an Series X for my spare tv. No deals so far.

  • I hear at the moment it runs most games at Xbox one S specs i.e Apex for Xbox one S only runs in 1080p so this will do that. Where as the Xbox series X will run it at 1440p

  • Very powerful machine for the cost.

    It's running AC Valhalla at 60fs and has ray tracing in Watch dogs.

    • 60? you sure?

      • +2

        Yup was just added via a game update

    • +1

      Can confirm this. I use series s on my 4K tv with HDR and it’s impressive. Upscaled 4K with 60fps