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2×Aperol Aperitivo 700ml + 2×Zonin Prosecco Brut Nv 750ml (Was ~$80) $36 @ BWS


Put 2×Aperol Aperitivo and 2×Zonin Prosecco in your cart to get this great deal. It makes each Aperol $13.30 and each Prosecco $4.70. Bargain! Get them while they last!

You can do less but the value is not quite as good.

Or with the ShopBack 30% deal you can get 5 bottles of each for $90 and then get $24.55 cashback = $65.45! Ended at 5pm AEDT Extended until 9pm AEDT.

Also check your Woolworths Everday Rewards emails and boost BWS to collect 2000 points (worth $10). I had to spend $70 but I saw someone else had to spend $50. It may be a different amount for you.

PS. First post. Enjoy!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Picked up no problems
    Thanks Op

  • I only got 2pc cash back unfortunately

  • +5

    Just went to BWS to pick up some wines I bought with the 30% shopback and I saw like 15 bottles of Aperol ready to pick up behind the counter lol. OzBargainers are a quick bunch!

    • +2

      Frantically changing my pick up location between 4 different stores and seeing Aperol stock going down in real time and insufficient quantity warnings.

  • +4

    Thank you guys - still paying off big time after all these years!


    • wow that was quick.

    • +1

      cocktail bar in the sky!

      you might be the first person in history to get drunk on aperol spritz!

      • I just noticed the background, nice views. Reminds me of Obar in Sydney

        • nice views…for some I guess! I prefer country side :) But the views on that table are excellent

    • How about a greenie then Rosstqz? Best way to show appreciation!

    • High FIVE!!!

  • only allowed to add one prosecco to the cart

    • its still working

    • Might be the store stock?

    • change store

  • Did i need all that? No. Did i buy all that? Yes.
    Will see how it goes when i go to pick it up

  • cracking 1st post by the way OP !

  • +1

    Use MUSTBENICE for $1.80 off

    • code doesn't work anymore

      • Just worked for me.

  • +1

    Make sure you use the code " MUSTBENICE " for an extra 5% …. worked for me.

  • Picked up my order and had 30% cashback tracked. It's a bloody good start to the weekend. Cheers OP

  • For some reason, it won't go through for me and I keep getting a paypal refund following payment

    • use credit card ?

      • Debit mastercard aint working either 😢

  • just picked up mine - store already had zero stock after fulfilling the click & collect orders.

    might want to hurry if you're thinking about it

    • -1

      I can't pick mine up until Monday cos I have already started drinking at mid day

  • Sold out at every BWS around me

    • Edit: wrong convo

  • Shopback only tracked small cashback (not 30%)

    • +1

      What time did you put it thru?
      Mine went thru at 1:56pm Perth time and still tracked the full amount…technically more as I had a $6 free reward/sample thrown in and it tracked on that as well lol

      • ops ..My order was placed at 5:05 pm ..makes it ineligible

  • Huge work OP, thanks for the deal!

  • Thanks. Christmas drinks sorted. Wondering if this deal will be cancelled…

  • Just picked up mine 😉 thanks op

  • was about to click purchase than realized I have a bottle of aperol from 18 months ago I still haven't gotten through…. close browser

    • that's not how this site works

  • Already picked mine as well. Shopback tracked the full 30%. Thanks OP!

    • Very nice! I have not even picked mine up yet!!!

  • Stupid BWS payment system not working!

  • +1

    Got mine. Thanks OP.

  • New BWS customers get $10 off your first order if you sign up (unique code sent via email, minimum spend $50).

    • does it stack with shopback?

      • I'm guessing not - but I purchased in the window where the 30% was expired (and not yet extended) so I took the $10.

  • +1

    Delivery already arrived. The 30% cashback basically covered the delivery. Thanks OP.

    • Geez that's quick!
      My "30 min C&C" was meant to be ready an hour ago…not liking this!

  • +1

    Thanks, I got 6 of each for $124 delivered, minus $25 30% shop back offer = $99 saving a total of $185 from RRP. Delivery is in 30 minutes, fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled 🤟

    • Wow nice

  • Don't forget to stack with shopback bonus $5 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586165 !!!!!

  • Thanks OP cracking deal. Just picked it up 2 lots.
    Kid at first shop said I was one of the lucky ones, little did he know I'd also ordered from another store 1.5km away and went there next. Nothing said at second store.
    Couple of Christmas presents off the list

    • +1

      Just make sure you add my name on the Christmas present label ;)

  • Awesome - First lot at home. Ordered 2 more.

    Thank you.

  • +1

    My local wouldn’t allow me to pickup, manager said she was aware it was being ozbargained

  • +2

    Went to pick up at 5pm and my local store asked if I had won something or gotten a code for it to be that cheap… I just told them “it was like that when I added it to my cart so idk”… hah

  • Looks like 30% Shopback has been extended until 9PM!

    Also seems like a few people got stuck in the middle of the two time slots (new one says 5-9PM) so might have to follow up with SB and get them to fix it.

    • Can i cancel the first order with CR and buy the Shop back one?

      • +1

        I guess so…might be a gamble as it sounds like some orders are getting cancelled.

        I put my order thru 2 hours ago, still no pick up text. Tempted to order thru another store as it has a lot more stock according to the website.

        • +1

          Oh I already text regarding pick up :)

          I think I will buy another set and add some more things to get bws boost point as well plus 30% cash back + $5 shopback challenge

  • +1


    mine were $38 a pop(WA?) but that didn't stop me buying 10 lots.


    • Same for TAS, $38 once it was in the cart. Great deal!!

  • +2

    Perfect timing for a party tomorrow in the current heat. Just picked up 9 sets. Thanks OP, great first post, great username too.

  • +1

    Bought 2 of each for $36 as per the deal. Delivery just arrived containing only 1 of each. Sigh

    Edit: Called up and apparently they were out of stock, so have refunded me half the $36. All good

  • +2

    Thanks, got 3x Aperol and 3 x Zonin Prosecco at 5:30pm with C&C for $54 in total. Ordered direct via BWS app as wasn't going to miss out as deal too awesome. Added 2 + 2, then added another combo and worked. Total is $18 per Aperol/Prosecco combo.

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I just collected my orders and saw C&C boxes with Aperol lined up. Definitely OzBargained!

  • Are these good?

    • +1

      Yes, very refreshing, similar to sangria.
      I don't really drink alcohol but will have one of these because they're quite pleasant and pretty light.

    • who cares, drink for the effects bra!

  • +1

    Great deal, thanks op. Bought 3 combos..

  • Got a call saying this is a price error and they can only supply 1 of each at this price. Party over?

    • I thought they were going to cancel mine as it took over 2 hours to get my C&C text…but turned out it was just the young staff taking their time. Not a word about it when I got there.
      Tempted to order more from another store that had 15+ in stock last I checked.

      Get them to cancel and order at another store or delivery. Plenty of stores supplying it without saying anything.

  • +1

    omg the wife wet her pants with this deal

  • Amazing, well done for sharing!! :-)

  • Did click and collect for two lots got the message minutes later no issues collecting at Springwood Qld.

  • Seems to have ended? Pricing glitch has been fixed from what I can tell.

  • +1

    Got 2x this afternoon, went to order more just now and looks like they've fixed it now, 2x of each and it's coming to $70.
    Was good while it lasted though.

  • No idea what this is but bought it anyway and will gift it as an xmas present.

  • Did everyone wait for the confirm message first before turning up? I order around 2h ago and am still waiting for the message, was thinking if I should just rock up to the store.

    • I'm in the same boat. Ordered an hour ago and nothing yet.

    • I got my message ready to be picked up but haven't picked it up yet. Will pick it up tomorrow and hopefully it doesn't get cancelled.

      • Brave. I'd be getting it ASAP.

        • I've already paid for it but so they can't cancel it now. I can't drive cos i've been drinking since midday.

  • I've ordered mines just before it changed and have text to collect already, I went back in to buy more but deal appears to have finished! Just went and picked up, Happy Days!! :-)

  • +1

    just tried. shows up as $70

  • +1

    Thanks OP - weekend cocktails sorted! :)

  • Enjoying it now. Pickup sms came 30 mins after ordering. 30% cash back tracked too! Great way to end a 42 degree day

  • Deal (pricing error) closed

  • +1

    Store called me and said Zonin was out and asked if a replacement was okay. Was scared that they were calling to cancel. Winning!!

  • +1

    Picked it up 4 no problems! Thanks op

  • +1

    Ended up ringing up after 2 hours of no confirmation email or text, they said they needed some "sales team" or something to confirm/approve it and they don't know when that would be (either tonight or next few days). 5 mins after I hung up, I got a confirmation email (but no text). Picked them up all good in the end. Thanks OP.

  • Picked up 2x pairs and just saw that Shopback tracked it at the higher rate (despite definitely buying after 17:00) and got A$10.26 back on each. I was happy enough at the price error, but this is something else. Bravo.

    • Bummer, I saw it was too late so didn’t try with my orders

  • Bought two sets, after 30% ShopBack only $25, mine said to pick it up Dec 1st, so hopefully it all goes well before then!

  • +1

    Great deal, thanks for posting! Bought 7 lots $122.75, less $10 BWS sign up, less $12.27 CR = $100.48 that equals $14.35 per set! Pick up confirmed by a phone call from my store 1 Dec. Very happy!

  • +1

    Perfect timing for me. Had a party planned for the weekend and needed a lot of drinks. Sorted!!! Thanks OP best bargain I've had in a while

  • I actually got the deal for $32. Nice one op and thank you

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