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ID-COOLING FrostFlow X 240 AIO CPU Cooler $59 + Delivery @ PLE


Might be the cheapest 240 AIO right now? I have this unit, performs well and stays quiet.

Black and White Colours available.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Copped one. Appears decent in reviews. Going for an all white build

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      Yesss, looks perfect in my all white build :)

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        All i need is to get my hands on 3080 vision… Looks like my build will be done by 2022. lul

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  • Jumped on it too. Reviews look solid enough

  • Bought one just because of the price :)

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    It's a good cooler. I guess lasts long enough for what you pay. Mine broke down after 2 years I reckon.

    • Hopw mine lasts longer, should go for 5+ years I would think

      • What happens when it fails, does it leak? Does it give a warning.

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          AIO's are designed to work up to 3 or 5 years maximum.

          It gradually gets noisier over time until the pump begins cavitation due to trapped air. The liquid slowly evaporates in the system. These units almost always use cheap shit pumps regardless of brand, unless is specifically says it's a "D5" or something and it's an extendable kit.

          This deal is cheap and probably worth it if you want liquid cooling. I went this route, then to custom loop, and then back to air cooling. Bought a noctua nh15 and plonked it on, no headaches, no noise, no maintenance, no short life expectancy.

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            then to custom loop, and then back to air cooling

            This seems like a very expensive transition. What made you change, the maintenance?

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              @iseeyou1312: Probably wanted the best, decided it wasn't worth it, then went back to keeping it simple. Happens in a all hobbies lol.

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              @iseeyou1312: It was expensive for sure!
              Yes, the maintenance is annoying, replacing liquid once per year, cleaning blocks once per two years. Each time you need to do maintenance your pc is down for a week or more, especially when you work full time.

              Temperature was better but not much better. Sticking extra fans on the front of a case and running A/C gives better temps at far less cost.

              Honestly I think air is king when it comes to noise, and they're making air cooling look as "cool" as water these days.

          • @Azzazz:

            AIO's are designed to work up to 3 or 5 years maximum.

            Where on are you getting this from? I've got an nzxt x61 that is approaching 7 years, which is more than 5 years. It is as quiet as when I first got it. I usually only hear whooshing/bubble for 2 weeks after dismounting the AIO, after that the air bubbles settle and it's dead silent. Still true to this day.

            It gradually gets noisier over time until the pump begins cavitation due to trapped air.

            Only if you incorrectly mount the AIO, which is apparently a common problem that most people don't even realise. Manufacturers don't seem to do a good job of advising their customers the best way to mount it.

            If you mount it in an optimum position, I would imagine a substantial amount would need to evaporate before you have problems. It certainly hasn't evaporated enough for me to have issues after 6+ years

            I have no way of quantifying what its performance was when I first got it compared to now, but I haven't noticed much of a difference up until now

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    none in vic, only WA have stock i think

  • Looks decent enough. Never heard of this brand though

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    Oh, that reminds me I do have a ID-Cooling 120mm cooling for my i5 7600K @ 5.0Ghz , I'm still using it.

    And actually, there customer support is pretty good, since it was the released date for R7 1700, they even provide me with an extra AM4 mount bracket during that time.

    • are they good, how long have u had it for ?

  • No pickup in NSW

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    ETA on stock is 18th if anyone just purchased hardware you might need to wait to after christmas to receive it

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    thanks OP, bought 20 to cool down my body.

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      Should have gone custom loop instead of AIO:

      Route your blood through a 360mm radiator for maximum efficiency. Just have to watch out for leakage from your fittings

      • Blood coolant is overrated. Caused all my rads and water blocks to corrode.

    • using lga or am4 socket?

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    Thanks OP, ordered a white one (C&C)

  • Unfortunately does not seem to list LGA1200 as compatible, no good for my new build but ok for my existing rig!

    Edit: actually just reading on google that LGA1200 is the same as LGA 115X so actually should be ok

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      Seems a bunch of people grabbed the 10700/10900 deal today:)

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    The white one looks so nice, had to buy one. Probs wont come till next year tho. Thanks OP for the post

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      can confirm looks great in person too! enjoy :)

  • I've got a Deepcool Assassin 2 on a 3700x. It has dual fans and 8 pipes. Would this AIO be a better option?

    Currently I'm getting idle temps around 40 - 50 degrees, and peak at 65 degrees while all 8 cores are at 100% load for a few minutes using Prime95. (will spike at 80 degrees for a second before the CPU fans kick in and drops it down within seconds to 60 degrees).


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      i reckon keep the aircooler. will last you longer and probably not be much worse than this.

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        I did buy this AIO, but I think I will keep the air cooler on my 3700x as it does a really good job and is super reliable. Thanks!

    • 40-50 idle?? Even my 9900k is 30-40 idle with a cheap AIO, your peak seems to be alright though

      • yeah, i thought it was strange too. but i googled it seems to be quite common with 3700x. They just get hot.

        As you said, my peak is good so I'm going to stick with the Deepcool assasin 2

        • weird my chip should be much hotter but if its not giving you any problems should be fine

  • Appears to be out of stock in both colours now. :( Or at least on backorder

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    ID Cooling are great value. But AIO's are massively over-hyped and completely unnecessary these days.
    A good air-cooler is just as effective as an AIO yet cheaper to buy, zero maintenance, no risk of frying your PC, quieter and infinite life (if you replace the fan every 5-10 years).
    If an air-cooler can't cut it because you're running an overclocked Extreme or Thread Ripper, then an AIO won't either: you need a custom loop.

    These are good enough for most people:
    This is for for people with over-clocked high TDP CPU's:

    • I agree. Most people I know getting AIOs are doing it for the look. I'm running a 5900x with an air cooler (Scythe Fuma 2) in a small form factor case and it handles it just fine. Also built a mid-tower PC with a 3950x earlier this year and the Noctua NH-D15 handled it just fine.

  • Got an email saying order is delayed till 11 Jan 2021 (estimate) meh

  • Delayed again to 18th Jan

  • Received my order today lol

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