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Dell S2421HS 24" 1080p IPS 75hz AMD FreeSync (Height and Angle Adjustable) $138.93 Delivered @ Dell AU


Deal seems to be active again via new link.

The LOVEKEANU code still seems to be working from previous deals, so that brings it from $149.39 to $138.93

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Great price!!

  • How would this fare as a Nintendo Switch screen?

  • I cant wait for mine to arrive from last deal. Plan is this portrait and 27 inch landscape, top bezels should be near enough.

  • Does advantage coupon stack with this coupon? Anybody share me with their unwanted advantage coupon please

  • Any deals on the 27' QHD IPS 75hz coming soon?

    • Let me look at my crystal ball… :) Iโ€™d gamble to wait till this one sells out, then they might put the next model up on special. The sooner this one sells out the more chances we have for a better one going on sale before Monday.

  • Hmm, do I really need a second screen?

  • How indicated would this one be for basic work purposes ( word, excel)?

  • Cheaper not to use code and use cashrewards to get 10% off. Works out to be $135.81.

    Code not eligible with Cashrewards.

  • What does this mean? What if no one is home?

    When you place your order, please be mindful that we will need people on site at your shipping destination to receive the product; if anything changes in your ability to receive the order prior to its delivery to please go on our eSupport site and contact Customer Care.

    • it means it wont be delivered to your local post office if you're not at home, it will be delivered to your delivery company depot where it will be held for you to collect.

      I live in Sydney and I had to drive all the way down to Botany to pick up my Dell 27" monitor, it was a pain in the ass cos the google GPS didnt know where exact location so I had to drive around and ask the locals.

      • Thanks very much. Appreciate the feedback

      • Was that just in the last deal? I rang StarTrack when I missed my delivery and they are redelivering it Monday, thank god.

        • They tried to relievery it 2 more times and I wasn't at home, so they left it at the depot and I had to go there myself to pick it up.

  • Purchased, got for work monitor.

  • I guess Dell monitors have become the new ozbargain's eneloop

  • Any good guides to daisy chain these things? Great price btw, I paid $160+ a few weeks ago

  • How does this compare to an old U2414H ultrasharp ips?
    Wondering if this would be a small upgrade for some gaming considering 75hz freesync

    • probably not worth upgrading for 15hz + freesync and less features (factory calibration, powered usb hub). pretty marginal difference but you could if you wanted to, u2414h will still sell for about how much the s2421 costs new

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570139

    Wow bought this last month for 162 and now it's even cheaper, I am enjoying mine though. Not sure if I should buy another one๐Ÿ˜…

  • Anyone has a spare discount code..please pm me..thanks in advance.

  • Great price but as with every single one of these dell deals. The items are NOT in stock. My current order now says shipping in January 2021! Was mid December.

  • Thanks OP!
    Ordered today and ETA is 14th Dec.

  • Cashback is not tracked yet from previous deal purchase two days ago.. Should it be tracked with this code applied?

  • does anyone have a spare code willing to share? thanks in advance.

  • Hi all,

    Can someone tell me how this is for light gaming - and school work ? Would like to get this for a kids xmas gift

  • This is really good value

  • setting up a new office for myself and a colleague - 2 of these each - perfect.
    Great deal, thanks OP

  • Grabbed 2 to replace my 2 Dell monitors that I've had since 2010. Thanks OP!

  • Can I hook my Samsung s10e when watching Netflix/YouTube to this monitor?

  • Got one. With a $30 DA code and LOVEKEANU stacked on top price came down to $108.93. Happy with that.

  • oops. wrong thread

  • 65-day delivery?

  • when is the fukn delivery for this….

    • Dell just sent me an update which told me nothing. According to my order it should have been delivered by now. This is the email from Dell;

      Greetings from Dell customer care!

      I will follow-up on the (Dell 24 Monitor x 1 ) order no nnnnnnnnn and make sure the delivery takes place at the earliest.

      We have high demand for the monitors

      Please be assured that all attempts are being made to prioritize your order. As and when revised ETA is available, I will be happy to share the update to you.

      I really appreciate your time and patience. It is my assurance to you that your concern will be resolved at the quickest.

      If you have any questions, please reply to this email or contact me.


    • I got a call from Dell today. It seems like LG is having issues supplying its panels right now so it late Dec or early Jan for the most part.

  • March 4th 2021 - what a wait…might as well cancel.

    • Just checked mine - it is even later. Delivery has been pushed back 3 months without so much as an explanation.

    • March 6th for mine. What a joke.

    • Yep same, Updated to March 4th Shipment date

      If it's really going to take this long they must have sold a massive amount and they really shouldn't have allowed that many orders.
      This is way beyond dropshipping, this is 'built to order' literally, didn't know we were funding a kickstarter on a new production run.
      I mean the price was good though.

      Someone was obviously looking to hit sales targets and get a fat bonus in 2020

    • I got the same now seems like they updated the system. I paid $108 for mine so I might just wait it out. My other order from October took 4 days to ship to me which is why I ordered another sigh.

      [edit: it seems like my earlier monitor was made in July 2020 according to the back.]
      [edit1: Order has being currently under stock constrain situation and we are anticipating stock fulfillment by End of December or beginning of January and ETA to follow same.]

  • I got the same email, it says 9th March but when I view the order details it says shipping on 4th March.
    I'm going to cancel it tomorrow and buy something else.

    If anyone comes across anything under $200 each that is 24" (no bigger) and height adjustable that have similar specs, please let me know!

  • Got the email too - delivery expected 9th March far out

  • I've just cancelled my order and am looking at 2 of these:


    Not quite as cheap and not height adjustable, but having no bezel is great since I'll have 2 sitting side by side.

  • fml me too. March 9th delivery to WA. What's going on mate….

  • "The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to mar. 06, 2021."

    Cya… cancelling.

    Interesting…status is in production and apparently can't be cancelled.

    Card was charged on 4th December, order placed 28th November.

    There was no indication of 3 months delivery delays at time of order. IF I had known this…I would not have ordered.

    Options…hassle Dell Support and, failing g that…hit my bank for a charge back.

    3 months is just not acceptable.

  • Ahh 8 March delivery. Any alternates?
    This is shameful from dell trying to use public money for working capital. Selling stock which they don't have.

  • WOW I have been expecting this to arrive for the last week and now shipment is revised for March 4 2021 LMFAO WTF.

  • When about to cancel the service rep said he received confirmation that the order will come through 'by 27th December 2020.'

  • I'm also March 2021, are they kidding??

  • Yup currently 9th March… WTF

  • 8th March…. wtf… how do I cancel this order?

  • I spoke to Dell yesterday and they promised to call me back tomorrow with possible confirmation of delivery in early Jan. Website still shows March and when you call Dell and put in your order number the automated system still tells me Dec 10.

    • they promised to call me back tomorrow

      Did they call you back?

      Ordered mine on Nov 30. CC was charged on Dec 4. Estimated to ship on Dec 8 arriving by Dec 10. Revised to ship on Mar 4 arriving by Mar 6!

      Spoke to a Dell agent just then. Provided feedback re: updating their online business model by either:
      A] not taking any more orders until ETAs become more reasonable (instead of running the same promotional price again in early Dec and accepting more orders then, when they already can't fulfill earlier late Nov orders in reasonable time!) , and/or
      B] ensuring customers are informed before taking and holding their money e.g. not in stock, > 3-month ETA

      Requested to cancel my order as I was hoping to use this as a second monitor ASAP whilst still WFH, before transitioning back into the office, unless they could expedite my order. Unlike your experience, my agent did not even offer the possibility of an earlier delivery! She even noted the need for my request to be "approved" before it can even be processed! Yes I know re: workplace hierarchies and sections etc. but still, quite ridiculous given the circumstances!

      Shortly after the call, received an email from the agent saying my cancellation request has been "forwarded…to the concern team".

      Dell have been holding my money for almost a month to date - God knows for how much longer?

      It seems incredible that a supposedly large business can still be run this way in this day and age. Is there really nothing that can be done to pull them up on this?

      I am also still a OzB noob, so if someone can show me how to change my vote to neg this deal (surely this meets the neg criteria?), I most certainly and gladly will!

      • Er no of course they didn't call me back. I think I was stupid to even think they would. I subsequently rang several times and got various stories. One person 'blamed' me for buying the monitor during the Black Friday / Monday sales! Some urged me to cancel. One person even told me my monitor had been delivered on Dec 14! Email updates from agents were full of inaccuracies. In the end I cancelled on Dec 27 which seemed to make them happy and refund was in my account on Dec 29. At least they did that quickly.

        My opinion of Dell has really gone downhill as a result of this experience.

        • Sorry to hear about your experience @SydneySwan.

          Inconsistent and downright incorrect advice is a big no-no in customer service IMHO.

          Funny they seemed to be happy when you cancelled the order. And getting "blamed" for buying the monitor during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend? Wow. Perhaps stop running promotions and keep prices high in order to "manage" sales volume then. See how they go in a few years, if not months!

          100% agree with you - can't see myself dealing with or recommending others to deal with Dell after this, until they have a more reasonable way of managing inventories and informing buyers at the point of sale. Been discussing this with someone else - apparently this has been the case for Dell for some time, so I definitely won't be holding my breath!

    • Also - when you enter your order number on their web site, then click on View Order Details at the bottom right (a new "Order Details" tab will pop up), does the automated system say Dec 10 under "Estimated to Arrive By" for your order?

      How about "Revised Ship Date" and "Revised Delivery Date"? Any entries under those fields?