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[Prime] up to 30% off (Smart Pest Repellent $17.76) @ Timexing Amazon AU


The following list of the best deals:

Save up to 30%off (5%off Coupon) - Smart pest repellent $17.76

Save 20%off - Folding Hanger 10Pack $26.38

Save 20%off - BBQ Covers H150cm $22.12

Save 27%off (5%off Coupon) - Desk storage box $14.56

Save 25%off (5%off Coupon) - Bathroom shelfs $ 25.62

Save 25%off (5%off Coupon) - Utensil holder $13.78

If you purchase multiple items, use the coupon code again to save 10%-15%.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    What IQ must the pests have for the smart repellent to work?

  • What IQ must the pests have for the smart repellent to work?

  • +2

    Measuring spoons are not aussie standard, tablespoon and half tablespoon are 15ml and 7.5ml, should be 20ml and 10ml.

    • +1

      Like every metal set of spoons. Woolies, Kmart, etc. all stocking non-standard measures :-(

      • these days with getting recipes of the internet not as big a deal. why we have a different size tablespoon to the entire rest of the world is confounding.

        • Me too. I did look a bit into it once, turns out it was how countries rounded off when going from imperial to metric. We rounded up.
          Though it's not an us & them when it comes to metric, some rounded down differently. So it's a mess.

  • The code does not work on the Measuring Spoon.

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