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Telstra SIM Only Plan 80GB/Mo for $59/Mo (12M Contract) + $500 Bonus Gift Card @ The Good Guys (in-Store, New Customers Only)


Appears to be another deal for today only. Received a text advising as an existing customer i may be interested on another plan. Don't need another but share with the community. Not sure if all stores or just my local store.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Can’t seem to find that plan online. Might give them a call

  • Nice incentive but don't want to risk moving off my $35/50gb plan

  • Strange their doing it for Good Guys and not JB.

  • Currently on Boost with my prepaid sim due to expire in a month. What do I need to do to grab this deal or prepare for a similar deal around Boxing Day? I’ve seen on here that Boost doesn’t count as a new customer because they use the Telstra network.

    • I think you need to port out to another provider (Optus, Voda, or MNVO of either) and technically be rolled off Telstra for a minimum of a month but others have had varying success, depends if they check.

      I'm on boost myself and have just ported today with the hope that I can score this immediately (might help that I'm not a direct Telstra customer?)

      Keen to hear everyone else's experience of how long they needed to roll off for.

      • Was on Boost ported to Optus, bought same deal at JB within 15 mins. Bought $2sim from woolies
        Was a delay with my details transferring across all systems, so went into Optus shop to get them to confirm details were set up correctly.
        Bingo bango donesky 😉

        Just make sure you port all details correctly through Web, app etc.
        30mins work 👍

  • What happened to the good old days of $49 plans

    • What do you mean? This was posted because of the $500 gift card which effectively brings it down to $17.33 per month for 12 months.

  • Hey guys, called up TGG and they confirmed, 1 day only

  • Does the plan include 5g?

  • So effectively $17.33/mth if you fully utilise the face value of the gift card?

    • Yep, and needs to be the best price at good guys to buy the product too. Only then is it actually a good deal.

  • It's tempting. But do they offer the deal to recontracting customer? My $39 plan will be forced to upgrade to $45 soon..no gift cards…

  • good combo with their portable ac for $399. You can stay cool in front of that ac whilst using your mobille phone

  • Went 2 weeks ago for the same deal, but missed it after weekend, had the $400 gc instead after store rep offered $100 discount on the apple watch I was going to buy to match the $500 offer :)

  • Nuh currently enjoying my $28/month with 100GB of data for the next year on Optus network with the recent Circles Promotion.

    • Can't even use half my 10gb for $12 a month. Kudos though!

    • Careful with circles, I'm on their $8 plan and just tried to port to Telstra at Goodguys only to be faced with problems, Telstra unable to port me out due to circles having a silly non-numerical character in their account numbers. Still waiting and will hopefully get the gift voucher from GG once I actually get ported to Telstra.

      • Hey mate, bit late but make sure they use the full account circles.life number including numbers and letters, they can enter it into the system, I had the same experience today.

        • Yeah originally they couldn't use the letters, and the submitted form wasn't able to be changed, so they submitted a help request with Telstra where they wrote in the full account number and that is still pending.. will probably process on Monday.

  • anyone had success with porting in (from Optus) with this deal?

  • How much time do we get to port-out and port-in? Do I need to walk to TGG/JB with non telstra sim? Can i just buy the plan and migrate the number to Telstra in 1 week time?

  • just ported to Vodafone from telstra today, waiting for these kind of deals. is it too early to do it? they really check the 30 days minimum?

    • My experience has been that it’s always a solid 30 days. Have tried before, and they will never help if less then 30 days.

      I have read of others having success, but I always have to wait 30 days.

  • Out of contract Telstra customers no luck here?

  • Can you pay with gift card at TGG Commercial?

  • Can’t be already on Telstra and only 300 gc. Wth

  • Is 5g actually worth it?
    My Kogan plan running out tomorrow.
    Contemplating between grabbing this one and getting BOGOF with Kogan …
    Currently have Poco F2 Pro, so 5G should be supported …

  • Pretty good deal. Took advantage of it today to use it towards some speakers already on sale.

    However, it shows it as a $69 plan in the Telstra app. Does anyone know if I'll actually only be charged $59?

  • Thanks OP, signed up. Now to actually find a use for the GC…

  • How long until they usually email these gift cards out? I'm now successfully on Telstra but nothing from TGG in the inbox.

    • I got mine about an hour after signing up. Interestingly it went to a different email address than the one I gave them in store for the Telstra sign up, not sure how they got it - maybe my name's on file.