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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (New/Port-Ins) (in-Store/Over Phone Only)


Popular $500 gift card deal is back from JB-HI FI.
Cannot add international calling on this plan though.

Phone : 13 52 44 (8am to 7pm)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    signed up with this same $500 GC and 80GB data in JB Hifi but they forgot to add 20GB bonus data, I am chasing them for 2 weeks but still not added to my account.

    • Are you following up via the online chat?

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        Talked to Telstra directly via chat multiple times, called the store multiple time and what I get from both is, the data will be added in X number of days but nothing happens. Guys, please make sure you get everything before leaving the store otherwise they won't care

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          Just lodge a TIO complaint , get it fixed within 2 days

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            @jiakz: I am beyond frustrated with Telstra. I also did not have my 20GB bonus or $10pm credit applied. Went back TWICE to JB and they confirmed Telstra has the correct information. My data increased but I was sent a bill for the full amount.

            I have been on chat with them 3 fricken times and every time once they determine the issue, they go off and never come back (must take more time so they don't want to do it).

            I lodged a complaint with Telstra several days ago about my inability to resolve a simple signup billing mistake, but I also have no response from that. I find it frankly bizarre that they are so uncontactable for a telecommunications company. I was previously with Optus for 5 years and has ZERO issues contacting them - including recently to cancel the service.

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              @lunchbox99: Lol, I just called 132200 and after it reading me a pile of crap, it just hangs up. This is supposedly Australia's premium comms company.

        • Ask for a reference / order number so you can track the order

        • My JB guy mumbled something about the 20GB, but said it would be easier for him to add it on the spot, so he did. I don't know whether it was because I was already an existing Telstra customer and it was easier for him to set up or not, but it was reflected in My Telstra app pretty much that night.

        • Well to update, I have lodged a TIO case because Telstra says it's a JB issue and JB says it's a Telstra issue.

          What I don't understand is why can't JB and Telstra call each other to resolve what is obviously a minor administrative error involving their commercial arrangement to resell Telstra plans in JB stores.

          This is exactly the runaround people complain about between NBNco and RSPs. It's just pathetic.

          • @lunchbox99: I talked to Telstra a few times and they added a new order for 20GB bonus in my account which is completed a few days ago but still they are saying wait for 3-5 days which is never-ending. What a pain….

    • This happened to me too, although in my case the guy (jb hi Fi) fixed it the next day without me chasing. Should be a fixable issue

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    Anyone knows how many days do you have to wait after you port out from Telstra to get this deal?

    I went with cheap kogan plan few days back, just wondering when I can get this deal again.

    Thanks in advance!

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      Depends on the sales rep or store but last time this deal was on I went to two stores and they both said I had to be away for 30 days. A friend who just ported out was able to port straight back in at a different store to the two I went to. May be worth calling in advance if you don't want to make the trip and be disappointed.

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      Need to port out for at least 30 days before you are eligible for this.

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      I just got told 30 days over the phone. I've been ported out for about a week.

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    This deal, doesn't feel like a deal now that its back every week.

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      It's only a deal when you miss out, right?

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    Hi, the link refers to $49 and $69 plans. Can you link to an offer that I can take into my nearest JB?

    • OP is referring to the $69 plan with $10 credit.

      • So it’s not actually $59 or is it a cash credit.

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          $10 discount on your monthly.

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    Is there a way I can sign up and then change my number later on with this?

    • I want to know the same!!

      • I'm been made redundant and want to move my coperate number to this later on.

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        I did this last year, but I tried to do this last week and ended up having to pay out the contract after only one week as a new phone number was useless to me.
        Port out first, don't waste your time!

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      Apparently it's possible but when I tried, the dude said he would lose his job over it.

    • Yes, just ask for a change in number. It can't be an active number on the Telstra network for this to work.
      $33 charge

    • I'm not saying yea or nay, or if you're supposed to, but what I do know is it would be easier that both numbers were already on your Telstra account, and the number you wanted to keep and replace this new one is off contract.

  • Same here

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    When will this deal finish?

  • Can I port in from Boost?

    • no

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      Not without porting to some other network first. Belong doesn't count either.

  • anyone know if you get multiple gift cards for multiple ports?

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      Yes. each service ported on to the $59 will get a $500 GC

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      Should do.. signed up to this a few weeks back, brought two numbers over from Optus that were on the same account, and I received 2x $500 gift cards, to which i subsidised the cost of an iPhone 12 Pro Max

    • Confirmed.

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    I awoke this morning and realised my Optus prepaid that I'd ported from Telstra just under a month ago had expired overnight. In my groggy state, and not being sure when this deal would be back, I bought a $40 recharge (for $36 at least).
    I am an idiot.

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    Any idea when this deal expires?

  • Most JB HiFi stores dont check when it was ported out, if they ask just say over a month ago.

    • In reality, they can pull up your history if you're with Telstra and the same login.

  • I already have an active prepaid service with Telstra. Can I port another service from Optus? Will it be treated as NEW?

    • I should think so, and you will be going on contract, so I think that makes you a new customer in a sense anyway.

    • Yeah - when you sign up to this deal and your number is ported in. It will automatically cancel your Optus account. Optus will send you a final bill.

  • Can someone explain how to actually get this?
    The website only shows a $69 plan and that only gives you a $300 gift card…

    • In store/ over the phone offers don't show online.

      • Well it shows online from that link i posted that that the $69plan/$300 gift card is only available in store or over the phone as well…

        • Some specials are in-store only, and when I got this deal, it wasn't even plastered there. Mention it however, they'll know what you're talking about and there would be a few lurking that also went there because of OzB!

    • Did you call and ask?

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    Isn't there someway you can merge accounts? Example, I sign up and get a new number. I already have another Telstra number. I thought someone said you can combine/close off accounts. So they roll/move the plan to your old number and close off the new one. Apparently done in Telstra chat etc.

    • Yes this can be done. just depends on the person you speak to. My brother tried and the he had to speak to three different people before they would do it.

    • Yep, can be done via Telstra chat. Per the comment above me, will likely take multiple tries though as some operators do not know what they are doing. Got mine done on the second try.

    • I did it last year but failed at this last week, had to pay out the contract after 1 week :(

      • pay out the contract for the new numher or the old one?

  • Does anyone know what their biggest GC is that they've given in the past? I need a new service but I don't need it in a hurry so just curious whether to wait until post Christmas.

    I'd love to know too when this one expires.

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      The biggest I've seen is $800 off any iPhone, but then the plan is $99 less $10. So I think the answer to your question is not just able the gift card.

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      This is the best deal $ for $ but as has been said if you need more data they also regularly have $800 GC for signing up to the $89 ($99-$10) plan with 150gb data per month. There haven't been any offering bigger amounts on the $59 that I've seen and I've been watching closely, just signed up a couple weeks ago when it popped up again

  • Dumb question, but does port in mean they will help me cancel my optus plan to sign up with this one with the same number?
    Only have 3 months left on my plan so this would be great as there isn't much to pay out

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      They will just port you number from Optus and when that happens your Optus account is closed

  • Good Guys tried to get me to take advantage of this same deal last night. It was $69 a month, but they anticipated that it would be $59 today. Worth checking out if you are looking for a Good Guys gift card instead.

    Does anyone know how long it would take to receive the gift card? I'm looking to make a big purchase but want to take advantage of the Black Friday sales.

  • How do you get the $10 monthly credit?

    • It's applied to my bill. For example on my monthly bill it shows up as $69 minus the $10 credit = $59 to pay.

  • No phone included? Only phone plan?

    • No. Yes, 12 months, so you'll need to pay out if you cancelled early.

      • I see, thanks

  • Is goodguys doing the same plan and gift card amount?

    • +1

      Last time they were, but not on the same day. When I mine a couple of weeks back, JB was on the Thursday and Friday, TGG was over the weekend. I got GCs from both, one per new service.

    • it appears so, check this post

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    i guess signup then pay etc and get out?

    • +1

      $86 profit?

      • And a credit check.

      • You'd have to pay the first month fees too. And you're not getting cash, so rather, it's $500 JBHIFI voucher and 1 month of Telstra for $463

        • Fees are prorata, cancel straight away practically nothing

  • OK…I'm new to this so please don't chew my head off… Online it's showing $69 per month & 60GB per month…

    OP is stating $59 per month & 80GB per month…

    Do you ask for the $10 discount & bonus 20GB when porting over or is it applied automatically ???

    Thank you

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      Hey dude, I got the same deal that was on a couple of weeks ago.

      They have this internal sales sheet with all the information on it, and the salesperson at my local JB did it without any prompting. However, they do need to click certain buttons to add the $10 discount and bonus 20 GB, so it doesn't hurt to mention it. Shouldn't have to twist any arms though!

      Hope that helps mate :)

      • Ok…That's awesome…appreciate the help…

        Thanks for the info… will give it a crack

    • +4

      You have to talk in code. You say, "$59 a month?" They reply, "OzBargain"? You're in.

      • I should have known… ;-) but being old is my excuse

  • I called JB. They literally had zero idea about this promotion.

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    Done deal in Regional Vic. Store had the deal on a lose bit of paper in the phone section. All done in 20mins

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    Anyone got the deal porting out within 30 days?

    • Ported out to Optus this morning, and ported in again to Telstra in store this afternoon. No issue at all, the staff did not check or ask. If they check and refuse, simply go to another JB HiFi. BTW, you need to ask them about the deal coz I did not see any advertisement poster in store.

      • Yep I did it too, Also with the gift cards bought Pixel 5 for 750 priced match with telstra

        • That will be a good del for PIxel 5 if they bring back the voucher.

          Get the Pixel 5 for $250 + ETC of 414 = $664

  • Can I port in over the phone?

    • In-store only as I understand it.

    • +2

      I just called the number
      Ported over the phone no hassles.

      However I will only get the gift card email 3 days after I activate and when I receive my SIM card in mail

      Guess I don’t need the gift card right now anyway

      • I had to sign something in-store. Must be different over the phone.

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    Just signed up in WA, $59/month with 80GB and $500 GC. Thanks!

    • which store was it if you don't mind?

  • purchased in the store, switched the signal instantly, thanks OP

  • Called JB and they confirmed the deal is only for today for Black Friday deal.

    • Not to worry if you miss out today, it’ll be back again for their “Friday after Black Friday” deal.

  • I joined last year with a similar deal : 65 monthly +500 gifcard. the 12 months will expire on the 20th of December. so I can't re-join to this deal :(

    • Also a bit of extra work if you wanted to keep the same number.

      • I can't since they ask 30 days minimum from another company

  • I'm currently on the same deal from 12 months ago
    Iirc it used to be $65 per month for 12 months with 80gb + $500gc

    My plan expires mid January
    I'm not familiar with the process of porting out then back in.

    How can I avail this deal? Who do I port to, which plan and how much does it cost?


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