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ONEX GX2- Gaming Chair Assorted Colours $149 @ Officeworks


ONEX GX2 gaming chair, $149 click and collect or shipping available from Officeworks.

Got one from Costco for $160 yesterday (Google automatically alerted me for the Officeworks price drop) it's decent quality I cannot fault it compared to the horrendous Bathurst chair I had been using for work.

Used to have a DxRacer king chair a couple of years ago- faux leather material doesn't feel as nice compared to actual leather, otherwise feels very similar.

Watched/ read a few reviews before biting the bullet- happy with the product for the price.

(Unaware of end date, assume people price matched at Officeworks for Costco- hence the price)

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  • Looks nice

  • Bought for sons xmas present, to go with gaming pc.

  • PU = Landfill within a year or two. Do not buy.

    Get a fabric chair and keep it for as long as you want…can even be sold on or gifted to somebody and still be in good condition.

  • These chairs don't have the best reviews on Officeworks site lol. One even says they wish they read the reviews before buying. Would recommend trying it out first.

  • I'm a sweaty dog. Will the leather be horrendous?

    • I hear faux leather has peeling issues. You can avoid this by not coming into contact with your skin which sticks to it when you sweat. If you game without a shirt like I do then a mesh chair might be the better option.

    • totally feel your pain.. me too.. and in summer I feel like a snowman melting to death.. was told leather shoes are to go.. and I totally disagree.. so i reckon chair would be similar. lol

  • Agree with Bamboozle to a certain degree, also depends on how well you look after the chair.

    I've attached a link for a cleaning guide I've used on my Bathurst chair at work; https://blog.thejacketmaker.com/maintain-faux-leather/

    I've used Bowden's own leather love and leather guard (purchased from car parts store), once a month and is in pretty good knick for a 2 year old extremely poor PU chair.

    Also I put a larger old shirt over my chair, helps to protect from sweat etc which also degrades the chair.

    • Pleather will degrade no matter how you slice it. It cracks and flakes with any amount of friction, which makes it a poor choice for a seat pad. Only reason it's used in these 'gamer' chairs is because the manufacturers want to emulate leather car seats while cutting corners.

  • I got this chair, way too hard for my likings. Should gone with the mesh chair on ozbargain instead. Totally regretting it after 1 weeks. Get something more decent

  • are the arms removable?

  • I just bit the bullet and bought, since I missed out on the Aldi $150 SOHL chair. I weigh 80kg and am 184cm tall so hopefully I don't experience any of the problems the heavier people were having with them. If I'm not satisfied with it you can bet I'll be returning it to my local officeworks haha.

  • PU/fake leather is awful after a few years, and Officeworks has pretty awful chairs in general. Spend another $50 on a fabric chair from somewhere decent.

  • How did Google alert you of a price drop?

  • Bought one at Costco today, cost $139.99…

  • I recommend a mesh chair. Leather, faux or real, will make you sweat like crazy and if you're like me, gaming in your birthday suit, you'd find it very uncomfortable.

  • spend the extra money and get a secret lab chair

  • Just returned mine back to costco yesterday. Became very squeaky after a couple of days. Arm rest are not sturdy and very short. Also as others said it makes you very sweaty after a few minutes of seating on it especially when the weather is warm.
    I wouldn't buy a chair with faux leather again.

  • still waiting for an aeron sale :(

  • Anyone can recommend a mesh chair? Is there a go-to OzBargian chair?

    • HM Aeron or Ergohuman V2 if you can afford it. IKEA Markus if you can't.

      • Oh my.. almost $2k for the Aeron.. Don't think I could ever bring myself to spend $2k on a chair to be honest. I've no doubt that its worth the money though, I just dont think I can justify the price.

        The Ergohuman V2 does seem more reasonable, but my cheapass never really expected to pay anything more than around $200 for a chair. Is the Ergohuman supposed to be a replica of the Aeron? I've seen it being advertised as a replica on a few websites.

        • The age old saying about always investing in the things that separate you from the ground.
          Bed, tyres, shoes, chair etc
          As someone who went through my teen and 20's with horrible shit chairs and horrible shit posture, I now have lifelong (profanity) back issues.
          If you spend hours a day in a chair, don't be a cheap (profanity). Buy ergonomic. None of thise gawdy gaming chair rubbish and definitely nothing from Officeworks, it's all landfill.

    • Great question "Is there a go-to OzBargian chair?"

      I too was wondering this. I bought a 2nd hand fully leather chair which came from security camera watching which was designed for over 150 Kilo's and for over 12 hours use a day by an operator.

      Likely many people here will sit in their office chairs more than 8 hours a day (I know I do) so to know of the best OzBargain preferred chair would be real treat.

    • Depends how picky you are - does it have to be new? You can find decent mesh chairs pretty cheap on Gumtree, and if you live near a major city and have some luck/patience regarding listings, used premium office chairs (Aerons etc) at much better prices. That's my vote at least, one of the two depending on your needs.

      New, probably something like the Buro Metro like someone suggested as it's well built and consistently available at a decent price. I've read of durability issues with the Ikea Markus, particularly seat foam degrading within a few years which is not covered under warranty as it's "wear and tear". That said, foam lifespan is affected by the weight it has to bear as well as frequency of use so YMMV.

  • First impressions of a chair don't mean much. What's useful are long term reviews. The chair might flatten out or the faux leather peels off. This tends to happen with plush cushions.

    They feel nice at first but then air escapes and eventually your butt will feel the nuts and bolts.

    • Guess this is their best selling one. Went to try and liked one chair. Came out and searched and found the exact same model that I liked.

      Said that, Ergohuman v2 from Temple Webster also is in radar. Would bite the bullet and may go for it than OW. Have a look if u wish. 15% off atm at their site.

    • After looking around for a long time at chairs, I initially got one from Ikea but returned it after a month as found it too uncomfortable for long periods.
      Then started looking at gaming chairs, but eventually decided on this one from Officeworks. I find it comfortable for long periods when WFH and also picked because of the mesh back. Bought the optional arms as well.

  • I've sworn off faux leather from all my stuff like headphones and "leather" jackets (I was young, it was cheap, I was poor). Once the peeling begins it just gets the shavings(?) everywhere.
    But if you do buy it I suggest super-gluing or duct-taping as soon as you see it so help you god.

  • I sat on it yesterday at Costco and did not like it at all. Not at all comfy. My 2 year old $60 Kmart mesh chair is probably better than this in terms of posture. However, this my own opinion.

  • Costco in Adelaide currently have it for $139.99

  • Used to have a DxRacer king chair a couple of years ago- faux leather material doesn't feel as nice compared to actual leather, otherwise feels very similar.

    Used to have? Did it eventually get thrown out because it fell apart?

    • Had a king one, leather eventually wore down to nothing on the bottom (where my thighs/ bum would sit). Alot of the stitching/ leather around the seems were coming undone- never had it exposed to light etc and cleaned it once a month.

      Admittedly I had it for 5 or 6 years and was still a decent chair. Going off the factor of probably $80-$100 per year of use it was a great chair.

      Bought this one as it's cheap and I don't spend anywhere near as much time in a chair these days.

  • Costco Moorabbin today $139.99 πŸ‘Œ

  • I think this is a good deal, the chair normally go for around $199.

  • Not trying to put shade on anyone looking into this chair but if you are you should go to officeworks or costco just to try out how it feels.
    Bought a kindle this week from officeworks and tried out all the chairs including this one.
    For this price it's pretty disappointing imo and pretty much screams of GAMER gimmicks instead of comfort or ergonomics.
    Be careful before you buy this and make sure it's comfortable for you.

  • Bought it from Costco Lidcombe -NSW two weeks back $159. Great product