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Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Blower - Skin Only $49 (was $69) @ Bunnings


210km/h blow speed
Sure grip
Lightweight design
Easy operation
The Ozito PXCBLS-018 Cordless Blower is the ideal power tool for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other debris from courtyards, driveways, decks and footpaths.

The lightweight design ensures user comfort and allows easy maneuvering around the garden, while Lithium Ion technology provides cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords.

Choose the 18V Lithium-Ion battery for the runtime you need. Approximately 10 minutes run time with 1.5AH battery (not supplied).

This product is intended for D.I.Y. use only.

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  • Just wont beat the jet blower for $30…. love that thing.

    • Whats the difference between this one and jet blower? How come the price is far less than this one on sale?

      • Great promotion
        Bear in mind you will need two batteries with the jety blower

        • I want one. I checked it's out of stock at Bunnings. Any chance of finding one at other sellers?

      • Jet blower definitely requires 3ah or more batteries…. and two as stated. Has so much powaaaaa

      • I have both this and the jet blower. This one is actually quite good, I got it to replace my masters petrol blower vac and I found this to be much better than that or any other blower I have had before. We get a lot of leaves in our carport and on the veranda and this is quick, light and relatively quiet. Though, if there is a build up of material this will struggle. Also, I have noticed if you want full power from this blower you need to use at least a 3Ah battery as even a fully charged 1.5Ah battery runs the blower at a very noticeable lower speed and is nowhere near as effective. The jet blower has a lower air speed rating but has much greater air volume, so much so that you can feel the force of the air pushing your hand backwards with the Jet blower, especially when using the turbo button. The Jet blower will move the leaves a lot further away and will handle a build up of debris and will even move gravel around (when blowing leaves off of a gravel path) it is also significantly heavier and very loud (ear protection is necessary).

    • The jet blower kicks butt I had it and now have an ego apparently the most powerful handheld blower around and on turbo I really don't think there is a lot of difference.

    • do they even sell the jet blower anymore?

  • I have a jet blower also. Just need some bigger batteries the 2x 1.5ah I got with the brushless hammer drill go ok but would like some 4ah ones.

  • Are jet blowers on sale now?

  • Be warned, these are relatively weak and of limited use. I had an older one (looked the same) and it was more powerful than these newer ones that i got in a combo pack and flogged it on gumtree. If you need something with a bit of oomph, do not get this, get the jet blower.

    • Most 18V models should only be advertised as dust blowers as it’s unrealistic to generate that much push power to blow clean backyards.

  • I bought one of these on the 1/9 for $69. Too late to buy another at $49 and return with the $69 receipt for refund?

  • any batteries? Keep running out with 2x1.5ah on the jet. Gives it a good run, but need spares

  • I had this for like 3 yrs, its very weak…..finally got stolen by someone.

    Moved to victa 82v, very very happy with it.

  • Is this good for post carwash?

  • How does this compare to the Ryobi One?