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Voss Still Water 800ml $3 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Other Voss water is also on special:

VOSS Artesian Still Water, 500ml https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00B03ZL2S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f... For $1.95

VOSS Artesian Still Water, 375ml (682430611737) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B001RA0NV8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f... For $2

I love their bottles and keep reusing them :)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Is it sweet?

  • +15

    People buying it for the bottle, not fussed about the taste

    • +1

      Bingo. Finally time to replace my bottles.

    • +16

      The bottle is very high quality nice and thick but the cap is just about the flimsiest rubbish they could make. That is the built in obsolescence in this.

      • So true. Gets mouldy over time.

        • You can pull the little plastic seal out out it starts to get bad. Doesn't seem to make too much difference as long as you're storing the bottle upright.

        • +3

          Do you wash them?!?
          I've been using my current ones for about 3 years to store cold brew coffee in. No mould at all.
          Rinse between uses and put through dishwasher every few days.
          Might be time to replace them though.

          • @dheywood: This.
            Great ideas especially with this heat…

  • +21

    800 mega litres for 3 bucks!

  • Thanks :)

  • +12

    Why would people buy this… The status 🤦‍♂️

    • Because they can afford to… 😷

    • +10

      The glass bottles are re-usable.

      • +12

        …so is a passata or sauce jar

        • +34

          Agree, but drinking from the voss looks less like drinking moonshine in the office ;)

          • +19

            @jtaus67: That's why I drink my water out of Dolmio pasta sauce jars at work :D

            • +22

              @Brendoo: I can now replace my Edgell Chick Pea can drinking vessel.

            • +5

              @Brendoo: And you can really wear the Dolmio grin by lunchtime!

        • Last year I did make iced tea in moccona jars.

          I had also been playing 7 days to die. (which I could do in under 7 days!)

    • +8

      to pretend they can afford to drink luxury water daily when they reuse the bottle

      • +14

        I will transfer a label from a passata or sauce jar to this, to avoid people thinking I’m trying to impress them.

      • +1

        I scrapped the Voss label off my Voss bottle with a pair of scissors.

    • +1

      You seem unaware that almost every single person on this site is obsessed by status and appearances. Perhaps you are not but I highly doubt it.

  • +1

    Hopefully the supermarket price match, getting rung while I am in a meeting is quite annoying with deliveries

    • I used to find that too but realised if I ignore it they’ll leave it at the door anyway as most of these cheap grocery items don’t require signature.

      • I live in an apartment so they can't leave it :-(

  • +1

    Got one to use as work watter bottle. Thanks

  • +5

    They may be re-usable but after going to those insulated water bottles it's hard to go back to regular bottles, but they do cost a bit more than $3.

  • Very high chance delivery guy will drop the parcel in front of your door leaving you a wet door mat and broken glasses.

    • +1

      Not a chance. I've seen the way these things come packed. Its an environmental nightmare unless your reusing the packaging.

      I've had other collectable products from Amazon shipped in a bloody plain brown paper bag that gets mutilated during shipping, yet these bottles come individually entombed in about 4 layers thick bubble wrap then packed into a box.

  • +10

    These bottles are so tacky, I cringe everytime I see someone use it.

    • +8

      Good thing you live in Perth then

    • +6

      Can't say that I've ever cared that much about the type of bottle people choose to drink from…

      • exactly. Why do some care what other people drink from?

        • +3

          Nobody seems to care that I drink from the toilet.

    • +7

      It's literally a glass bottle. Settle down, son.

    • I like to put wedges of lemon and lime .. More Cringey ?

      • Seen people put lemon or lime slices. Other put cucumber slices.

  • So I can feel like I'm in a hotel haha

  • +1

    Thanks OP, needed to replace my old water bottle!

  • +11

    Must be really good, one of the comment on Amazon says " After drinking Voss water, I felt like a new man, a new creature in the making. The soft touch of the water covering my tongue and flushing the water down my throat was like flushing all my worries away. If you ever feel thirsty, hungry or sad. Be sure to drink Voss water. Don’t look about it, be about it."

    Gideon 5.0 out of 5 stars Caution! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 October 2018 Flavour: Artesian WaterSize: 800mlVerified Purchase and 9 people found this helpful


  • +8

    What a waste of the worlds resources.

    • +7

      Sand and water are in abundance, much friendlier than plastic is it not?

      • +8

        I took it more to be the impact on environment of not just the bottle, but having the energy and resources into paying shippers, handlers and delivery guys, To deliver you a $3 bottle of water to your door.

        The ridiculous concept of delivering water around the world in airplanes to other first world countries astounds me.

        The planet must weep at this.

  • +5

    It's a shame the amount of people supporting Chinese VOSS water with what China is doing to Australian exports at the moment.
    VOSS is majority owned by the Chinese Reignwood Group for those who may not know, with over 50% of the profits going to China.

    • -8

      What did Australia do to Huawei? Not even to mention our PM supporting US in the trading war.

      • +1

        Who cares about Huawei? You’re really going to sit there and support China in this trade war bullshit?

      • +6

        What did Australia do to Huawei you ask?

        Australia finally showed some spine and that anyone who wants access to our market needs to play by our rules and values, not those of the CCP.

    • -1

      Firstly, I think it's stupid to a) buy water, b) buy water in heavy glass bottles that are worse for the environment to ship, c) buy water in heavy glass bottles and have them delivered to your house rather than centrally at a supermarket.

      But it's silly to hold random Chinese companies responsible for the actions of the Chinese government when Chinese people, quite frankly, have zero say in choosing their government. When the US wanted to tariff Australian steel and aluminium exports, Australians didn't stop supporting Apple or McDonald's or Domino's. Or any of the other Australian brands owned by Americans, for that matter.

      • +1

        The difference is, to operate in China, you must be fully compliant with the CCP. You must be able to hand over any and all information you have about foreign countries to the CCP on their request.

      • +1

        Communism. The government owns the means of production. Chinese companies are not independent of the government. No one 'supports' McDonalds, they just buy dinner there.
        The US did not tariff Australian steel.

  • +2

    I buy it for the taste

  • Extra Fancy Water for posh people.

  • +1

    Can Confirm , re-use 6 of these bottles in the fridge for fresh cold water on the go. wash them about once a month with boiling water and a drop of dishwashing liquid with a thorough rise off. No drama's with mold or anything.

    Lid is cheap but it won't break on you unless you A. Drop it or B. play around with it constantly or Repeatedly over tighten it.

    For those drinking out of other glass containers (dolmio jar's) …thats weird as (profanity). not sure if you are taking the piss but its actually sad if its true.

    Don't care for the VOSS logo or what it resembles , its a decent size container on a hot day like today will be.

    My 2c

    • +3

      Think they're trying to make a point about the $3 for Voss vs $1 for Passata, which you probably buy for the house anyway.

      But agree it's a decent bottle if you're not prepared to shell out extra for a good insulated bottle like a Camelbak Chute (totally worth it).

  • +11

    $2.90 after the bottle return

    • hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • +1

    $3 for the bottle, water is free

  • +8

    Just a heads up the 500ml is PET, 800ml & 375ml are glass.

  • +2

    Is this just Danish municipal water, or did they change the recipe?

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a 500ml one.

    • +1

      Hope you realise the 500ml is a plastic bottle not glass…

      • Nope I didn’t, Got mine today and then realised. Luckily amazons customer service gave me a refund and told me to keep the item which I am happy about. Ordered the 375ml one instead

        • +1

          You wanted to return a $2 plastic bottle of water because you didn't read the description?

          • @UncleRico: No, I didnt want to return, I just wanted to get a refund without returning, BTW I got 3 of them

  • Damn. I’m after sparkling.

  • +4

    Imagine the carbon footprint left behind for creating this container, storing in a warehouse, then shipping the 800mL of water to the end customer's door.

    • +2

      Want to know how much carbon footprint is created by having a child? :D

      • From the financial footprint I can only assume a lot.

    • +5

      bUt It’S rEuSeAbLe.

      • I see you bought the PET version.

  • Already out of stock for the 800ml ones

    • +1

      Wasn't interested in buying the 800ml bottle until I read this comment :)

  • I'd rather buy a glass/bronze/bamboo made bottle which are environmentally friendly.

    • +2

      But this is a glass bottle?
      Is this glass bottle less environmentally friendly than other glass bottles?

      • Ah, my bad. I thought this one was a plastic one. Sorry about that.

  • +1

    PET bottle for 500ml

  • +3

    Finally, my preferred car wash liquid is finally on sale

    • +2

      Slumming it are we?

      Just filled fido's bowl with Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.

      • +2

        Anything less than that and I'll have to charge you with animal abuse

  • -3

    Why would you want a glass water bottle, used softdrink bottles are more practical and lighter.

    • +3

      They are plastic and some people don't like plastic because of the plastic particles they release into your drink.

      They also flavour the water with the flavour of the soft drink.

      • +2

        What about the plastic lid? :O

  • It looks like it'd be good for putting in Gin and tonic for picnic outings… :P
    Obviously with that wedge of lime or cucumber in it…

  • +1

    OzBargain has lost it's street cred and it's edge.

  • +1

    If only our taps in Australia had clean drinkable water, then we wouldn't need bottled clean drinkable water

    • Where in Australia is tap water not clean, besides Adelaide?

      • +1

        Forgot to include /s

        Hey but they have a big battery, lucky them I guess

  • +1

    It's better to be out of stock. Ridiculously priced. Probably 5 cents worth of water, $2.95 in packaging, transport, marketing, fees, and profits.

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