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Star Wars - Tauntaun Sleeping Bag $74.50 (Save 50%) + Delivery @ EB Games


This sleeping bag is so wrong…might pick one up tomorrow! 🤣

I thought they smelt bad on the outside!

One of the most beloved sagas ever to grace the silver screen, Star Wars is the story of family tensions, intergalactic destruction and restoring balance to the force - an energy field created by all living things, binding the galaxy together. Ruled over by the tyrannical Galactic Empire, led by the evil Darth Vader, a group of plucky rebels lead a resistance against them. As an intergalactic game of hide-and-seek plays out, a young farm boy named Luke from a little desert planet on the outskirts of the galaxy meets Ben Kenobi, and discovers his past and the path that lies before him.

Relive the saga over again with your very own Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. Ideal for helping you stay alive after a deadly Wampa attack or keeping you warm on those cold Hoth nights.

  • Built-in embroidered Tauntaun head pillow
  • Printed intestines pattern on inside of bag
  • Plush Lightsaber zipper pull
  • Bag Dimensions: (not including head or legs) 84cm X 170cm

Free instore pickup ordering from EB games on eBay $74.50 (also tried the $10 off $50 spend Afterpay code PAY4AP but did not work - might work for other stuff):


$10 pickup in store for Borderlands 3 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Borderlands-3-PlayStation-4-BRAN...

***PAY4AP works on Paper Mario $50 which brings it down to $40.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +6

    led by the evil Darth Vader


    • I love democracy.

    • +1

      Who is now a ghost sith lord..

    • +4

      I appreciated the summary, I'd never heard of Star Wars…

  • +99

    What is the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?
    Luke warm

  • +12

    This may smell bad kid, but its a bargain!

    • +1

      Should come with an entrails shaped hot water bottle.

  • +1

    What is that small blue thing…. 😂

    • +3

      It is a Light Zipper

      • Yyyyyyeah…about that.

      • That's what she said…..

  • +4

    I wish I had an actual need for a sleeping bag…

    This thing is awesome

    • I would absolutely maybe possibly buy this if I needed a sleeping bag.

  • +10

    RIP Dave Prowse

    • +2

      OMG.. googled.. its true! :(

  • +1

    Disclaimer: No Tauntaun were harmed in the making of this product.

    • +1

      You don't know that.

    • +2

      Then what is even the point of this?!

  • +1

    Too soon

  • +10

    Seriously… Do yourself a favour and watch the instructional video… Oscar-winning performance…

    • +2

      Oh my god thank you xD
      The ending is disturbing considering she just killed it.

      • +3

        You don't gently stroke your victims after laying inside them?

        • +4

          Sounds like a typical Friday night.

    • Upvote for the video.

  • +2

    if you buy this bag, it will protect you from losing your virginity forever.

  • +3

    Just in time for Australian summer!

    But if you're planning a trip to Hoth system good buy.

  • +5

    Oh man… I only just notice then inside pattern… Respect to whoever managed to get that past management approval (whether by negotiation or stealth)…

  • +1


  • 72+ sales at midnight

  • +1

    The back story of terrorist who massacred millions of patriots 00 BY never forget

  • +1

    So wrong but so good.

  • +1
    • The zipper is a little lightsabre 🤣

  • +1

    So the inside of a tauntaun is just intestines? No other internal organs?

    • +4

      No internal organs, just intestines and a Jedi.

      The intestinal pattern is a bit lame. It could have been more intestiney.

  • +3

    No stock within 100km of metro Melbourne.

    Too tight to pay for shipping

  • +1

    Had to buy one!

  • +3

    Was not happy with paying $9.95 for shipping on EB games website so checked the EB games on eBay and the sale is on there too for $74.50. Ordered one with free shipping for eBay plus or there’s option to pickup instore - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Star-Wars-Tauntaun-Sleeping-Bag-...

    Also ordered Borderlands 3 from the EB games on eBay for $10 with pickup instore to avoid paying the $6.95 shipping on their website - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Borderlands-3-PlayStation-4-BRAN...

  • Nightmares included

  • +1

    They've removed it from eBay and now only have delivery available online -

    'Unfortunately the items below are not in stock at any store. Please choose Home Delivery to proceed.' - factor in $9.95 for postage.

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