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CyberGhost VPN: 100% Cashback | Flash Cashbacks - Uniqlo 25% (Cap $30), Liquorland 25% (Cap $25), Catch 15% (Cap $30) @ ShopBack


Enough of the 90%, 91% etc cashback deals. About time there is a 100% cashback deal!

Basically you're getting the 3 year + 3 month plan for free (was $121.29).

Cyberghost money back guarantee.

Flash cashbacks -

Referral Links

Referral: random (4030)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    • Lower the ping in game or browsing the site that you couldnt in Australia

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  • Does Liquorland cashback stack with cybermonday code?

  • Jumped on the Ghost, now shows tracked waiting for payment.

    Still have 45 days to cancel so bit of a buffer.

    • How long since you ordered?

      • Order last night , woke up this morning and says tracked.

    • How long you need to wait for it to be confirmed?

  • +1

    I got mine tracked under 1 hour, used Microsoft edge browser without any extension. I also turned off the auto renewal after logging in.

  • Is the cap for per transaction or per account?

    • Per account.

  • Sorry for my noob question:

    Can this VPN help in bypassing regional block on Youtube?

    Thanks for your help in advance! I’m a newbie in VPN ~~’

    • Whats what it for but not in China

  • +1

    Got one, I hope it gets tracked. Disabled ad block and used chrome browser via desktop.

    • +1

      $120.64 tracked in less than 1 hour.

  • Anyone know what the Hendricks Midsummer taste like?

    Otherwise I'm thinking of two bottles of coffee patron

    • try and let us know? :)

  • Good cash back for Liquorland:

    Stack on $5 Bonus (Min Spend $5)
    Stack on $10 off ($100 Minimum Spend), code: CYBERMONDAY

    • Are you sure it stacks with code cybermonday

      • good question. would be a sad day if we lost the 25% cashback for $10.

      • +1

        Don't see why it doesn't. The code is listed on ShopBack

        • Yes that's a good point.
          Actually I asked about it 6 hrs ago but got no reply.

          • +1

            @harthagan: Sorry. I replied just now. Was planning on checking the comments in this deal after I posted the CYBERMONDAY deal but got side tracked. (Sooo much to do over these two weeks!!)

            Anyway, like xiangtan said, the code is listed on ShopBack so it will stack.

        • There was even a banner on their homepage with both together, in case even that isn't explicit enough.

    • Also just saw an email for 2000 bonus flybuys for $50 online spend. Triple stacker engaged!

      • What's the code for that

        • No code. I think it applies automatically if you use your flybuys number

        • +1

          That would be a targeted offer which automatically applies if you use the flybuys number linked to the email that receives the offer.

  • Purchased @ $121.29
    52 minutes later
    Cashback @ $120.64 pending in ShopBack

    $0.65 for a 3 year 3 month plan, almost too good to be true.
    Hopefully cashback goes through no problem!

  • does anybody know if the liquorland 25% has any exclusions? on the beer variety? needa stock up for xmas parties :P

    • No exclusions.

    • May as well get a slab of goat would be under 40$

  • Thanks OP. Hopefully my one tracks with no problems.

    • Just received an email saying transaction has been tracked. Will receive $120.64. It took about 1hr and 15mins to track.

  • anyone else struggling to find a lot of the 4/6 packs on liquorlands website? They seem to have gone to be replaced with cartons? eg Balter - no XPA or hazy in 4 pack

    • yeah basically zero 6 packs available in SE QLD - have so much beer stocked already, don't really need another carton even at 25% off…. will have to pass on this one.

    • Liquorland and First Choice Liquor have crap websites where they decide per variety whether you can buy beer by the pack or by the case. (Dan Murphy's and BWS's sites allow the customer to choose.)

      I think you are in the minority complaining about the lack of choice of beer in the packs. The majority of us OzBargainers are celebrating the switch to cartons of the craft beer range. Other than yours1, the only comments I've seen posted here have complained about the inability to order by the carton. (I've also complained every time I've had to ring Customer Service, and some of the representatives seemed to have received numerous such complaints from other people.)

      1. EDIT: And now Dave's. 

      • nah, I browsed and then ordered a couple of 4 packs of craft beer literally 2 weeks ago, now they're all gone. Not everyone wants to go all in on a carton when trying out new beers (and there are plenty of new beers to try out these days)

        • Good point about trying out new beers.

          Personally, I've missed out on a lot of the cashback deals in the past few months as I've been unable to purchase my preferred craft beers by the carton.

          I'm jumping for joy that they've switched to cartons in time for these Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers. (Of course it would be better if you could order either.)

  • I went with a bottle of Makers Mark bourbon, carton of Steam Rail Pale Ale (Tight red togs is awesome as well), Carton of Uberbrau low alcohol - Total $111.

    Minus $10 Cybermonday = $101 - $25 (max cap)

    $76 delivered + a handful of FB points

    • I'm pretty sure you'll find that your cashback is actually


      as ShopBack calculates cashback on the ex-GST value after discounts have applied.

      You need to spend $120 to max out the cashback if you stack it with the CYBERMONDAY code.

      • +1

        Of course the GST bs.. Either way, under $80,,happy

  • Can I use this to get 100% cashback on the router?

    • Thats my question too!
      Has anyone tried this?
      Also when does this vpn deal end

  • My Liquorland cashback hasn’t tracked yet. Anybody else have the same problem?

  • Mine has tracked now, did take quite a few hours.

  • After using he CyberGhost for a few minutes all I can say is that it is not much better than any of the free providers out there, it is painfully slow that nobody will actually make use of it, all you are doing is locking away your money for for 3 months before getting your hands on release from your cashback. It is good for people who will use it once or twice a year.

    • I found it pretty fast, even streaming worked well

  • Hmm, my Uniqlo purchase hasn't tracked yet.

  • some of these purchases take 2-3month to get the cash..
    As far as IPOs not sure i'd buy in to a company who's business model is giving away cash..

  • -2

    hmm liquorland expired already?

  • Does anyone want the 1 year boxcryptor code i got from the cyberghost sub?
    I'm not gunna use it

    • Sent you a PM

  • I signed up for CyberGhost to VPN to India but the speed is almost unusable (<10% of speed without VPN). Thinking of cancelling the subscription.

    • $0.65 for a 3 year 3 month plan is too much?

  • +1

    Placed $125 order with Liquorland, for free delivery. Got $10 off & $25 SB tracked👍

    But LL has not even packed order a week later - told to wait at least another week.

    LL store 2km away has the stock. So asked customer service to change delivery to c&c. Only can be done by cancelling the order, losing $38 (price increase & lose the cashback).

    Turns out c&c is run by a different business
    Won't order for delivery again!
    Hopefully they don't cancel order.

    • +2

      Yeah my delivery order ended up taking a while to process too, but it's coming tomorrow, if Australia Post's delivery estimates are accurate. Definitely very different experience to C&C; will know better for next time. Live and learn :-)

      • You too!

        Rang back requesting definite information on my order - why hasn't it been packed. Only new information was - there is stock available, so that's not the reason.

        Tried to fob me off with "it's busy at this time of the year". And then… It's Covid!!

        Was told I was jumping the queue, just by asked to check on my order. They couldn't tell me more than the order status is "open".

        After 30min repeatedly asking for them to check on my order, I was told LL system had no way to do that.

        I asked to talk to a supervisor. "Sorry, I can't do that - I'm at home…"

        So rang to make a complaint about a lack of customer service. After explaining, asked to talk to someone senior. Was told that couldn't be done. They will only respond to emails.

        Explained I had sent many emails complaining about a previous problem - I got no response!

        If the order is ready in a week - it hits the Christmas delivery backlog… Maybe next year!

        All LL could eventually tell me is they don't know & their system doesn't let them have any more information for customers than that!!

        • LOL I thought you were calling me a tool. Hahahahah… glad I went back and re-read that carefully.

          So anyway, the saga continues. On Wednesday after the delivery estimate was missed I get a message from Australia Post to the effect that there are delays and that my package can't be delivered by the original estimate window, and that the next message I'll get is the morning when it's out for delivery.

          Current status on tracking is "Delayed – waiting to be processed for delivery".

          So now it's Saturday and nada. I know LL aren't going to give two shits 'coz it's an Australia Post thing. Auspost suggests filing a missing or lost items claim.


          Yup. C&C all the way next time without hesitation.

          • @zzyss: We trusted LL for delivery, like many others.
            Never again.

            As LL customer service don't want to know that their system is failing customers, they have no real process to lodge complaints, and we are told the reason for delays is due Covid or too many orders (it's the customers fault again) - it's not LL fault…

            So LL don't want to hear from its customers or improve their business. The only option given is to cancel the order…
            What a crap business!

            And when delayed orders meet the Christmas backlog at Australia Post… expect the worst!

            LiquorLand - the Grinch that stole Christmas (Drinks)!

          • @zzyss: [Upfate]
            (a typo, but seems appropriate!)

            Your delivery is coming…
            Just received Australia Post tracking for delivery Mon-Wed…

            Shows has arrived at local airport processing centre. Promising!

            LL made up "wait another week before it is packed" was an accurate prediction!

            We’re experiencing delivery delays at the moment, due to limited flights, social distancing requirements and increased parcel volumes.
            We appreciate your patience during this time.

            New Year drinks?🍸

            • +1

              @the INFIDEL: LOL good luck, mate. I got my delivery SMS this morning and it finally arrived in the afternoon via my usual AusPost guy. Hope you get yours soon too.

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