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NetGear Orbi RBK50 $429 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest price but a great router and sold by Amazon AU.

On another note, does anyone know where I can get an extender RBS50?

I feel it's almost worthwhile getting a second RBK50 set just so I can use the added extender and sell the router unit.

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  • LOL well there was the deal on Friday…

    Although that's UK version. I'd be tempted to do the same as what you were suggesting and grab this to split the set, butI'm not sure how much you'd get just for the router. Don't think it's worth it and don't want to be stuck with the router if I can't find a buyer.

    • Single routers for sale everywhere. I use my second in AP mode.

    • Just buy the RBS or RBR and reflash appropriately. Plenty on 2nd hand market.

    • Some might prefer AU stock and to receive it tomorrow rather than in a week or two, also without the need to use any adapters.

      I did specifically note that it wasn't the cheapest but it was sold and shipped by Amazon AU.

  • You do know you can just convert the Routers into APs right?

    I've got the RBK40? router RBR40 set to be a satellite (RBS40) for my RBK50 system.


    • Nope. Had no idea. Thanks very much!!!

      • Didn't take me long to do, slower speeds overall as the RBR40 is lower specced, but does the trick. The devices are physically identical, same hardware etc. WAN port on the RBR just becomes another LAN port in RBS mode.

    • Cheers, I just converted my RBR50 to RBS. Winning.

      Didn't even brick it, very painless process. I now have 1 x RBR50, 3 x RBS50 and 1 x RBS50Y, with a mix of wired and wireless backhaul.

  • I paid about $460 for it recently as i wanted something to give best chance to stream 4K from my NAS. Had it setup for 2 weeks now. Have not thoroughly tested in all my use cases yet but so far its been OK. I wouldn't mind a third to put in garage but only for a super cheap price.

  • USB 2.0… yuk

  • Thanks - been needing a mesh system, just did phone pricematch @ officeworks and got it for $407.55 in VIC. Still not a great price compared to previous sales, but better than anything recently!

  • Sorry I'm late to the party but how on earth do these things keep going up in price?
    Was waiting for them to drop with the new routers being introduced but thankfully bought 2 sets and trs claimed them when I brought them overseas last year for my parents place.
    Wondering if they'll have more sales this year as I need them myself now and can't go overseas…