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NBN 250/25 $109/mth (Save $20) or NBN 1000/50 $119 (Save $30) for 6 Months (FTTP and Select HFC Only) @ Aussie Broadband


Pretty good deal for those on FTTP and some HFC locations. New Customers only.
Cyber 30 for nbn1000/50
Cyber 20 for nbn250/25


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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    While I was busy formatting, you posted this :)

  • Hi there,

    This Cyber Weekend has been crazy. But things are about to get even crazier! For eligible customers*, we've decided to launch some super exclusive deals for today only.

    The following deals are on offer from 3PM AEDT today until 11:59PM AEDT Monday 30th November.

    • $20 off for 6 months on our nbn™ 250/25 plan by using the code 'CYBER20'
    • $30 off for 6 months on our nbn™ Home Ultrafast plan by using the code 'CYBER30'

    These deals will be visible on our website from 3:00pm today. Take advantage of them by clicking the button below and signing up online. Be quick because after today they are gone forever!

    Promotional offer only available to new nbn™️ or OptiComm customers on one of the following plans: 250/25 or Home Ultrafast. *nbn™250/25 and Home Ultrafast speeds only available at FTTP and limited HFC technology locations. Offer available from 3:00pm to 11:59pm 30 November 2020 and cannot be applied after you sign up.

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      Guess, it sucks if you are already a customer on the 1000/50 plan. Thinking of churning to Vodafone NBN 1000/50 for $124 a month with 20% bundle and save.

      • Can’t seem to find any information on Vodafone 1000/50 plan. Where do you sign up.

  • Same price as 250 after discount for the 1000 plan?

    • 250Mbps = $109
      1000Mbps = $119

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      Made a mistake in the title. The NBN1000/50 is $119 a month for the first 6 months and the NBN250/25 is $109 a month for the first 6 months

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        The popup on the Aussie BB nbn plan page has a different expiry date compared to the email.

        Offer starts 30/11/2020 at 3.00pm (AEDT) and ends 4/12/2020 at 11.59pm (AEDT).

        • +1

          I’ll update the post thanks

          • @Joshminey: I'm seeing a shorter time in the window I get:

            Offer starts 30/11/2020 at 3.00pm (AEDT) and ends 30/11/2020 at 11.59pm (AEDT). New customers only. CYBER20 and CYBER30 only available for FTTP and limited HFC addresses. BLACK20 not eligible for nbn Fixed Wireless. For full terms and conditions, click here.

            • @TenguTech: Yeah I'm now seeing expires midnight tonight.

  • i saw the post last friday and upgraded to 250/25 from 100/20, pretty sweet

  • $119/month on Gigabit. What a steal! Thanks, OP

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      It’s an amazing deal for a gigabit internet connection on the NBN especially from a well regarded one like Aussie Broadband

  • i went with superloop friday lmao. dont need 1 gig in offpeak anyway (the only time you'll get close)

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      Superloop and Aussie Broadband are both amazing. Some POI’s on Superloop have over 1 gig free of CVC at all times although not that many.

      • hey its you.

        edit: wholeheartedly agree

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    I really wish they did something for existing customers, but I understand this is to attract new customers and not retain existing ones.

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      They keep promising some deals for existing customers, but never deliver anything. I asked them a year ago and they said "very soon".
      Pretty close to trying out superloop myself

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      They have a deal for existing customers where they are offering 250/25 for 20 off for 6 months. https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/lp/black-friday/customer/

      • I'm on their 1000/50 plan, so sadly I cannot get this. Still a good deal for those who can get it. A discount is a discount.

        • The only option would probably be to change RSP’s if you need 1000/50.

        • superloop 1000/50 @ $129 for 6 months

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            @abuch47: It isn’t unlimited data @ 1000/50 is the only problem

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        Thanks for the information, unfortunately not a package I'm interested in currently on lower $79/month plan and would like to pay less 🙂

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      I agree. I am on the 1000 plan already, paying $149. Every now and again it would be nice to reward your existing customers. Like most places, once they have you they stop caring.

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      Totally agree.

      When I saw this deal a few minutes ago I kinda snapped and transferred to Superloop (fastest transfer ever). A member for more than three years, but if AussieBB don't value loyalty, I guess I don't need to either.

  • noice!

    Bit the bullet, went the 250/25 :-) WFH during the school holidays should be fairly painless i hope.

  • wishing I could get these rates now :'(

    needs the super fast interwebs !!

  • +8

    It's disappointing that there's no 250/50. Going from 100/40 to 250/25 for more money feels like bad value. A lot of my work from home benefits from the upload speeds. And to be clear, this is an NBN complaint, not ABB.

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      Launtel do offer a 400/50 plan if you are on one of their direct POI’s

  • Signed up for the 1000/50 plan but no email confirmation or anything at all. Anybody else?

    • same, signed up 1000/50 and no email confirmation

      • confirmed my order went through with them on the phone.

        the first email came 5 mins after my previous provider disconnected.

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    Boo, it's only been 2 months since I left Aussie, would have jumped on the 1000/50 at that price, oh well… back to Superloop 100/40!

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    hate these NBN 6 months deal.

    can't just offer permanent deal?

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      There is a reason for them:- they are passing on the discount NBNCo gives to them for the first 6 months of new customer signups. So they would probably be making a loss if they offered them beyond that period.

    • I am with Mate NBN. They have $79/month for 100/20. Regular everyday price, no 6 month dramas.

  • +3

    I've been on a 250/25 plan ($129/mth) for a few months and was hoping to take advantage of this offer. I just called and asked to upgrade to 1000/50 but they said it wasn't possible to do it and take advantage of the cyber30 coupon.

    The CSR could however, downgrade my plan to 100/20 and then upgrade it to 250/25 again and that would give me the $20 "cyber20" discount for 6 mths.

    Pitty about the 1000/50 but $120 saved for a quick call is better than nothing. YMMV

    • -1

      At least you got something I guess

    • I did that too, called them they dropped me to 100 then straight back up to 250 with discount applied. $120 saved, woohoo.

    • Cool! Just did the same!

  • +1

    I'm going to try "CYBER100"

    Wish me luck!

    • +1

      While we're stuck in 2020, this man's living in 3020

  • I'd have jumped ship for a permanent offer around 120-125 on the 1000/50

  • Do they churn?
    Last changeover from tpg to mate was a huge headache! Needed the ombudsman to fix it but inbetween the bank replaced the credit card.

    • +1

      You shouldn’t have any issues changing from Mate Communicate to Aussie Broadband. I changed last year from Mate to Aussie Broadband took about 20 minutes. YMMV

      • thanks. Mate was great at the beginning, its 100/20 still flawless on youtubes. But when kids come home from school some pages take forever to load.

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    How do we get our FTTC upgraded to FTTP again?

  • Invalid promo/referral code provided for anyone else? Been trying for the past 3 hours

    • +1

      Have you been with Aussie BB in the last 6 months?

  • Where are these limited HFC locations?

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    ABB block some ports by default unless you give them a call. They will disable CG-NAT and open the ports and/or give you a static IP address


    • thanks. just churned over from superloop 1000/50 to aussiebb. you saved me a bit of troubleshooting.

      fyi for anyone interested, it took about 20 minutes from order submit to it being up and ready to go (HFC).

    • +1

      you dont get a static IP unless you ask. I've opted out of CGNAT and my IP hasnt changed in a few months. It's almost as good as static but if you need static, you need to pay $5/mth

  • I've searched with my address before and was able to get 250 (hfc area) but now when I search, they only show up to 100. Anyone else had this?

  • HFC got installed in my area a year ago and I can't get gigabit. You'd think they would set up the newer areas so they could get the fastest speed.

    • +1

      NBN are progressively rolling out Gigabit on HFC by late 2021.

  • How difficult would it be to switch from Telstra? (currently on NBN50)
    What's the process like? Will there be any downtime, etc.?

    • HFC or FTTP?

      No downtime.

      • Thanks

        I'm on FTTP.

        So I just sign up on the website and it will automatically switch over?
        Will I need to cancel my current plan or is that done automatically too?

        • +1

          Signup online and when Aussie BB send you an email go to the NBN connection box and change the ethernet cable to the new port they tell you.

          Telstra will be active until you cancel the service.

  • I am currently with Superloop and my billing date is on the 25th of the month. Can I take advantage of this offer and churn just before my billing date?

  • Meanwhile my FTTN connection is capable of 22mb/s only… cries

  • Nice.

    I just signed up to the 1G plan for $119!

    • Congrats :)

      • Thanks.. and within 15 mins got the email to say its already ready? what in the…

  • One of my addresses is HFC, but AB website is only showing max plan of 100Mbps when the address is entered. Anyone else experience this?

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      Some HFC locations can only get max of 100/40

    • +1

      That is all you can get until NBN do more progressive HFC upgrades by late 2021.

  • Spare a thought for those like me on FTTN. Max I can get is 55 Mbps. :(

    • I’m also on FTTN but my sync isn’t that low :(

    • just looked got the quote for fttn to fttp its only $17,872, oh well back to 50mbps

  • I left AussieBB a month ago. Can I sign up for this promo or am I illegible?

  • Been with ABB since they released 1000/50. Still yet to see over 700Mbps with multiple tech support phone calls.

    Might be time to try someone else.

    • +2

      HFC, FTTP? What is the make and model number of your router?

      • FTTP - do most tests with my Google wifi mesh unit plugged directly into the NTD. When fault finding with ABB on the phone, I plug laptop directly into the NTD. I use my work laptop as it has gigabit ethernet port. I am in Cairns but I understand this should not make a difference (maybe only to ping). Tests done usually with OOkla but sometimes with the ABB speed test tool and the google wifi network check tool.

        • Yeah being in Cairns doesn't matter in regards to speed. I find sometimes the Aussie BB speedtest tool gives inconsistent results even on FTTP. What OS is running on the work laptop?

          • @Twix: W10. That is without work Firewall

            • @raytriplej: Install the speedtest program from here & tell me your ethernet results from Foxtel Broadband & Telstra servers in Brisbane. Wait a minute between each test.

              • +1

                @Twix: Thanks Twix, I am in the office today, will give it a go tonight.

                • @raytriplej: Have the results improved by using the program?

                  • +1

                    @Twix: I haven't checked yet. I had a uni assignment due.

    • I just tried mine coming from Opticomm fttp.

      I get 880Mbps/49Mbps at the moment.

      That was my laptop plugged directly into the fttp ntd.

  • Upgraded my 100/40 to the 250/25. Anytime speed is 275mbps, tested multiple days at multiple times so pretty happy so far. HFC NBN

  • Honest question, if I’m on 100/20 FTTP then am I going to see much of a difference when I upgrade to 250/25? I don’t see any delay currently.

    • +1

      Your Linux iso downloads should complete faster.

  • +1

    says "code expired"

    • Alright thanks I’ll retire the deal