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Redragon K530 60% RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Hot-swap Brown) $69, Royal Kludge RK61 60% $55 C&C or + $12 Delivery @ Umart


A comment from the Anne Pro 2 deal mentioned the RK61 was a better keyboard than the Anne Pro 2 (has Bluetooth issues).

Notes: All keyboards are Bluetooth 3 device switchable.
Redragon K530 has Bluetooth 5.0.
Red Switch RK61 Christmas edition is $10 extra.

- Redragon K530 Wireless 60% (Hot-swappable Brown Switch) $69 C&C or + $12 Delivery

- ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% (Blue Switch) $55 C&C or + $12 Delivery

- ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% (Brown Switch) $55 C&C or + $12 Delivery

- ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Christmas Version (Red Switch) $65 C&C or + $12 Delivery

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Umart seems to have a number of good deals for mechanical keyboards, just in case if 60% keyboard is not suitable for someone.

  • I hbave the RK61, good keyboard

    • Thanks for sharing.

    • +1

      Is it loud?

      • blue switch mechanical keyboard with an audible "click" sound, if you prefer to type quietly, RK61 is not recommend.

        So Blue Switch version is loud. It is meant to be loud.

        • How about the brown switch? Brown switch is meant to be quieter right?

  • It’s not showing as $55 for me

    • One of link was wrong (RK61 Brown Switch). I fixed it.

      Red Switch Christmas Edition is $10 extra.

  • RK61 requires 《ctrl shift ?》to get a '?'. Slash needs function key. Just FYI. The MantisTek 61 is similar design, same software. Note. Can only reprogram 'top' layer of keys. My MantisTek came with Cherry Blue. RK just say blue.

  • Do any of their ~$55 mech keyboards have Mac layout?

    • From Amazon AU:
      “Operating System: Windows XP/Win2000/Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac/IOS/Android”

      I think Windows key just become Mac key.

      • Yea… but the layout is not right. Some have the ability to swap the keys and mappings to change that.

        • +1

          Ok. I have never used Mac, I think another comment mentioned this keyboard is only programmable top row (comment above).

        • Can't you change the mapping on the system? I thought that was doable on Mac.

          If you want a mechanical keyboard with Mac layout or something that can change between the two, I think there are few options out there.
          I think Keychron do advertise themselves as a Mac friendly wireless mechanical keyboard, and there are other options out there.

        • Perhaps you can flash the firmware like on Custom PCBs? I wouldn't put my money on it though. They do say that "All keys programable through our software" but I don't know what they mean by that. Theres a good chance its not possible

  • I love my RK61.. works well.

  • $16 shipping to NQLD.
    1.5% Fee for PayPal

  • Which brand switches are these? Cherry?

    • I read online that Cherry is original designer & patent holder of the famous reliable mechanical keyboard switch.
      Patent expired recently, so many others just copy the design and make them now (Gateron, Kailh is most well known). I think Drop is now making switches.

      Basic design is the same for all switches, I think some are using different types of plastic for different parts of switch, this makes them feel / sound slightly different.
      But basically they are mostly the same.

  • Does anyone know what switches they are? Outemu? Gateron? Everywhere I look they say it uses either unbranded or cheap jixian or RK switches, and in some cases Kailh (which are decent). Can anyone confirm?

    • They are Outemu switches. —> https://switchandclick.com/2020/08/12/redragon-draconic-k530...
      Read the pros and cons, "Only Outemu switches fit into hot-swap sockets"

      • "Only Outemu switches fit into hot-swap sockets"

        Yes Outemu switches has thicker contact pins if I remember correctly, if you need to use Gateron switch you need a different board.

    • Outemu?

      According to recent rabbit hole of reading / watching about keyboards: Outemu is known as the cheapest and you should avoid.
      Apparently you can pick your keyboard up or press keys too hard and the keycaps can just pop off the switches.

      Gateron is pretty good for being cheap, yes they advertise half the life-span (50 million+) of Cherry (100 million+), but I recently read for a casual user 50 million will last 70-80 years of use (also some say these numbers are just advertising and they will last forever). Some mention slight stem wobble causing key wobble (and recently made Gateron apparently come with pre-lubed stem from factory).

      Kailh are probably ‘technically’ best as they have advanced box / silent switch design (less wobble and dust / water resistant valve inside & also come pre-lubed from factory).

      But it is all subjective so people can like a certain Outemu switch better than a Kailh because of how it sounds / feels I guess.