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SAVE 69% on this Maxkon Vacuum Food Saver with Bags!! $47.04!!

Never let your food go bad again! Not only does this vacuum food saver preserve your leftover food, it allows you to buy in bulk and save! Vacuum packaging keeps food fresh up to three times longer than other traditional food storage methods. It prevents problems such as oxidation, dehydration, mould formation, bacteria growth and freezer burn. For the busy family, you can prepare meals over the weekend, store them in the freezer, then simply reheat them for weeknights!

This vacuum sealer is also ideal for protecting valuable items such as photos, documents, stamp collections, gold and silver from tarnishing and oxidation.

Comes with 10 small (22 x 30cm) and 8 large (28 x 40 cm) bags, it also has a vacuum port for vacuuming canister(not included).

  • Keeps Food Hygienic, Fresh and Delicious
  • Keeps Food Fresh Up to Three Times Longer than Other Traditional Food Storage Methods
  • Prevents Oxidation, Dehydration, Mould Formation, Bacteria Growth and Freezer Burn
  • Stores Most Type of Foods Including Liquid-based Foods
  • Protects Photos, Documents, Gold and Silver from Tarnishing and Oxidation
  • Vacuum Seal or Seal Only Options
  • Cancel Button - Allows User to Stop Sealing or Vacuuming at Anytime
  • Fully Automatic Vacuuming System
  • Auto Off
  • Reseals Foods in their Original Package (e.g. Potato Chips) or Bags Provided
  • 10 Small (22 x 30cm) and 8 Large (28 x 40 cm) Vacuum Bags
  • Vacuum Port for Vacuuming Canister
  • Cover Lock
  • Power Cord Storage
  • Compact in Size
  • Slant Vacuuming Interface - Positive Seat for Filled Bags
  • Removeable Vacuuming Interface for Easy Cleaning
  • Maximum Sealing Width: 30 cm
  • CE, RoHS, SAA and SGS Approved

Note: Bags provided are microwaveable if not vacuumed. Do Not Microwave Vacuumed Bag. Cut open a vacuumed bag before reheating it with microwave.

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    CarolOcean, all these posts from crazysales.com started to get toooo often. If you are a rep, please register yourself there.

    I understand that they're one-item-per-day site and I wouldn't mind few post from there, but, if it's posted daily here, it's getting to close to spamming this site, and worst, it wouldn't be appreciated by ozBargain community.



      Totally agree with elcheapo. most of the posts by CarolOcean for CrazyDeal are cheaply made goods, doesnt seem to be very attractive.

      I also suspect he/she is the representative of CrazyDeal.


    another example of a really bad quality, knock off product — these are not 'bargains'!!!!


    Very late comment - BUT. I do have the more expensive version of this unit and it has excellent build quality and is far more effective at its task than the one we originally purchased from ALDI.

    When compared with Sunbeam (the only freely available unit here in Oz) it may not be as good, but you can buy about three (or more) of them for the price of a single Sunbeam unit and the Sunbeam unit do not appear to be noticably better built to me after a close hands-on visual inspection at the food show.

    The Maxcon accessories (vacuum canisters) are simply excellent and far cheaper than the Sunbeam rip off pricing for similar product.

    I do hope that M27 and Car-la-la are basing their comments on inspection of the goods other than looking at the illustrations.


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