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WD 4TB Elements Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 $126.67 + Free Delivery @ Amazon AU


This is unshuckable.

Best deal for 4TB portable HDD right now with free delivery.

Edit - free delivery is for everyone not just Prime members because item is over $39. Thanks bird380 and GordonR for pointing this out.

Also, AU stock so you don't have to wait for delivery from UK or US.

Don't forget Cashrewards.

Other slightly cheaper deals exist if you are able to pick up. For eg, at PC Byte if you can pick up at Auburn store: https://www.pcbyte.com.au/store/product/seagate-backup-plus-...

$125 + $9.90 delivery, also doesn't accept credit cards, also 1% surcharge if paying with PayPal or Zip Pay… so Amazon deal much better if you can't pick up.

Yes, there have been under-$100 deals on 4TB and 5TB drives but I have never been lucky enough to get them. They are out of stock or expire quickly.

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  • Can this be price matched at Officeworks?

    • If they have the same model then yes.

      • It's a different model number:
        WDBJRT0040BBK-WESN for Officeworks.
        WDBU6Y0040BBK-WESN for Amazon.
        Quite similar - just the 4th, 5th, and 6th characters are different, but that's enough.
        The position of the "WD" logo is also different (middle of the case for Officeworks, at the top for Amazon).

        • Ok, then probably no. You could try your luck, staff might not be able to tell the difference

          • @FireRunner: Staff sometimes don't check hard enough. I recently got a laptop price beat after the laptop price had been matched with the competitor. There were 2 models, one with an "i" in it, one without but otherwise identical. They would have been in their right to tell me "no" but they didn't notice the different letter on their online site which hadn't been price reduced yet (it was during checkout!) and honoured a price match on a wrong product.

  • Cashrewards & ShopBack 4% on Pc at the moment too, if I’m reading them right. Thanks op.

  • Will this suitable for PS4 Pro?

  • Any views on this? one review on Amazon says "this one had almost a full TB missing"

    • Full terabyte missing would suggest a platter/head for 1 of the shingled platters is not working. Easier to tell on desktop drives, if it's not a thin portable then it will be 500gb plates or they are just nub n consider the 280ish gb lost from NTFS formatting almost a full terabyte lol

      -edit lol just read the review your referencing guy doesn't know much about computers, it's clearly either in need of an rma or he's formatted multiple positions. His Seagate drives will never have "3.9" terabytes when formatted under windows.

    • That is one review out of almost 100,000. you'd expect 300 GB or so to be missing also

  • Says free delivery for me (not a Prime member).

  • Seagate 4TB has been sitting around this price on Amazon for days, I've seen it in my wishlist but I wasn't sure if it was a bargain price. WD in my opinion is better.
    Plus over black Friday, there was multiple 10%+ cashbacks.

    • Seagate portables are shuckable, WDs are NOT.

      Doesn't matter when they work, but if you snap off the internal USB header then there's little avenue for recovery with a WD drive. So I disagree that they're better

      • do you know what model is the best buy for a 4/5tb seagate atm? just for backups

        • No idea at the moment - they're usually a very similar price most places. Officeworks used to have them RRP at a reasonable price.

          I've moved back to 3.5" drives with >12Tb sizes as I need the capacity and speed (250mb/s is about double the portable drives' max).

          • @Switchblade88: Also 2.5" drives are EOL. No manufacturer are making larger capacities. The buck stops at 5TB. Nothing since 2016, almost 5 years dead now.

            I'm surprised nobody anywhere on the internet is talking about this. Not saying it's a reason not to buy, but it is interesting to know.

            • @Click_It: 2.5" HDDs might be but the form factor will continue with SSDs. There's no real market for larger capacity 2.5" HDDs with almost no new laptops using them anymore.

              • @ComfortablyNumb: Agreed, you are right. It's a shame to see a technology end but such is the price of advancement, lose hdds, gain SSDs, is a win overall… Unlike the 1.8" and other victims before it, at least 2.5" will live on in SSD's like you said.

  • Pulled the trigger, same as OP, every time I miss out on a crazy good deal, thanks!

  • In stock, Prime, sold from Amazon AU… takes 2 weeks to deliver. Sus.

  • AU stock must have sold out. Product page now shows cheaper price $120.68 but from Amazon US so longer delivery (22 - 24 Dec).

  • only $10 cheaper than OW

  • Can this be used with PS3 FAT32?

  • Now showing $151.22 from Amazon UK. Prices and location are all over the place!