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MacBook Pro 13" 2.3GHz 8GB RAM 128GB SSD MPXQ2X/A 2017 Model $1105.30 + Delivery @ The School Locker


Seems like The School Locker is clearing out older MacBook stock.
Pretty good prices for a new Mac if you are happy with an older model at a cheaper price:
Macbook Pro 13" 2.3Ghz 8Gb Ram 128GB SSD model MPXQ2X/A 2017 $1105.30
Macbook Air 13" 1.6Ghz 8Gb Ram 256GB SSD model MVFJ2X/A 2019 $1215.20
Macbook Pro 13" 2.3Gbz 8Gb Ram 512GB SSD with Touch Bar MR9V2X/A 2018 $1439.20
And a bunch more other clearance models here

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The School Locker
The School Locker

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  • I’d honestly try to go for the 2018 model where the introduced quad cores

  • the new M1 is worth the extra, nearly twice the battery life and significantly more power if the software you are using is compatible

  • You really don’t want to do this. The resale value on these now that the M1 exists will be atrocious, spend the extra.

  • even the lowest config of the new M1 MacBook Air would be better than this. Spend the extra 340. in this case, it'd be really worth it

  • To download the latest max OSX Big Sur requires 12Gb at least, & 35Gb to install, so I wouldn't buy a 128Gb mac; too cramped for space. Having to delete almost all my large applications, all the time knowing I'd have to reinstall them later, just to reclaim enough space to download and upgrade to the latest OSX version, as I had to on my 128Gb Macbook Air, was no fun.

  • These are not worth it. M1 is surprisingly good!

  • Don't buy these, M1 Worth's the extra dollars.

  • Is M1the tollway from Melbourne to Sydney or something?

  • Buy M1 now and after few years when you are ready to upgrade, you will still get good price on gumtree etc. These ones won't fetch more after few years.

  • Am I wrong to be tempted by the mid-2015 15”? The last great 15” Apple made plus it has USB ports and a SD card slot! Wife has one and I do find myself coveting it…

  • What is a good Macbook model in the used market for an incoming grade 7? I know M1s are the best but I can't justify the price for a first time laptop user.

  • Had exactly one of these before, 2.3Ghz dual-core MBP without Touch-bar. TBH it works great for those who only use MS Office apps and web browsing, and I assume most uni students do? Yeah M1 has significantly more battery life but other than that you won’t feel much difference. It actually has a brighter screen compared to the new Air (500 vs 400 nits) which really helps.

    So if battery life isn’t your concern and you don’t do things like video/audio editing or en/decoding, then I would recommend this rather than the new M1 Air.