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10% off Australian Made Hardware @ Chain


We're celebrating 50 years in business! Get 10% off Australian made hardware products. Use code: HAPPY50 at checkout. Proudly manufactured in Melbourne. Australia wide delivery.

Products include: Jack chain, Copper curb chain C100, Key rings, Loop ties / Bag ties, Bullet head nails, Yellow safety caps, Caterpillar clips, Wire G-hook and Plant holders.

Support an Australian family-owned and operated business - going for 50-years and across 3 generations.

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  • best to put one of the product on title with price and store title

  • I like this idea

  • Can’t say fairer than 25kg of nails for $55.

  • I'm really glad to see a hardware store promoting aussie manufactured products. I wish you guys would harp on a bit more about the specs of locally made stuff vs the foreign ones. It would certainly be an education for us who don't know much.

    • I'm going to bookmark this store. Hopefully they make screws, that are good quality, and are still in business when I get around to needing them lol. I'm fed up with the heads on garbage Chinese-made screws stripping out or twisting right off.

    • Are bunnings chains australian made?

      • This is OzBargain, not OzMade.

        • You can expect higher quality with Australian made products, so it's not a like for like comparison. It would appear at least a few products on chain are cheaper than bunnings anyway :).

          • @Jenny Death: "You can expect higher quality with Australian made products"

            Not always the case

            • @first in line: Which is why i said expect. Though im curious which products china makes that are better quality than australian made.

              • @Jenny Death: Too many, sorry to inform, world has changed

                • @Kev828282: Are you sure youre not confusing that with products that are only made in china? Im talking specifically when there is an australian alternative, obviously i dont expect an australian ram fab or whatever to exist

              • @Jenny Death: High speed bullet trains, 5G, iPhones, and now it seems cars too. Not being made in Australia is not a reason to exclude them, its because we lack the infrastructure and hence the technology and ability to do so.

                • @ATangk: It is, how can you compare the quality of a non existant product?

                  • @Jenny Death: Australia doesn’t make fighter jets, and they don’t have the technology to do so without buying it from elsewhere. But China makes their own fighter jets. But under your logic the assumption is that Australia can make better fighter jets, they just haven’t yet.

                    • @ATangk: Im not, nor did i ever mention hypothetical industries. I said show an example of a chinese product thats better quality than an australian made version, which noone has as of yet.
                      If you really want to talk about chinese fighter jets and capacity to make them i think its worth mentioning how china stole the tech and plans for the f22 (base of j20) and the f35.

                      • @Jenny Death: Exactly, I havent seen many if any items that are made in both countries (like for like) where the quality is worse in the australian made product. Hence why for instance there is a lot of demand for our products over similar products by the population in China. There is a higher standard of regulation and quality.

            • @first in line: Australian made is just a marketing ploy to trick it's better and to convince to pay more for the same thing.

              • @raiseyoursteaks: its actually marketing to people who care about where their money goes. Look up conscious consumerism

              • @raiseyoursteaks: If it's a marketing ploy to employ family, neighbour, compatriot, etc, recently made redundant, I'm all for it. Scotty from Marketing could do far worse than to encourage us all to prefer local.

                Keating: … a third world economy selling raw materials and food and we let the sophisticated industrial side fall apart … If in the final analysis Australia is so undisciplined, so disinterested in its salvation and its economic well being, that it doesn’t deal with these fundamental problems … … Then you are gone. You are a banana republic. Guess where we ended up?

            • @first in line: Most of the time it is though.

        • Are you saying OzBargain is just another Catch clone?

          Our Aussie products have a value the members of this site recognise, if you're suggesting that's changed then the site really should remove the "Oz" from it's name.

      • Designed in Australia, manufactured in PRC.

    • Bunnings might have better price for their PRC junk.

      But I value Australian products much higher.

      Happy to pay more to support genuine local business.

  • +14 votes

    Awesome to see an Aussie owned business with locally made products! Good work on the 50 years too must be doing something right!

  • +18 votes

    Support local, say no to CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

    • -1 vote

      Say no to CCP chain, yes to Liberal chain
      (not sure is the Labour Chain is available atm, but avoid the One nation chain like the plague)

    • Vote for being Aussie made.
    • Lol, you got negged for supporting Aussie made product…unbelievable!!!!

      • +4 votes

        Social status points up for grabs. Show support for the CCP by negging anything not positive about them, even if it's actually in Australia's best interest to buy Australian made. Thankfully neg votes are hidden though, so oops… no social status points!

  • I've bought from these guys before, can vouch for the products and service.

  • my girlfriend loves this stuff

  • 👍 Aussie !!!

  • Let's support Australian. OzOzOz OiOiOi

  • Even though I don't find any use for me but I still give it a "like" because it oz made.

  • Congratz, producing a million metres of Aussie made chain per year is epic. I will happily pass your site info to friends I have in the construction industry.

  • spelt CHINA wrong

  • I thought this was a tub of ice cream or hummus. I was so confused

  • No offense and very happy to support an Aussie manufacturer, but aren't the rules of OzBargain to actually give an example of what the bargain is? Firstly 10% doesn't seem like much of a discount and also off what price? No idea.

    Just objectively, under normal circumstances this post would have been downvoted.

    • 10% off is better than the RRP. I see many deals that get upvoted on Ozbargain these days which are RRP or back in stock deals. As well as being Australian made means you have a tendency for better quality products.

      • Thanks lonewolf. Appreciate your considered and sensible response. I totally agree that something is better than nothing but it also may not qualify in my definition of a bargain. I also don't agree with RRP "deals" - they're not deals - maybe forum worthy for those wanting to know when something is back in stock.

        The point of Ozbargain is to post actual bargains. I'm merely stating that in order for me to consider whether it is a bargain the deal needs more details - as I would expect from any deal posted on Ozbargain. Then I can decide if I believe the quality and price makes it a bargain in comparison to others in the market. There may be another Aussie manufacturer selling cheaper which would then make this not a bargain.

        • I think maybe therein lies the problem. Probably a lot of people dont know of many aussie manufacturers out there for these kinds of products, I certainly dont. Its a bit like woolies / coles and when they started. I remember some of my friends who worked for Aussie grocery companies ( brands) used to tell me all the time, watch out for Woolies and Coles. They start off by offering these discounted prices to customers but in the background they keep forcing their suppliers to cut prices (one of the big methods would be lowering quality and / or importing from overseas) as well as promoting more and more stock under their own woolies brand. I have a lot of family in UK, 20 years ago they came to sydney and were shocked at how cheap groceries were down here compared to the UK. The last time they came by which was about 7 years ago or so, they were shocked at how pricey groceries had gotten compared to the UK. They would ask me, what had happened that suddenly made groceries so much more expensive when previously it had been cheaper than the UK.

          These days when i walk down the aisles, there is much less variety and choice. More and more woolies own brands, and maybe if i am lucky a couple of third party brands. PReviously there would be 5-10 different brands to choose from. People predicted over time this is exactly what woolies and coles would do, get rid of the smaller players then jack up prices and control all the brands.

          I think perhaps the same thing happened to hardware stores with Bunnings and Masters (although Masters has died). i dont even know where any non-bunnings hardware stores are near me. I think i saw one recently but i cant be sure.

  • Price in title please (forum rules)

  • I clicked cos the thumbnail looked like a tub of ice-cream. FML.

  • Where's the raw material sourced from?

    • Probably the cheapest place possible, Australia. Even China buys it's raw materials from us.

  • Upvote for being Australian Made.

  • OzBargain team - can you add an 'Australian made' checkbox for use when creating bargains? Create another category where you can browse and support Australian made! Important now more than ever!