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PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station - $49 C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


The PS5 DualSense charging station released today, and JB seem to be the only store with stock available in stores. I know this will be a controversial deal (cue OzRRP comments) but it is actually a whole 95 cents off the standard price, so…

Really this is for those who want one now, on release day, and couldn't get a pre-order. No other store I could find online still has stock, I just went to my local JB and they had them behind the counter.

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  • So is there any actual benefit to buying this one over any of the non-Sony branded very similar looking ones on Amazon? Do these do fast charging or anything? $50 seems pretty expensive if it’s basically just a piece of plastic with usb passthrough.

    • I hear you. But i think its one of those quality of life things with these products. Ive used an off brand for PS4 and was never really happy with it (controllers not sitting right, spotty usb connections at times). I plan on picking one of these up to avoid that and keep the cable clutter to a minimum.

    • i will look like one full set~

    • The controllers just slot into place without any effort. Some third party docks do this too.

      Other docks require you line up the the USB port on top of the controller.

      Build quality.

    • It comes with an AC wall plug, so you don't have to have your console USB ports powered.

      All the generic ones I've found either use USB as a power source (need to be plugged in to the console and ports powered) or use USB-C to connect to the controller (rather fiddly, and means the controller usually goes in upside down). With this official dock the controller just sits on the charging contacts on the bottom of the controller - it's a more elegant solution and complements the aesthetic of the console IMO.

      Never thought I'd be one to buy a $50 plastic charging dock, but here I am. It is a nice piece of kit.

      • Thanks, didn’t realise that it had to be powered by an AC through power port. 😃

        Don’t have a spare power port free so will probably stick with a cheap USB one on eBay for $8.

    • I got the last gen one. It's first party build quality that you're paying for here. The most significant one for me is the weight, cheap 3rd party ones just slide and is flimsy.

    • It depends on the quality. I am still using officially licensed off brand ps4 controller charger and it works perfectly after 7 years.

  • I got this and a controller for $150 with $50 cash via zip pay at harvey norman. Was wondering how long the charger dock would take.

    • Hey, I ordered that as well (but with lattitude). When did you get yours? Mine is still pending :(

      • Mine was probably with latitude, i forget. Haven't had the pickup notification yet, grabbed the controller on release though

      • I did the same. Nothing from HN yet but I might head in tomorrow morning.

      • Also got this with the $50 off Latitude deal and received email from HN this morning confirming ready for pick up (South west Sydney).

        Picked up the controller that it was ordered with a few weeks back

  • I bought one for the PS4 and it lasted me the entire generation, through two consoles. Happy to spend $50 for this convenience which should last several years.

    • I agree with you. Also, Kids try to plug into the USB port eventually damaging the controller. This is Worth it.

  • why this over my included USB cable which plugs into my usb outlet

  • cant even get a PS5.. :(

  • This might be a stupid question, but is the constant AC power coming through the dock ok for the battery life of the controller? I like how the console USB charging turns off after 3 hours to prevent unnecessary power being supplied.

    • I assume there is some smart charging but not sure.

    • There is smart charging. Once the controllers' batteries are full it'll stop charging.

    • The controller would drop the current down to a trickle to stop the battery from overcharging. Just like your phone or many other battery powered smart devices.

    • Thanks all for the replies. Wasn’t sure if it would ha e the smart capabilities to stop charging once battery full or not. Glad to hear it does.

  • Plenty available at the Good guys

  • What's the point of these when you can just charge through USB cable?

    • if you have 2 controllers you dont need to keep swapping the usb cable to each control. which is annoying

    • Convenience.
      Frees up the USB ports on the PS5.
      I have a power socket near my coffee table next to the couch, so I charge my controllers on the coffee table and it looks neater.

      As others have said, you can charge two controllers. Less wear on USB port. I’m sure there are many benefits for this.

    • This guy over here uses one power point to charge all his eneloops

  • Sweet, didn’t know it was in stock now. Will grab one.

  • +2 votes

    Never really understood the hype around these.. I have two controllers and one sits charging via cable when I'm using the other.. but I mean all the power to you guys haha

    • Yep, I use one and have the other one charged with the USB cable.

      When I have 4 controllers I just buy a cheap USB one on eBay to keep the two charged in background…Better to put the $49 towards another controller.

  • Good guys has stock of both the headsets and docks people. You can’t order online but you can check store stock! My brother just picked up 2 headsets for him and a friend at a brisbane good guys.

    • Is this the pulse 3d headset? Been looking for those but don't seem to be in stock anywhere!

      • Yes, Good Guys have the pulse in store but you need to call up. I just got one.

        • Thanks, picked one up from JB. Had to get the guy at my local to find a store with stock. Looks like each store in NSW only got 2-5 items of stock.

  • Thanks; I had no idea they hadn't been released yet and was wondering why they seemed sold out everywhere / selling for massive markups on eBay.

    I almost considered buying a cheap third party one on Amazon/eBay but they look so dodgy. My genuine PS4 controller charger still works great after 7 years, so I think it is worth it to spend roughly double the price on the genuine one.

  • Less wear on USB port

    LOL what kind of excuses is that?

    Easy solution: USB cable with magnetic plug

    My headphones, controllers, rechargeable remote, tablet, phone, etc has a magnet plug bit attached on each, just swap cable in between with ease. It cost less than $50.

    • Dam, I actually have never heard of this? Cheers mate.

    • It isn't an excuse, it's a plain fact. You will sustain less wear on the USB port over using the provided USB cable. This doesn't mean it's required (just take care when plugging things in), nor that a magnetic cable won't achieve the same result. The charging station does also maintain the PS5 aesthetic, provides a decent holder, and is powered by an external power source which depending on preference may be considered benefits. I hardly think most people paying $750+ on a console are too worried about the extra $50 though.

      • Aka expensive gimmicks. :)

        Sure charging from external power is much more convenient. Currently im using 5 way Tronsmart charger to charge my DS5, etc.

        For the aesthetic part, im planning to build my charging dock, using Lego technic spare pieces with USB magnetic cable attached on it.

      • Personally don't understand why you would want to have these things out in the open for display. When I'm done with gaming, I put the controller away in the entertainment unit.

        • Maybe some people like to show it off? $750 console! Oh $50 charging dock! Also $218 controllers. :p

          Also just to mention (for fun fact), I wouldn't worry too much for USB-C port to wears out, the controller itself would probably get busted within 6 month from abuses and rages.

          But hey, having a dock will keep your controller in pristine condition then it is good enough to spend $50 I guess. Might as well throw it in a safe lockable fire proof briefcase. Or you can use cheap case like this $10 case from SCA. :D

        • I don’t display my consoles on purpose but I play games entire days (joys of wfh) so the controller runs out of juice pretty quickly with rumble turned on. It is currently annoying for me to plug and unplug every 4 hours as I swap controllers.

          A stand like that would make sense as I rotate through my controllers.

  • I'm still waiting on my pre-order for this from Harvey Norman! Meh..

  • +2 votes

    It's a shame after the DS4 they didn't think that maybe they should fix the short battery life on their controller.

  • Well looks like I’m buying my ps5 console a piece at a time.

  • I would have gotten this from JB today but Amazon just shipped my pre-order for one. Thanks OP

  • Thanks for the post OP!! Was coincidentally researching these yesterday, wondering when they'd be on sale!

    Already spent $750 on the console, what's another $50 bucks when it will serve you for many many years to come and is as reliable as you can get being a genuine Sony product.

  • Thanks for the Post! managed to snatch one up!

  • Wish this was a single instead of dual.

  • Got one. Thanks. Forgot to pre-order one earlier. These things are a godsend if you don't keep your console in rest mode and the controller plugged in (which I never do, in case of a power outage).

    Have the genuine PS4 one too, they are fantastic. Don't go for a "cheapie"!

    The Sony ones are much better quality for another $20:

    • They charge faster over AC, not USB.
    • Magnetically grab the controller and lock it in as you drop it into the slot.
    • Face right side up unlike a lot of the third party ones where they charge upside down which looks dumb.
    • Are weighted so you don't pull the whole thing when you take the controller out.
    • Look stylish in your entertainment unit unlike the cheap plastic looking third party ones.

    Plus who knows how poorly designed the cheap ones are. I've heard horror stories about third party Nintendo Switch docks ruining systems and over charging batteries.

  • Anyone in Melb got any info from HN for the 3d pulse headset from the latitude pay order from almost 2 months ago?

  • Any updates on the PS5 orders?

  • My girlfriend just bought the @Play branded dual charging station from EB, and I was wondering if I should return to swap for this.

    Until now I didn't know the official one was AC powered though, so I may just stick to what we have. It works well and automatically shuts off after 3hrs charge like the standard cable however, they are pretty much the same price so if using another power socket was no dramas for you, I reckon the official PS5 dock is the way to go.

    Good find OP!

  • I've bought one today in-store at The Good Guys ~ they still have 5-6 in stock where I am (CBR)