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GALAX GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (1-Click OC) $699 + Delivery @ SaveOnIT


For those looking for a launch stock RTX 3060 Ti, this looks like the best price I can find.

More than 10 available at the time of posting.

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    A bit closer to the USD $399 plus GST Nvidia advertised these at.

    • Nvidia announced RRP in Aus market as $688, so it's pretty close. Most retailers start at $749.

      • So this time they used AIB prices. That’s better.

        • Nope, that initiation has been in place from the start, and no one can explain why it exists in full.

          Buy a card with an international warranty from the US if you can. You'll still have money via freight forwarding, or get a huge savings via Amazon AU marketplace.

  • Not bad .. considering its AIB card and basically a 2080 Super .. perfect 1440p card for those who want high fps at that res!

    • I think so. Slightly better value than 3070, given 3070 pricing is still a bit inflated.

    • Can these cards handle virtual ultra widescreen at 1440p

      • kind of

        3060ti can be OCed to 3070 but you may wanna spruce for the higer models for more frames

      • I've got a 2070 super on an ultrawide 1440p 144hz monitor and i'm averaging 90 fps, its certainly enough fps for me and if its a game I really wanna hit 144hz in i'll just drop settings to medium, but yeah a 3060ti should do fine at ultrawide 1440p.

        • I've got 3070 on 144hz 1440p monitor and some games can't hit 144fps on ultra.

          Like AC Valhalla I get about 70.

          I think I need 3080 or 6800 xt for that, may be get 90 to 100 fps.

        • I have 5700xt and get 115-120 frames mostly on medium settings for BFV and only at few occassions frames reach 144. Surprised 2070 super cant do that either. Which game you play?
          For me, the game is playable. Funny thing is card is sitting at 90% , CPU is 50% and 16 GB RAM around 80-90 %, so not sure what else is bottle necking. I am happy with current settings though.
          Old game like BF4 gives me over 160 frames.

          • @Gaggy: If you don't mind medium setting. I personally like playing on Ultra setting if it runs above 60fps.

            • @fidelio: Ultra setting was never smooth. For few demanding scenes, frames will drastacally drop in ultra settings for BFV. I had to put them to medium for smoother play experience.

  • $400US = $543AU + 10% GST = $597.30AU so $100 over RRP… i think waiting for prices to get back to RRP or better at some point next year would be a smart move.

    • Each to their own. 3060 Ti seems to be having a much better launch, so it's a good time to snatch current-gen graphic for those wanting to upgrade.

    • i'd agree but it's 2020 and everything is out of stock or marked up … MSRP should have been around $649 but yeh.. this is close enough to the $688 and its just released unless it's a pile of garbage no manufacturer is going to discount a card under its MSRP .. (they probably wont even do it next year untill next versions are announced)

    • From what I understand, unless nvidia slash their own chip prices, none of the AIB boards will be reaslitically near the RRP unless its a very shoddy design. Theyve mentioned that just from a materials cost point of view nvidias RRP is pretty much unachievable if they want any sort of real margin and still put out a good product.

    • You forgot shipping and logistics costs, import duty, brokerage fees and quarantine fees - all which are ridiculously high right now. You also forgot that businesses require margins to operate. Typical retailers probably get 15-20% off MSRP, and after all the expenses required to bring the product into the country, the margins are essentially (profanity) all.

    • Plus GST, customs/import duty, and other distribution fees…

  • Hmm…. this OC boost is less than the MSI twin reference boost.

    The 3070 was 809, and at 80% of the performance we should be looking closer to 650.

  • Add $14.33 if paying through paypal or credit card. Total $730.94 including delivery and surcharge.

  • Highly recommend SaveOnIT. I ordered a 3080 an hour after launch with PLE, and ended up cancelling it a week and a half later and ordering with SaveOnIT instead after I realised PLE would've had thousands of orders to fulfill before mine. Got my card a month after ordering at SaveOnIT.

    • Yeah my experience was positive too. I got my 3070 at a decent price at that time.

    • yeah maybe this scalping pricing has something to do with why people order on PLE rather than on other scalping sites - including this one.

      https://www.ple.com.au/Products/643062/eVGA-GeForce-RTX-3080... $1,199

      https://www.saveonit.com.au/product/evga-10g-p5-3885-kr-rtx3... $1,529

      worse than scumtec.

      no thanks.

      • Yeah I can't explain that, the price I paid at the time was the same as PLE.

      • PLE have a deal with EVGA and get stock with them.

        Other retailers are too small and probably cant deal direct with them and they have to go through a supplier. Theyve been dealing with them and being forced to buy a mobo (which dont sell well) to get a gpu. Probably selling them at the price they bought both

      • At least these guys are being more authentic and not taking orders which they can't fulfil. They can probably controll demand for EVGA cards as not many will pay that much.

        I was on the PLE queue, but having waited almost two months with no ETA, and the fact that they are still taking orders for EVGA, not sure if I can support their business practice (i.e. taking orders when they know there is no chance to fulfilling them) anymore.

        • they're as upfront about that as much as possible - about the waiting times, fulfilment rate, and last unfulfilled order date. you place an order to simply join the queue of people waiting. I don't see how that's unfair.

          Would you prefer the USA model where you can only place an order when its in stock for several seconds every few weeks when restock comes in, rather than a queue system? no thanks.

          more importantly, you can cancel and get a full refund at any time.

          if you want to support price scalpers and pay an extra 28% for your card, its your choice - but there's nothing "unauthentic" about PLE.

          • @lawyerz: As I said OP is just salty they overpaid for a 3080 because they didn’t get in the very front of the queue and was impatient. Now they’re claiming all MSRP is fake news.

            • @ATangk: I didn't overpay for 3080. Cuz PLE can't fulfil my order which was selling for MSRP.

              What's the point of selling something for MSRP but have no stock

              • @fidelio: so it's better to sell something over MSRP and still have no stock??

                • @lawyerz: If there are people willing to pay more to get it, why not.

                  According to your logic, you shouldn't pay anything lower than MSRP? I am sure you will be the first in line.

                  • @fidelio: lol i give up. cant understand what logic is being applied here.

                    Shop A pricescalps consumers, sells same product for 30% over other retailers. Doesn't have any stock.

                    Shop B sells product closer to MSRP, Doesn't have any stock and has a queue.

                    you: Shop A is more authentic than shop B!
                    me: ????

                    Anyway, we're all in the same market, and a free market at that. you're most welcome to buy from any retailer you see fit, even from ebay or gumtree for any price you like. shrug.

                    • @lawyerz: How is Shop A (PLE) more authentic, when they can't even sell the stuff they are taking money for?

                      I think we just agree to disagree. You keep waiting, I will enjoy my 3070 which I bought at a slight premium ($929) and move on with my life.

                      I plan to buy 3080 or 6800XT when the price is reasonable. Not sure who the winner or loser is here.

                  • @fidelio: Scalper logic. Okay mate.

                    • @ATangk: Don't tell me, tell the scalpers. Doesn't matter how much you winge the fact is you won't find 3080 at MSRP for a long time. Wake up.

                      • @fidelio: You’re supporting scalpers by paying more. There are plenty of people who received them at MSRP. Just because you didn’t doesn’t make you special and give you the right to complain.

                        • @ATangk: You gonna have to wait a while to not support the scalpers by your logic. You won't see 3060/3070/3080/3090 lower than MSRP, may be until the cards are updated with Super, or 4xxx series come out.

                          I am curious, what card are you using? And how much did you pay?

                          • @fidelio: MSRP 6800.

                            Also, theres a difference between MSRP and reference MSRP. There is no way a Strix is going to be FE MSRP, but buying a FTW3 for $1500 when another retailer sells it for around $1200 is the scalp.

                            • @ATangk: So you are claiming you paid $949 for 6800.

                              What are your thoughts on 6800 is $579 in US, which is AU$ 780. Do you feel ripped off?

                                • @ATangk: I knew you gonna say that. 10% GST = 858. Still few dollars short, genius?

                                  Or, did I forget to say Gerry tax?

                                  • @fidelio: The other thing you didnt account for is that AUD has been around 0.7 for most of the year, when prices would have been determined.

                                    • @ATangk: Fair enough, use 0.7, $827 + GST. I think still few dollars short.

                                      What else did I forget? Professor?

                                      • @fidelio: Sorry, did your beloved deal of 3060 Ti pass the test either? Lets see.

                                        At $399, the 3060 Ti +GST only goes to $593 AUD. Hmm, 699? Wheres your $100 difference.

                                        Using 0.7. US$399 is $570 + GST = $627. I dont see that the price of your deal is $627. I think you're still a few dollars short.

                                        What else did I forget? Professor?

                                        I forgot to add I got mine for MSRP, no fees and no delivery fee either. Unlike yours which has both. And your 3080 which came with a $300 scalper fee.