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[Refurb] Dell Latitude E6540 Intel i7-4600M/4610M, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD, FHD Display from $466 Delivered @ PCstoremelbourne eBay


We just listed the following laptop in our store so thought to share with ozbargain group. Laptop specs:

Windows 10 64 bit
Intel Core i7-4600M or i7-4610M(randomly selected)
Mobile Intel QM87 Express chipset
Full HD(1920x1080)display
AMD Radeon HD 8790M Graphics + Intel HD Graphics
USB Ports
Battery, AC adaptor and Power cable included

This laptop will come with 3 months warranty. Please feel free to ask questions through ebay messaging system and we will try to respond promptly.

ABN 45 975 754 766

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  • Wow a DVD RW!

  • LOL what the.. i have one at home from a previous job, we were getting rid of them as they were too old… i moved on from the job 5 years go… jeez didnt know they were worth anything let alone $400+

    • These still got plenty of power for day to day usage, especially with a SSD. But no way is it worth 400+, 200-300 range is more plausible.

      • yeh… still haha mine has ssd in it but its pretty much done… i dont know if i'd even pay 200 .. lol actually i wouldnt.. haha

        • I'm looking for something like this for a senior citizen.

          His current laptop is barely surviving and by that I mean it takes 10 minutes to open anything but it still works but typing an email takes about 45 minutes no joke.

          Also we lost the administrator password so we can't do any real system changes so I gotta find him a new laptop preferably light weight or small or rugged because he destroys things slowly through old age negligence.

          Yeah if you have one or two around I'll buy them off ya for an ozbargain ripper price :)

          Postage would be to Katoomba NSW 2780.

          • @AlienC: Hi mate…let me see if anything is being thrown out at work that may be better than this. Sorry saw this when I got home.. Also need to try and dig the Dell I have at home out… In the middle of renovation and packed everything away. Will PM you 😊

            Also I won't be selling anything I find that may be useful for you… Covering postage is fine. No guarantees though Hehe

            • @scud70: Thanks appreciate it man yeah just let me know the postage cost or whatever happy to compensate you.

              Your time and generosity is also worth something not just the product.

          • @AlienC:

            we lost the administrator password

            There's boot discs that has tools to blank out or remove windows admin password.

            Google hirens bootcd

            Here's the instructions video how to use it.


  • If memory serves me correctly the hinges are the weakest point of these older / heavier laptops — lots of clue-less staff members used to carry the laptops by their top lids which would eventually cause the hinge to crack. and I had the joy of fixing it.

    • I prefer to think less caring than clueless. They don't care as its not theirs. They did not pay for it.

      • Still to me a lack of respect.

        Even when I use something that's not mine I still try to take care of it as well and for as long as I can.

        People think that just because it's work they can bs and not care for it.

        Then the same people wonder why we can't have nice things.

        World of trogs.

    • hahaha damn your right.. but i can beat you .. you want bad hinges? try these… inspiron4000 …. i even taught the dell tech how to change them .. every single one of these we owned broke…

  • Absolute crap deal. This isn't refurbished if you can't promise X percent battery life etc, it's just tested.

    You can get something like https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/6k5d brand new for the same price. Yes it's plasticy and not that fast but you get a real warranty, new battery etc

    ..No CD drive though :<

    Edit https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/inspiron-15-300... is probably better for $550 with LOVEKEANU

    • I just need a laptop that can do Skype, zoom, YouTube, email and check banking that's it.

      Small if possible.

      Something like this but much much cheaper.

      • Look at Chromebooks if you want something really basic.

        I'd stay away from 'refurbs' more than a few years old.

        • Can chrome books do all of the below

          • Skype
          • Zoom
          • install non google software

          For some reason I have this notion that Chrome books can only run Chrome like not even Firefox or Opera etc and only google software and not anything else.

          Is this true?

          • @AlienC: Couple of ways to do it, you can use the Web App version, run Android apps on a Chromebook, or even install Linux applications (a little trickier). Popular services like Skype and Zoom should be easy.

            But yeah double check the programs that are essential to you work well first.

            • @Merlict: Might be too complicated for the person I am getting this for.

              So my fears were true you can only use Google play store stuff or Web apps via Chrome.

              Yeah pretty closed environment but I think it should do everything.

              There should be image editors and some counterpart for something I might be looking for.

  • hmmm i7-4600m

    7 year old processor -
    despite being an "i7".. its a dual core, quad threads machine..
    a lot worse that the current i3 desktops..

    Paying a few hundred dollars more for a new recent machine.. would be recommended….

  • These things are still worth money? Was expecting them to be like $250 max.

  • Should be $200, not $400. No deal here.

  • $400 4th gen, you are joking.

  • How is this a deal? This model is pretty heavy also.

    Quick search on eBay, I found this 14inch, 6th Gen i7 for $485.


    And it comes with a Dock and Webcam

  • This cost 100 more but is new and has full https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583963

  • I have used 4th gen CPU laptop for more than 6 years.
    Frankly, they still ok if you add on SSD with them. I am still using them to complete my assignments and even playing games on Steam.
    But I don't think they worth 400$, and from my experience the temperature of the CPU is hot and the fan just keeps booming.

    • Btw one of my classmates once told me that I could use the fan of my laptop as a heater during the Winter. haha

  • To think this is closer to $500 than it is to $400… for a 4th gen processor.