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Dell Black Friday Sale - Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop w/ 15.6" FHD, R5 3450U, 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD $557.06 Delivered


This is part of Dell Black Friday sale with up to 40% off selected laptops (which is different from their current outlet sale). This Inspiron 15 3505 features last-gen Ryzen mobile processor and are $598.99 delivered. Here are the specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3450U CPU + Radeon Vega 8 GPU
  • 8GB RAM (2x SODIMM)
  • 256GB NVMe SSD (1x 2.5" bay + 1x M.2 slot)
  • 15.6" FHD WVA display
  • 1.83kg

Everything about this laptop spells "cheap". There's no USB-C port, but 1x USB 2, 2x USB 3, 1x 100Mbps ethernet, 1x HDMI 1.4 port. Display is probably indoor only at 220nit WVA panel. However at less than $600 it's probably also one of the cheapest new laptop you can get with full HD screen and respectable CPU performance.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +9

    $557.06 with LOVEKEANU

    • +1

      But you would most likely lose the 10% cashback

      • +3

        10% Cashback (closer to 9% since it only applies to pre-GST value) which will take weeks to receive and may fail or 7% off straight away. I’d rather the latter (but I’d checkout with Cashrewards just in case it works)

        • +1

          Yep a bit of hassle but if you are claiming tax it might be worth it.

        • +2

          I agree, upfront 7% is better, especially given that both cashback services don't payout all legit purchases unless you spend the time appealing & providing proof of purchase etc.

  • +1

    if only this was 14…

    at $600 you gotta live with the fact it isnt all that cutting edge

    1 USB 2.0 port
    2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports
    1 Headset (headphone and microphone combo) port
    1 RJ45 - 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
    1 HDMI 1.4 port
    1 Power-adapter port

    edit: how does this only have 10/100!!!!

      • -2

        Theres a lot to unpack there. ON the one hand I can see how no one cares about GbE on a laptop.

        Also the cost difference btw. a 10/100 and a GbE part cant be that much in this day and age.

        FURTHER, I would say they may as well just leave it off and make users buy their own usb3 -> GbE dongle???

        But in a 15" you expect an rj45 but on an 11-13 ultrabook maybe not???

        • +2

          You'd never expect to see 10/100 in 2020, let alone 2019 or 2018 even. The price difference would be so tiny what difference does it make? To me it seems they had an excess of old 10/100 network adapters and stuck them in instead of writing them off.

          • @Clear: I spoke to Dell Support and they confirmed 10/100, truly bizarre.

          • +3

            @Clear: It's like deliberately making certain products inferior to lure the customers to purchase more expensive variants.

            • @scotty: They have to be as I just noticed it's Windows 10 Home S Mode. Why do they even bother with that when it's a few clicks to become normal home? I'm not sure if it's even cheaper for an OEM to do, otherwise you'd think they do it on all of them.

        • +1

          I would say it probably costs MORE to get legacy 10/100 adapters these days. Feels like Dell is just giving users the finger.

    • What the hell!? The last time I had a 10/100 port was on my 2008 Dell Inspiron 1720. Welcome back to the late 2000's baby!

    • This is a rather low spec laptop - 10/100 ethernet and USB 3.2 gen1 (5Gb), but price is pretty good.

  • +5

    You look at that and then for a few hundred less you see this crap and think wow some people are really getting ripped off.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573584

      What about this one.

      $50 cheaper, same company but superior in every way

      • +2

        Further proof how much TGG, HN, OW etc. really rip off people with these craptops. That's quite an impressive deal for a budget laptop.

        • +3

          $330 is absolutely stonking deal for a 3000 series basic ryzen laptop

          $330 is absolute ripped extraordinare for a Celeron 1.1 pile of crap

          same shell - diff. guts

    • +1

      a celeron still exist? wat the heck?

      • Not everyone in the world needs a i7.

        • There's i5 or even i3.. but celeron. No. Just no. Dont do it to yourself.

          • @xoom: And there is a Pentium - which is perfectly adequate for many users.

  • So about $540 after cashback.

    With the current shopback promotion, should be possible to get an $800 for $620, but idk if there's a model out there worth that $80 difference. Was looking through all those Dell refurbs on the outlet store but…think I might just get this

  • Good for year7 school kid?

    • 15.6 is abit of a clunker to put in a backpack. 13" is ideal.

    • Yes this more then meets the minimum systems requirement for year 7 as they mainly do word processing.

      • +1

        How about the battery 3-Cell, 42 WHr? Is it enough to last 6-8 hours in the school?

        • +1

          Probably not 6-8 hours continuous use, maybe 4. But I'm sure they'll have chargers etc and not be using it a straight 6 hours

      • Thanks, oh good point about the screen size

    • Go with a smaller screen laptop which should last longer than 6hrs, and will be easier to carry as it will weigh less than this.

  • Do you think this will be good for YouTube editing/video editing? Nothing serious or in 4k just for mum in law to do her home projects. I was looking at the HUAWEI Matebook D 15 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B086XRYSSR/?coliid=I25IKMJ69TBP... which is supposed to be $799 as part of amazon black Friday sale but are these two laptops virtually the same in terms of performance?. Couldn't find much reviews or comparisons vids out there. thanks.

    • +1

      Eh, it isn't going to break any records, and the final render of compiling the videos into will take a while (which always does really) but it'd do the job of just basic cutting of various phone videos and some simple titles in there no prob.

      Main issue you / she'll have is lack of storage space for video editing. So as long as the clips are deleted after editing and uploading to youtube, no worries; alternatively get an external hdd (ssd if she wants to video edit off it)

      As far as the one you linked, grab this one, near identical specs for half the price.

      Just my two cents, solid lappy for the price.

      • thanks for the advice really appericate it will go with this one then. yeah i will need to get her a external drive in the future.

    • How could you know this would be 799? I may miss some posts here

      • I saw it on a post a few days ago, with a bunch of amazon deals for black Friday but i cant find the post anymore so maybe it was a fake rumour.

    • are these two laptops virtually the same in terms of performance


  • If i pay through chat for next day delivery, do i no longer get cashback?

    • Curious, if I may ask did you use the code for 7% or cashback for 10%?

      • +1

        Cashback for 10%. I decided not to use chat just in case. I'm not in a hurry, but did use cashrewards instead of shopback as people say they're less hassle? Of course if I got >$800 product I'd use shopback.

        • Thanks :) . Was on the fence myself and trying to decide if the $17 difference is worth the dispute if the CB fails. Have decided it's worth the risk. Have had tracking issues with both CR and SB in the past, but both have been quick and good sorting it out.

          Also taking a screencap of the CR rate on their website today, just in case need to send it to them in the future.

  • Anyone knows is this laptop support dual-monitors? (with laptop own screen off)

    • -1

      Yes of course, via the HDMI port to an external monitor. You can also have both the laptop and external monitor screens on at the same time.

      • +1

        he wants to run dual monitor setup + laptop monitor

        So 2 x Monitor + Laptop screen

        He will also need a USB to HDMI converter to run the 2nd external monitor


        • Oops my bad, have a +!
          Would you happen to know how many of this kind of adapter you can have at the same time, like one for each USB port plus one from the inbuilt HDMI, so the lappy can support more than two monitors together?

        • Thanks, my current old laptop only has 1 usb 3.0 port, you reckon it also support dual-monitors with this comverter?

          • @noodlefan: Yes I don't see why not. My work PC Dell optiplex is running off a USB to HDMI converter aswell to display 2 monitors

            • @Homr: Thanks a lot, this puzzled me for months.

              • @noodlefan: Can you let us know if it works? Seems like you'd need a docking station for $150 - $200 for it to work properly and display a quality picture. The hdmi convertor isn't plug and play either as you need to install some software. At that point I might just pay $700 for the other deal with type c and slightly better processor

  • +1

    Thanks Scotty. I am surprise you have time to post!

  • +1

    How long is the battery life, roughly?

  • +1

    Good find Scotty!

  • Ordered this morning and it shipped this afternoon to arrive tomorrow morning. That's pretty good!

  • Can anyone tell me if this laptop @ $1099 is a more reasonable deal (on their black friday catalogue)?


  • Can this laptop add an extra SSD?

    • I think it has an extra 2.5" bay.

  • Anybody know how the warranty works with Dell?

    • you get 1 yr default warranty and get extra onsite warranty to make it 2/3ys. and you pay for the extra warranty.
      Their online/onsite support is really good.

  • League of legends on this? Lol

  • having trouble confirming, does this laptop have 2 memory slots or just 1? would be nice to have it upgradable to 16gb
    "8GB RAM (2x SODIMM)"

    • If you search the spec for Inspiron 15 3505 on the internet, you'll find that it has 2x SODIMM slots.

      • yeah i did search the internet, that's where my research was inconclusive…
        even the Dell site itself does not provide this info about it's own unit.

        • Here:

          Memory slots Two-SODIMM slots
          Memory type DDR4
          Memory speed 2400 MHz
    • Dell web chat open now, they confirmed 2 slots upgradable to 16gb, so all good.

  • my mum is using an old dell laptop with an AMD-A10 processor from a few years back.

    This will eat it alive in terms of performance yes?

  • Does anyone know if you open up the back of the dell to add in the extra Ram void the warranty? and would the following ram but suitable to add into the laptop? https://www.amazon.com.au/Crucial-Single-PC4-19200-260-Pin-C... thanks

  • Crap, I accidentally ordered two of these, couldn't cancel cos it didn't show up on the website order page. I should've just called customer service, now I have a laptop in my house I don't need…
    Apparently their returns policy would only give me credit back and is shipping at my own expense? Anyone know any other options? :/

    • What? Way I read their TCs I thought we had the right to 15 day return https://www.dell.com/learn/au/en/aucorp1/policies-returns .
      Except they have the right to dock "15% restocking + shipping fees" which is huge.
      I'd be sweet talking the order support line and offering to drive the unopened parcel back to their warehouse.

      • Yeah that 15% isn't pretty.
        If they insist on it I guess I'll just try reselling :/

    • They're offering free pickup.

  • Anyone pay by paypal and have the payment processing for a long time?

  • Thank you for the deal, Scotty. And thank you for the comments, guys. I'll pull the trigger! :)

  • Any noticed it heats up quite a bit?

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