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PlayStation 5 Console (Disk Version) $749.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Won't last long get in quick

Maybe gone by time I post this

EDIT: Sold out in 8 minutes.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Fell asleep watching some horrible tv show and wake up to this 😭

    • +1

      Lesson learnt for next time. Don’t watch horrible tv shows to avoid falling asleep.

  • You ruined my weekend, why didn’t you wake me up 😭
    Now I am going to post round a clock guard on Amazon 🤣

  • I wonder what the people who buy from scalpers do for warranty?

    • if they have receipts then it should be ok. Can say it was a gift. Not that I am recommending scalpers, but I have bought stuff from gumtree in the past assuming it is the case. 😬

    • Amazon has gift receipt, same as the normal receipt for warranty purposes

      • Wow thanks for this didn't even know about it.

    • Sold mine with EB Games receipt. Just remove your personal details.

  • Anybody order from this and get charged this morning? Didnt ship though.

    • It charges once it ships

    • Got charged as well, believe it should ship soon

      • Spoke to Amazon, they are sending out authorisations

        • Did you ask Any more stock coming

          • @qzcbmo: Firstly, I got one so I don't need to know that. Secondly, Amazon chat won't release any information. They couldn't even tell me if there was going to be stock on release day (to save me staying up all night).

            From watching trends in EB Games 2021 allocations and overseas. I would keep your eyes peeled. Sony is trying to get as many of these out prior to Christmas.

  • For those missing, just look at the bright side guys, which is

    • You saved $750!

  • How did people know about this if Amazon alerts aren’t working properly?

    • coz we didnt get alerts…duh

      • +1

        People have certain twitter and facebook pages setup for notifications, once people post about it they know. The Amazon alerts are useless, have had them prior to release day and haven't seen them pop up once.

        • How do they do that? Python?

  • +1

    Lesson learned last night : Buy first then Read / Comment later.

    • +1

      That's No.1 rule in OZB since first day!

  • So much for push notifications, I have the android client installed and notifications turned on for both consoles and was never notified. How is everyone watching stock? Bots?

    • +1

      By never closing the page and hitting F5 every second.

  • Controller Charger is now gone, was instock

  • My PS5 Digital bought last night has shipped just now

    • So wanted a disc one

      • Same :(

  • +1

    Disc version has been shipped with an estimated arrival date of the 14th.
    Lets go!

    • +1

      it won't take that long…

      • Not too sure, it is Australia post.

        • +1

          101% better than that shit show called couriers please

          • @00000000: amazon's own courier is the shittest. They put my airpods pro in company's mailbox on Sunday night which is searched by theft every single day

            • @qzcbmo: I've noticed recently all my Amazon deliveries have been via a dude in a random sedan with tracking TBAUXXXX. Must be their private courier company. Sometimes delivered on weekends too

              • @cyrax83: That is so called AMAZON which is a courier company — I reckon Amazon sub contracts them.

          • @00000000: Mine was Couriers Please..

  • Digital just shipped, Disc pending

    • Welcome aboard.

      • Thanks Captain

    • lol you were quick enough to get 2? My Digital just got shipped as well but through Aus Post and not their own delivery drivers. Theyre probably worried it might go "missing" during the delivery.

  • there are only like 250~ PS5 on ebay. It's time to accept that it's a hot product and a lot of purchases were genuine?

    • +2

      Ýeah Sony's already won this generation. Just means we're gonna get some really good games for our console and probably good amount of exclusives.

  • +2

    I know a lot of people have mentioned this already but I figure it’s worth adding my experience as another data point…

    I called three JB HiFi in Melbourne this morning and asked if they had any available stock (cancelled orders).

    Within 3 hours I was called back and I had a disc version put aside. Just collected it (and used 15 x discounted $50 Him gift cards 😉).

    It’s worth calling around, rather than waiting until Feb for pre-orders to re-open.

    • +4

      Yep, you tried and you got

    • Thanks. Most/all North-West stores are OOS

      • Thanks. Most/all SOUTH EAST stores are OOS

        • +3

          Thanks. Most/all Earth stores are OOS

          • +2

            @cyrax83: Thanks. Most/all The Solar System stores are OOS

            • +1

              @qzcbmo: Thanks. Most/all The Universe stores are OOS

              • @skido: Thanks. Most/all The existence stores are OOS

      • Yet it was a north-west JB store that I got it from 🤷‍♂️

  • Amazon have shipped mine from this 8 minute saga, Couriers Please unfortunately. Says arriving 14/dec but sent today, no updates on tracking from CouriersPlease yet.

    Would prefer shipping by Amazon, but they must be sending straight from Sydney as they arrive.

    • Why does Couriers Please have tracking if they don't even update it.

  • -1

    Managed to get one from Amazon on the second wave last month.

    Paid for express delivery, was shipped on Monday, still hasn't moved from the AusPosts dispatch centre in Brisbane. Startrak and Auspost are useless at the moment.

    • Bought from this deal, prime free shipping. Order was shipped yesterday arvo, delivery scheduled to arrive today before 8pm. Delivery is through Amazon.

      If I were you I'd complain about the extra money spent for only a delayed process. Probably would have been quicker if you chose the free shipping option

  • +4

    I guess I was first to order here and just got mine delivered, its a early Christmas for me!!! :D

    • Yep, would have been the first to order the digital version and got it delivered today. Choose the free shipping option.

  • +1

    Digital got delivered today too! So efficient by Amazon

    • Good on you, GEMBEL!

  • I'm using my parcel locker as delivery address. I don’t think it will get delivered before my holiday starts. Anyone knows how long Auspost will keep a parcel before they send it back to the sender?

    • 14days

  • Received shipping notification yesterday afternoon, looks like coming from Brisbane

  • Maybe there would be more stock from AmazonAU tonight?

    • +1

      why would you think that?

    • source?

    • Just guessing, no source

      • Need source mate. Otherwise dish is plain

        • maybe because xbox s x get new stock just 10 mins ago. so people feel ps5 may get the chance

  • Any chance to restock before Xmas?

    • Stores that sell it all say next stock drop is March/April

      • Wow March/April!

        • But you never know when Amazon could surprise us next cause nobody was expecting them to drop stock in December.