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10% off ValueHall Mini Electric Fly Swatter $18.89 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ EgogoAU Amazon AU


Summer is coming, are you worried about mosquitoes?
Hurry up and prepare a useful electric fly swatter for yourself and your family!

Recommend two different electric fly swatters for you:
❥USB charging, effective and easy to carry.
❥With free brushes, easy to clean.
❥Safe to touch, convenient to use.

  1. Mini USB Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter
    10% off with promo code O89AD77Q

  2. Folding USB Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter
    10% off with promo code LJLX36UR

To get the discount, please fill in code before submit order.

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  • Reviewed in Canada on 5 September 2020

    It’s powerful enough to kill a wasp. Perfect for dealing with the deer flies.

    Location checks out.

  • Can you play mosquito tennis with these?

    • Hi, you can use it to kill mosquitoes, flies.

  • +2

    You can normally get these for like a few bucks in a cheap shop

    • Not sure about this one, but the ones from cheap shop are useless, I end up buying one from eBay recently for nearly $30, which claim to have 3000v voltage on the mesh, and it really works

  • +5

    I prefer to use chopsticks.

    • +1

      It sounds funny, but ours is more effective.^_^

    • Mr Miyagi, wax on wax off.

  • There’s not a hope in hell this is worth $19. Five dollars max

    • -1

      The quality of $19 is different from the quality of $5.^_^

      • +1

        They both electrocute mosquitos. How much juice do you need to fry one? Bought it for $2 and sell for $18? This ozbargain old boy.

        • +1

          You have no hope of selling any of these for $18. on ozbargain. USB doesn’t cut the mustard.

  • +1

    I prefer and have one which takes eneloops.

  • Does this injure the flies?

    • +1

      No. it only smokes them.

    • +1

      You will literally smell the smoke coming out of the flies

      • +1

        Which smell better this or Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory & Brown Sugar Bbq Sauce?

        • This for sure, knowing the annoying little s**t is finally gone for good is very satisfying

    • Does this injure the flies?

      No, but it will make sure the flies will not have babies.

    • -1

      He might be ok still: https://youtu.be/FR-sdq18dEA?t=108

  • this can be found cheaper elsewhere.

    • If you need a cheaper one, we also have battery type.

  • +1

    Usually $5 at spudshed

    • Hi, the quality of $19 is different from the quality of $5.^_^

  • Battery ones are cheaper, this one is usb rechargeable, still a hefty price for it though.

    • Our quality is more guaranteed, and it is safer to use.

  • +3

    I'd rather take off my thong and spend an hour chasing it around the house

    • good exercise. kill 2 birds with 1 stone ey..

    • -2

      G-strings kills flies now?

  • +4

    I got a battery operated one from Ebay with the same design as the mesh for $16.45 for 2, works well - flies and moths stand no chance.


    • Yes, a battery operated one is cheaper, ours is USB rechargeable, more eco-friendly and convenient.

  • +8

    Boycott chinese products

  • With slight modification, these make great mouse traps… just sayin'

    • Maybe try it. >_<

  • -3

    In India, you can buy it in $2 easily.

    • That's in India, not Australia. Can't get it shipped from India to Australia for $26…

  • +1

    without commenting on the price, we have one from valuehall that works very well (was needed for the crazy amount of mosquitos we were getting last summer)

    • Thanks for your sharing.

  • Isn't this illegal at least in Victoria? I remember this thing was being displayed long time ago at the Immigration check point to warn people not to bring this in.
    Is this still the case?

    • We have legally cleared the customs and sold normally, you can buy and use with confidence.

  • +1

    OMG this thing is shocking for insects.

    • It will help you get rid of mosquitoes.

  • +1

    Autobarn selling for $9.99

    • Not sure if you’re talking about battery one or USB charging one, the price is different, and we use high-quality ABS material, longer life.

    • +1


      This can use the eneloops from the numerous deals 😁

      • Same as USB recharge. Lol

  • Can this thing now be sold in Australia? I remember years ago we tried buying it from overseas but got stopped by the Australian custom.

    • We have uploaded the relevant security certificates on Amazon and have legally passed customs clearance. You can buy and use them with confidence.^_^

  • +1

    Just wanted to say that it sounds like a good idea but just be aware this makes insects explode their guts at high speed (and probably to areas you don’t want fly guts in) and if you are okay with it, then get this.

  • +1

    Great product but not a bargain. I've bought on multiple occasions as gifts for $5 to $8 from various bargain stores and Asian grocers.

    • Oh, it sounds attractive. But we have confidence that if you buy from our shop, you can use it for long time.

  • The quality of the product is absolutely guaranteed, and the battery has also been verified by Amazon. Please rest assured that our products feel safe and reliable.

  • I brought the non USB version on Amazon - definitely works on flies and mosquitos.. the insects get stuck to the net when they're zapped so they can be easily binned.

    I have had one fly explode though…..

    • The current of our electric mosquito swatter is very stable, and there is no customer feedback that there is such a problem.

  • definitely not a bargain, hubby has one, paid $10 at asian store.

    • Is it a battery operated?

  • I can get this for less than 5$ at the Asian store. Moreover, are there mosquitoes in Australia?

  • Depends on where you live.

  • I found these at my local op shop (brand new) for $3 each.