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[SUBS] Mulan - Free for All Disney+ Subscribers (Was $34.99 for Premier Access)


Australia and China may not agree on a lot of things at the moment, but one thing we can agree on is that Mulan cost a truck load of money to make

As per the What Hi-Fi? site it’s now on general release for all Disney + Subscribers


I cannot confirm the quality of the movie but I know that a lot of people have been waiting for it to fall under the normal Disney+ subscription

Enjoy, and don’t get too political 😂

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  • +127 votes

    it was a joke that they asked for $35

  • Worse than the cartoon in so many ways

    • Where's the little dragon?!

      • no little dragon in the Chinese story at all; it was made up for western audience in the cartoon

        • +11 votes

          It was for American audiences after all, that's why the new movie is such a train wreck, they couldn't decide which audience it was for and ultimately was not for anyone.

        • Yeah now they have the very historically accurate phoneix and historically acted wall jumping and witches glad they stayed true to Chinese culture . I think Chinese people hate this movie too I am pretty sure most Chinese people fell in love with the 1998 classic for the same reason most western audience did. Because it was good had heart and soul and depth . Now it's just how to waste 2 hours without losing any brain cells

        • Name a Disney princess story that doesn’t have personified magic

        • The original ballad is only 15 verses long, you could say not only does Disney's adaptations have to make a lot of things up, the various Chinese adaptations did too.

        • It's a live action remake of their cartoon. So ummm, story bad, needs more dragons!! :P

      • There was a stupid imaginary phoenix instead that didnt talk.

  • +111 votes

    Boycot this ccp movie.

    • What ccp device are you typing on?

      • +21 votes


        • Samsung made in Ccp Muppet 👏

          • +54 votes

            @sathz666: Samsung hasn't made any phones in China since 2019. They all come from Vietnam, South Korea and India now.

            • @Tyrx: Yeah the good places

              • @Iwantthebestprice: 'The Modi-led government has unleashed the might and breadth of its fascist vision on India. What a fine time for India’s public intellectuals to try and find equivalences between the horrors of today and those of yesterday. Indeed, yes, the history of humankind is full of unspeakable brutalities.'

                …..There is the underlying intention to delegitimise Indian Muslims coupled with the fact that for most of India, finding the paperwork required to suddenly prove that you are an Indian citizen will be almost impossible.'

                • @petry: Ok, while your comment make sense I did not intend a movie made for the Chinese to drag in indian relations, let alone Indian Muslim relations.. for my part I support modi I think he is doing good things for India and while I might not agree with all his policies, doing a census for his country is no problem at all, every western civilisation does a census to determine what is needed in particular areas of their administration. Im not indian at all but I still think the progress being made in India is necessary. I dont agree with Muslim cleansing at all but I dont think this what modi is trying to do

                  • @Iwantthebestprice: 'The combination of the Constitution Amendment Act, the National Register of Citizens and the National Population Register is dangerous, divisive and likely to be devastating'

                    all these quotes are from the indian press, so i reckon you are well off the mark…. touting india currently as a good place is trumpism…

                    • @petry: You must a be a typical leftist, Greens party supporter relying on press for feeding you. I am sure you have Zero knowledge about CAA, and the NRC does not even exist- how can you debate on something that doesn't even exist at national level? So my friend go and do some proper reading and educate yourself first.

                      • @bajirao: 'Almost two decades after the 2003 amendment to the Citizenship Act of 1955, the abbreviation ‘NRC’ has become a polarising term, evident during the numerous CAA-NRC protests that happened in India starting December 2020. For a section of the country’s population, the process of NRC, in combination with the 2019 amendment to the Citizenship Act, could lead to loss of citizenship and mass detentions, particularly of Muslims in the country.'

                        'on December 9 2019, the Home Minister himself had told the parliament that “there is no need to create a background for NRC…we are clear that NRC ought to be done in this country, our manifesto is the background…rest assured, NRC is coming”'

                        amazing how reading is left wing these days, that would make right wing those who don't read and are as a consequence completely uninformed…

                    • @petry: Do you really think India would be able to just pass a law removing citizenship from all muslims - more than 130 million people. In your dreams.

                      Don’t fall for Indian press and politicians statements. They just want to incite riots and bring down BJP or Modi by any means necessary.

                      • @rajkmv: ohh and kashmir is also a myth then, so why are the turks moving in then?

                        'turkey, which has previously sent Syrian mercenaries to Libya and Azerbaijan, is preparing to send fighters to Kashmir to fight against India.

                        According to ANF News, which quoted local sources in northern Syria, Abu Emsha, the head of the Turkish-backed Suleyman Shah Brigades terrorist organization that is a part of the so-called Syrian National Army, informed his members five days ago that Ankara wanted to reinforce Kashmir.

                        The head of the terrorist groups, Abu Emsha, said that Turkish officers would later ask the commanders of other terrorist groups to list the names of those who want to go to Kashmir.'

                        modi is not a nice man.

                        • @petry: Everyone has already made an opinion about Modi and nothings going to change it. Any reasoning or points from both sides. This is an ozb site talking about bargains.I am not at all interested in talking politics especially with strangers.

                          I think you should just stick to your theories in Facebook.

                          • @rajkmv: i was just replying to an earlier comment about how india is all…. sorry you don't like factual corrections

                            • @petry: Again it’s your opinions which you have read in places like Facebook. They are not factual corrections. It becomes fact after it has happened. Not before that.

                              On turkey, do you really think they are going to send terrorists to fight in India? They have enough trouble in their own neighbourhood and economy. Even if they did, don’t you think India can’t handle them.

                              • @rajkmv: not opinion - its what being written up around the world in india and elsewhere - you might not want to hear that fact but its true…

                                • @petry: I agree it’s been written by lot of people. It’s their opinions. Not fact.

                                • @petry: If you base your opinions on fake news rather than solid on-the-ground research then God bless you. A blind person can be cured but there is no cure for someone who is pretending to be blind.

                                  • @bajirao: You're so close to winning Sky News Buzzword Bingo!

                                    Leftist - check
                                    Greens - check
                                    Fake news - check
                                    God - check

                                    Bit disappointed you said "press", though, missed an opportunity to squeeze in an "MSM".

                                • @petry: Hmm perty I feel like I remember your username you were the assange lover and destroy the West at any cost etc. And its funny that because I agree with what Modi is doing its "trumpisim" in your words. You obviously lack anything other then the far left media feed you in your daily news articles its no use fighting this any further… move on and stop trying to push your very uneducated left leaning agenda which almost 1 billion people dont agree with… your a keyboard warrior at best

                                  • @Iwantthebestprice: ohh the name calling - how would you like to be tried in court in a glass coffin, and have to crawl on the floor to speak to your brief through a slit in the glass in court?

                                    and the so called judge has pre-written answers to motions that his lawyers haven't yet raised?

                                    its more kafka than a court of justice… deride as much as you like the unwanted truth but thats fascism in action - beat up on anyone who dares to point out the truth.

                                    amazing how reading is left wing these days, that would make right wing those who don't read and are as a consequence completely uninformed…

                      • @rajkmv: It's not like any country ever just decided it could unilaterally round up a group of people and imprison them en masse.

                        I mean except Germany.

                        And the US.

                        And the USSR.

                        And Cambodia.

                        And China….

                        • @GrueHunter: Agree, but think about the numbers here - 130+ million. It’s almost 5 times the population of Australia.

                          Do you really think if they start rounding people they will not protest. There will be huge protests and riots if it ever happens. They will definitely not go as silent as in Germany during 2nd world war. And the world won’t be silent in this case. Do you think other countries will let it just happen in this globalised market economy. Indian economy would crash. We live in a different world compared to 1940’s.

                        • @GrueHunter: Also, don’t read news blindly. News is now presented as an entertainment. Especially Indian news channels (and in USA) all for number of viewers and how to attract more revenue.

                • @petry: If you're so concerned about Muslims and human rights, why don't you tell your Chinese masters to release more than a million Uighurs locked up in concentration camps. They are doing ethnic cleansing on a massive scale in Xinjiang.

                  Now China started doing same to Buddhists in Tibet with building of concentration camps there too. Whatever CCP does is fine but you're more worried about Muslims in your neighbouring countries. Hypocrites!

                  • @Ozama Bean Bargain: your spouting fake news again… and supporting isis - wait that seems right heh?

                    • @petry: Fake news?

                      Says the guy who's country has state controlled media. Xi Jin Pig is feeding you garbage and you think you're most well informed. Go figure.

                      • @Ozama Bean Bargain: since I actually live in australia unlike many of the 77th posting here that genuinely funny….

                        20,000 isis uigher fighters is a fact mate

                        • @petry: If you actually live in Australia can I ask when and why you came here? What’s so good about Australia to make you uproot yourself from your home country?

                          And who the hell is the 77th? I’d love to be enlightened about the group of which I’m supposedly part of.

                        • @petry: You live in Australia yet you don't miss an opportunity to bash it.

                          I'm a first generation immigrant and I won't forget the reason I chose this country to call home and my loyalty to this country is unwavering regardless of political leadership, be it Greens, liberals or labour.

                          It's lucky country and it needs people who actually give a damn about it and want to make it better for future generations than blood sucking parasites.

                          • @Ozama Bean Bargain: facts are facts - you clearly think that ignoring shit is better than pointing out its shit.

                            on that basis all cricketers would now be bowling under arm every over…

                • @petry: I missed that link between Mulan (the Movie), China, India and muslims..can you please help me connect the dots..!?

            • @Tyrx: Where are snapdragon CPU's made?

              Final assembly location is chosen for basically tax purposes. But if half the brains in your devices are Chinese, it's kinda hard to claim half your phones aren't.

    • You sir have my vote ~~

    • Agree. Doing all I can to avoid anything that the CCP has touched.

  • Yeah, let's watch a movie (partly) made in East Turkestan where industrial-scale ethnic cleansing is going on

    • Not good and over the border in Kazakhstan they don't really like Uighurs either :/ (having talked to a few folks when I was over there).

      Hopefully Chinese are held accountable for all these atrocities, but China seems to control too many things these days :(.

      Coming back to the movie, it was ok. Nowhere near as good as the original though.

      • 'Turkestan Islamic Party is a militant Uyghur separatist group that has always focused its attentions on China. However, the group has recently increased its ties to al-Qaeda. Thus, the final days of February 2017 saw both ISIS and a group affiliated with al-Qaeda target China specifically. Given that both have carried out devastating terrorist attacks, it’s reasonable to say that Beijing needs to take the Islamists’ threats seriously.'

        Why trump left the kurds to die, and why we joined pro isis funding….australian policy is now to support isis in its attacks on china, and we do it because trump told us to, and the rest of the 5 eyes slave states…

        atrocities don't worry us …. rape murder its all the same as long as the yanks make their money…..

    • "East Turkestan" was never a thing considering the land has always been controlled by China since.. Han Dynasty in 60 BC. The only time when it was anything was during a very short separatist period that lasted less than a year and mainly caused by Russian interference.

      Here's a list of "East Turkestan Movement's" terrorism for those who deny history:

      They trained with Al Queda and were listed on International Terrorism listing until America pulled it down because of Trump and his dogs like Mike Pompeo.

      • Pulled down when they switched support back to isis to use it against china, and everyone here in oz now supports isis as a result - those poor persecuted isis fighters and their families….

      • We got ourselves a wu mao here.

  • Why do they keep making these live-action remakes? I guess it makes them money, but I've never heard anyone I know say, "You know… I'd really like to see a live action version of Beauty and the Beast." I have (through no fault of mine) seen most of these "remakes", and I come away thinking they were more or less mediocre.

    Maybe I'm just old and cranky.

  • +21 votes

    Free? Sorry OP, that's still a rip off.

  • I cannot confirm the quality of the movie

    I can, it is objectively horrible 😁