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[Plus Rewards] 2x Google Chromecast with TV (AU Stock) $166 ($136 with CBA Cashback) + Shipping (Free with First) @ Kogan App


5% off applied in cart - App only discount. - Brings the total price down to $186

  1. $20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required) - $4 for first four weeks - Brings the price down to $166
    Cancel subscription from Paypal right away.

  2. Pay with Commbank card Spend $100 Get $30 Cashback or AmEx - Spend $100 Get $20 Back @ Kogan Brings the price down to $136/$146

  3. 6% off Kogan gift cards via Suncorp

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  • I was going to buy this but found out that there is no reliable browser for Android TV although you can install Chrome using apk but there is no official Chrome support. I watch turkish dramas on websites like www.kayifamily.com. I have tried and they don't work on PS4 internet browser and I expect the same issues on Android TV without official support for a browswer. Therefore I decided to keep using my Telstra Tv box for streaming apps and mirroring my mobile to watch Turkish dramas. Found this information about using browswers on Android TV.


    • They actually have really good browsers that supports Android TV well which have been optimised to use the remote

    • Just watch the english version of The Nanny.

    • Canlı yayın izlemek isterseniz, Uyanık TV'nin bir senelik abonelik ücreti gâyet uygundur. Çoğu kanalları YouTube üzerinden canlı yayında sunuyor. Dizilerin bazılarınıda YouTube üzerinden bulabilirsiniz.

      Ama sanki sizin istediğinize aracı olabilecek Puffin browsersı sanırım.

      Try the puffin browser if you need to watch your series with English subs. The website you linked to seems to be of the proclivious cancerous type so it might not work well for you.

  • Excellent deal, nice combination of discounts stacking here - thanks!

  • Great deal.

    For anyone who don’t know what it is, I bought one at full price to give me some smart features on an older (but still decent) TV. It was a great investment. Now enjoying all steaming apps in one place, as well as some decent access to certain Android apps. If you have an older TV, and don’t have the built in streaming apps, this one is worth considering.
    BTW, you can control your TV volume, source and other basic functions, so you can get away with one remote for many things.
    Hope this helps.

    • After years of using multiple Xiaomi mibox 3, I bought one of these and it's a much more polished experience, pleasantly surprised at how well it works.

    • I have bought 3 of these for home and 2 for gifts.

      They are awesome and make my already smart 2019 Samsung TV even smarter.

      The voice remote is brilliant and being able to see in one place where you can watch a movie or TV show instead of having to search the individual streaming apps is great.

      Also can be side loaded with Kodi and CinemaHD to watch new release movies and shows for free.

      Check out some YouTube videos to see just how awesome this device is and how to maximize it’s abilities.

  • I only need one………

  • If anyone ends up with an extra and in Sydney CBD, hmu if you want to sell.

  • I got it - not sure I need 2, so if anyone in WA would like one, send me a message!

  • Any clue why Plus Rewards doesn't come with The Australian? I'm already paying News Corp enough…

  • Ended up just getting 1 and something else I needed from Kogan to get over $100 - thanks OP!

  • Note that Foxtel now app doesn’t work on this.

    • Tried sideloading the Android TV version? Need to enable developer and allow for unknown sources first tho

  • Reminder that if you use Netflix, with the Netflix credit, https://store.google.com/au/config/chromecast_google_tv_netf... is a cheaper price for the Chromecast.

    • Yeah I bought one with that deal and redeemed ninety-something dollars of Netflix credit. That was way more credit than I expected. The Chromecast TV essentially cost me about $45. Best investment since the Xiaomi robo vacuum

      • Investment… lolz.

      • Can you describe how you got that much credit? I'm not really sure how this deal works for an existing account after clicking the link.. Do you just get access for six months or is it an actual credit?

        • During the Chromecast setup it prompted me to redeem the Netflix offer. When I went through the steps of signing in to Netflix it got to the end and showed me the dollar amount I'd be credited with.

          I'm an existing Netflix subscriber on the HD plan. Maybe they work it out by the cost of the plan you're subscribed to? I wonder if someone on an SD plan could upgrade to the UHD plan, redeem the offer (for the equivalent of 6 months of UHD) and then downgrade back to the SD plan and use it for much longer?

        • Just checked my Netflix account. $95.94 in credit. Next bill on 23 June 2021

  • Had one that worked great for a year of so. Then dust found its way into the mechanism in front of the lens 😢
    Decide with forethought, not just a good price.