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100% Cashback on Private Internet Access @ Cashrewards


Cashback is eligible for new Private Internet Access customers only.

Cashback may be ineligible if a coupon code is used that is not listed on this site.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee is offered by Private Internet Access, and not Cashrewards.

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  • +1

    Seems too good to pass up?

  • hmmmm true, but always do your due diligence with joining a VPN, at least find out what others think.

    • +4

      I can vouch for PIA, really solid VPN without any logs. Good cross-platform apps, Killswitch, a heap of servers.

      • +4

        I read something recently where PIA might be getting bought out. So like shanty says above, check their status before you jump.

        A 100% cashback offer like this makes me think that they want a quick increase in subscribers to boost the value of the company for a sale.

        • +2

          They were bought out over a year ago

          • @atlas: oops, must have been an old article I read.

        • I contacted support. They mention that these cashbacks were done by resellers and they have nothing to do about it.

  • +13

    I rather have a 90% coupon code at checkout then 110% cashback.

    • Cashrewards payout 21c immediately, the bigger ones are still under investigation from my experience.
      Just thinking, they wont pay you at least after 30 days, just in case people signup and get a refund, get what I mean :)

      • +5

        Cashback is very slow. I'm disappointed with the process - not sure I'd do it again. i bought from nord in November and cashback is still 'pending' - says estimated approval date is the end of Feb !!.

        • +6

          Not just slow and taking up 60 days. Most of the time they don't tracked at all. Instant rebate is the best option for me

          • @KOBH: Yeah, I agree. For me the wait (if I get it) will be 90 days and there's a risk as you say that it never gets tracked.

            • @redcreek200: When I bought NordVPN through cashrewards I got an email saying it tracked really quickly, you've got 30 days to cancel the order if it doesn't track I guess. I paid in May and got approved in August so not too bad, that was with Nord not PIA though.

          • +3

            @KOBH: Agree. I stopped using Cash Rewards as the system was too iffy and slow. Whenever I pressed why Cashback was not approved in the system it was denied.

        • +2

          Well, with all due respect, but you are getting a significant amount back from your purchase. The cashback must wait for all possible money back/cancellation dates are over before handing you the money. And there would be some cashflow issue as well.
          I am happy for such service, as I would normally pay for the services I need anyway. WIth the cashback I got something back for free. I got back over $1200 at Cashrewards since I started using it and that is free money for me.

  • +3

    How can this be free? Surely your data is the price you pay…

  • +2
    • +8

      This in particular:

      The CTO of PIA is Mark Karpeles, a convicted criminal involved in the infamous Mt. Gox collapse and Bitcoin heist.

    • +6

      The CTO of PIA is Mark Karpeles, a convicted criminal involved in the infamous Mt. Gox collapse and Bitcoin heist.

      Now I wanna sign up with them.

    • +2

      30 day money back guarantee not a free trial

    • +2

      I had a poor experience with PIA a few yrs ago, so stayed away since then. They did some sort of network upgrade and it caused all sorts of weird vpn errors for me. I'd register on a server in Europe but my ip would be identified as in the US for example. Not good when you're trying to avoid geo restrictions. This lasted a few months and I gave up, no help from their service desk.

      This is the past, I know, but left a bad memory for me.

  • +3

    I've been using PIA for years now. Works fine, good speeds. Nobody has come knocking on my door.

    • +1

      knock knock

  • +1

    Does this mean guy can join the 3yr plan and get cashback on full amount?

    • +1

      Yep. Make sure your shopping basket from PIA is empty first and that you follow the link from the cashback site. There'll probably be a few $$ you still have to ultimately pay because of conversion rates, etc.

  • 5 years I've been with them so far, and not really anything negative to report. Some servers are slow at times, but only rarely. A quick server change fixes it.

    Usually, PIA utilises around 75% of my gigabit NBN connection, which is fantastic.

    • Does this work with Netflix geoblocking.

      • Nope

      • Not reliably. Most times, no.

        Not a feature I need though.

      • ProtonVPN works with the Netflix geoblocking, and they actively manage it.

  • does this include the 3year plan?

  • I still have 10 months to go anyone know if its possible to add on 3 years or if buying it again just resets it and give you 3 years from date of purchase.

    • +1

      Cashback is eligible for new Private Internet Access customers only.

      I wouldn't risk it.

    • My previous 3 year package expired 13 days ago. I'm in the 14 day grace period and recieved an email last monday saying my grace period expires [tomorrow].

      Towards the bottom of the email it says:
      "If you would like to continue using our services after the expiration date, please click here to signup for a new account."

      To me, new account == new customer. I will use a fresh email address using the +suffix gmail trick just to be extra safe.

      Obviously, won't know til tomorrow, but PIA app seems to handle things better for my specific home server needs than NordVPN, which drops the username/password inexplicably and for some idiot reason is blocking LAN traffic when it shouldn't.

  • Does new customers not include previous but expired customers?

  • I'm a new customer and I just purchased a 3-year plan.

    Since this seriously looks "too good to be true", I recorded the whole checkout process lol

    I'll update when the purchase gets tracked.

    • You get 30 days money back guarantee from PIA. If Cashreward doesn't track within 30 days just cancel it.

    • UPDATE: $142.41 just got tracked by CR, approval will take "up to 80 days".

      • Mine tracked as well.

  • I've been using PIA for about three years now, and can recommend it.

    - Great and intuitive software that gets updated frequently.
    - Fast and reliable 95% off the time, the other 5% is slow connection speeds on occasion
    - 30 day free trial
    - Great country selection. I used it to create an Epic game store account in India for around 75% cheaper game prices

    - blacklisted on Netflix streaming. You can view the list of shows in other countries but not play them

    I've also used Torguard VPN, and wouldn't recommend it due to poor customer service and clunky pc/mobile.

    I also got negged from some people unfairly I believe:

  • Does the PIA website provide an invoice that can be used for tax purposes?

  • Mine hasn't tracked from the post a few days ago :(

  • Mine tracked after 43 minutes - $142.41.

    • +1

      Now $103.21

      Currency difference eats up $6?

  • This is better than 100% right? I definitely paid $109AUD but its tracked as a $109USD purchase - $142.41AUD cashback.

    • Same has happened to me. Looks like a cashrewards screwup haha.

    • +1

      Even if it tracked as 1090 there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get a single cent back.

  • Expired already! Dam my partners subscription ends in a few days.

    • Doh! I thought this was good til tomorrow night. Sad panda.

    • Damn! Why so short!

  • Dammit. I was looking last night for a VPN for cheap just to redeem Xbox and then cancel the account. This would have been ideal since there arent any "free" VPN's around right now (need to provide credit card details - no thanks!) but expired now. Oh well, you snooze you lose.

    • +1

      You can sign up to these guys for 30 days and get your money back no questions asked. Probably get your money back faster than this CR deal too.

  • Damn it..missed it. I cancelled CyberGhost subscription today to get this one. :(

    • Never ever cancel anything before securing the new one.
      Applies to everything. Services, physical purchases, bookings, etc.

      • Ta. Lesson learnt.

  • I missed out too. Didn’t pay attention to deal end time. Thought I had till tomorrow.

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