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Virco D406Ta Thermaltake Snow Gaming PC with RTX3060Ti & AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $1686 + Shipping @ Virco Computer


Morning OzBargainers

NVidia 3060Ti was released a few days ago, it's become a tradition for Virco to release a build about that. However due to the sudden shortage with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x around the globe, we can only bundle this graphic card with Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. We believe its a reasonable / valuable deal, suitable for most gamers.

(and YES, we have 3060Ti in stock, please check out our facebook page for the photos)

Spec as below:
* CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core Socket AM4 3.6GHz CPU Processor
* CPU COOLING: Wraith Stealth Cooler (Optional for Liquid Cool)
* MEMORY: Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory
* STORAGE: Kingston A2000 500GB M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe SSD
* GRAPHIC CARD: ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Dual OC 8GB Video Card
* INTERNET CONNECTION: Intergrated Wi-Fi 6 AX200 & Bluetooth v5.1
* PSU: Corsair CV Series 650W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular ATX Power Supply
* CASE: Thermaltake S100 Tempered Glass Micro-ATX Case - Snow Edition

We still have a bit of RTX3070 in stock, we bundle with Intel i7 10700 or can be upgraded to 10700k, which may fill up the gap for the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x.

We also (very slowly) updated our website of . Currently, the monitor sections works, hopefully more product catagory can be available to the public soon.

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  • +4

    Virco…. Hmmm where have I heard that before

    • It's the trials testing COVID vaccines I believe but I'm too lazy to check.

  • +1

    Price and specifications on the Intel deal?

  • Mostly a well-balanced build, some nice parts. Doesn't look super-cheap. Nice to see something catering for the smaller but powerful crew.

    Edit: thanks for following up on my feedback below. I think Browns should be bronze but than typos, good work.

    It would be great if you can offer power supply upgrades as that's the main component I think people could reasonably take issue with. I don't think it will blow you up given the other components power needs but it may not last as long as the rest of the PC and there's not a lot of headroom for upgrades the track for people who like that kind of thing.

    Also at time of writing something seems odd with the SSD upgrade pricing if it already includes a 500gb nvme. You may want to check it.

    • +4

      Bugs fixed, PSU upgrade available.

      ps…always though it's Browns as colour..ha, I will fix it.

  • +2

    It’s the “all we can get our hands on” build

  • +2

    Yeah I reckon this checks out, about $80 to build it (at time of writing).

    Used $710 for the GPU, cheapest I could find it (the EVGA pre-order of a good card). The Asus one here seems decent enough.

    I think I'd rather faster 3600 speed RAM that isn't RGB, can also be had cheaper, about $99, but not a bad deal.

  • What's the build time like?

    I've ordered from titan tech and tried several ways to get a response but haven't heard a thing.

    • One of the problems when anyone can claim they're a PC building company overnight with little more than a free ABN and shitty 30 minute website behind them (not just talking Titan but the multitude of copycats that arrived when it became clear how well some others were doing off the OzB crowd.)

      • +3

        Atleast this group have a physical store for proof of legitimacy.

      • +6

        Please check out our previous review on OZbargain, we have very good turn around time, or for those who lived in Sydney, we are welcome customer to come to our shop to pick up the machines.

        Pick up at Sydney CBD, Capitol Square. Half hour free parking available upon validation.

      • +2

        I ordered a pc from them on Black Friday, funds cleared Monday unit shipped Tuesday and received Wednesday. Can’t ask for more than..all arranged via OzBargain dm’s including customisation!

    • +2

      We have stock on hand, most of the machine would be start to build once we received the order. If there are too much orders, then maybe delay one or two days.

      Unlike most of other online sellers, we tends to get the stock in the shop first before we sell to the public, that would shorten most of the assemble time and wait time.

      Please check out our facebook page for the photos of the stocks.

    • +4

      I ordered a PC from them on black Friday night (about 10pm) and received it the following Thursday. This was with the influx of other black Friday orders that they would have been processing.

    • +1

      Did you have any luck getting a response from Isaac? From my end, they dealt with my queries pretty quick but had some mailing issues so I only received a missing part much later on. (it was just a backpiece for the case and antenna which they forgot to pack)

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    Hi OP, any chance for a Intel i7-10700k CPU for this build instead of a Ryzen? And Ram upgrades?

    • +1

      Intel version of this deal is up.

      Price is slidely higher, with ATX board, which has options of upgrade from 10700F to 10700K and wifi options.

      Case is bigger, to house the ATX board. We don't keep mATX board in stock.

      For those want to upgrade from B460 chip to Z490 chip, options are available as well.

  • Working on the RAM Upgrade, should be available very soon.

    For changing to Intel Chip…humm… ok, would be available this afternoon.

    • Thanks.. Look forward to the changes this afternoon!

    • RAM Upgrade is available now.

      • Cool thanks will wait on an Intel CPU before biting the bullet

  • +1

    Seems like a better deal than the 3070 deal I got from tech fast last week. PSU / motherboard / SSD and case seems to be better.

  • Nice deal.

    Here is hoping that we will see a build featuring the Ryzen 5600X combined with the AMD Navi 6700XT GPU for under $1500/- shipped on launch of the 6700XT in late January.

    • +8

      Good luck with that

      • Thanks mate, one can hope.

    • +1

      With the 6700xt rumoured to be $600-700 and you are paying $450ish for the cpu then $200-250 for motherboard it doesn't seem very realistic to get it under $1500 shipped. Pretty realistic around the $2k price bracket though if the seller uses some cheap psu/case/ram/motherboard brands like techfast it could come down around $1800.

      • The leaks around the 6700XT suggest might not even beat the 3060Ti while not having the same level of Raytracing or DLSS.

        There is a good chance it's MSRP will be below that of the 3060Ti. With Ryzen 5xxx series chip supply improving by late January there is a chance of $1500/-

        • Aren't the benchmarks already out? Or was that only 6800 and 6900?

  • The motherboard drop down menu lists Gigabyte B460 HD3 as the standard option, instead of the Ausu Prime B550….

    • +1

      was editing the Intel Version of the Deal, accidentally affect the original AMD deal. Bug has been fixed.

  • -1

    Goes with my ps5

  • What is the turnaround time from payment to shipping?

    • most of the build would be finish today or tomorrow, if there are too much orders, please allow one to two days of delay.

      Our first 10 builds would be dispatch tomorrow 6pm through TNT

  • +1

    Case looks empty to me… I'm sus

    • This isn’t eBay lol

  • Wraith prism intead of stealth on the 3600? Can you confirm this?

    • mistake, sorry, updating now. Should be Wraith Stealth Cooler

      • +1

        Not yet fixed in original post though :)

        • +1


  • Hi Virco, I know it isn't your responsibility but the courier's, any idea on how long this PC might take to arrive in Central Queensland?

    • what is your postcode? we can do the quote for you through TNT website.

      Private message us on this would be better for you.

      • Thanks for your message, public message is fine I don't have any issues with it. Postcode is 4744. Thanks so much.

        • +1

          Almost near my old address in Tieri. Getting deliveries out there is a pain in the …..

  • +1

    for postcode 4744, If post out by tomorrow 6pm, would arrive to you on the date of 10 December 2020 before 16:00

    • +1

      Thanks Virco, much appreciated, love your constant contact with OzB customers, even on a Sunday!

  • +2

    Slightly worse specs than techfast BFCM deal (3600 vs 3700x CPU and 3060Ti vs 3070), but much better components (motherboard, ram, ssd, case), and I think I have seen some people mention on previous Virco deal that they received the system in 5 working days (Great if true, because techfast requires at least 14 working days plus shipping time).

    If it wasn't for the BFCM deal, I would go for this. Usually with this price you get a 3070 system at techfast (and 3500x or 3600 CPU), but everything else is great.

    • +1

      Usually with this price you get a 3070 system at techfast (and 3500x or 3600 CPU)

      but you also have to take into account that these mobs at Virco use branded components and not BioStar or NoFrills.

      when you compare price, you have to upgrade TechFast's components to match Virco's; this is the only way you'll get true $ variance.

      • I understand, which is why I said I would go for this deal. The only reason I went for techfast is their BFCM deal offer 3700x at the same cost of 3600 and free upgrade for 3070 card when their default Galax card run out of stock, plus 3600Ti wasn't available back then.

        Also, Virco didn't offer anything like this back in BFCM. Their active deal was the 3600/RTX2070 which isn't quite what I was looking for.

  • Hi Virco, is the Intel CPU upgrade available in this build? Because it doesn't seem to have any option to upgrade on the website


    Similar, but actually different build:
    Full size board with ATX Case able to housing the board. no onboard wifi, wifi is optional, motherboard need to upgrade to Z490 to have full perfermance on 3200 RAM

  • Is this deal a no-brainer over their lowest price offering? ->

    Just looking to play 1080p for the moment, and potentially 1440p later. Happy with sub 100 FPS.

  • Tempting!

  • Out of stock… I know 3060s are hard to come by but what's the likely timeline on restocking?

    • it is still in stock; i just added one to the cart.

      • Yep said sold out briefly but back in stock now

    • Still in stock , not sure why the system briefly shows out of stock

  • Looks like a great build! I'm considering pulling the trigger on this; does anyone know if it's a smart decision to upgrade the PSU to 750W Bronze or 650W Gold for $70?

    • +1

      None of the PSUs are great according to the reviews. I'd personally leave it as it is and then if and when you need it, upgrade to a better branded one.

      Upgrade the ram to 3600MHZ though.

      • Thanks for your take!

  • What's the spec for the 3600Mhz ram? CL16, CL18?

    • Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz Memory - CL18

  • How long do you expect to run this deal for? I have literally just started a Cyberpunk rebuild on my yellow Corsair 380T, might take me a week to cancel orders.

    • As mention previously, we are selling our stock on hand. That's mean, once we sold out our stocks, we are not sure when the next batch would be. Some Galax card is on the way though, but not as much…

      • thanks

  • How much more to upgrade the video card to a RTX 3080

    • No RTX3080 in stock

  • Hi Virco, I'm trying to order one right now but the payment screen isn't letting me designate a pickup location (I would like to pick this up from your store in Sydney). Could you please look into this?

    • We aware the issue of can not choose delivery on this build. We are not sure whats going on with the system, everything seems fine, but it just not work?!

      Please make the order anyway, and email us you wish to do the pick up, we can then refund you the freight fee.

      Sorry about the trouble.

      • Hi Virco, I submitted my order on Monday 7/12 and asked for pickup via email and message, however I have yet to receive a reply/estimated pickup date. Are you able to provide either?

        • That's yesterday.
          What is your name? or email address?

          • @virco: I sent you a PM with my details just then

            • +1

              @rxu210: found your email from last night 11:28pm.

              Your freight fee has been refunded.

              You can come to pick up after 5pm tomorrow. Make sure bring your ID for pick up purpose.

  • Can we pay to upgrade to a 5600x?

    • AMD Ryzen 5 5600x is temporary out of stock across the globe

      By saying that, we have advice by our suppliers that there is no hope to get this CPU this year.

      so for the similar value CPU, we turn to Intel i7 10700

  • +1

    I'm looking for a vision mixing / streaming PC for a series of gigs that don't fit our current setup of hardware mixers and encoders. We are still deciding between vMix, OBS and Wirecast for mixing software. Should I be looking at AMD or Intel CPUS.

    One issue I can see is us needing to add PCIE video cards. How many PCIE lanes do this systems have free?
    We are hoping to install 2 x 4 lane cards. One quad SDI and a QUAD HDMI. Do either of Virco Systems have the capacity to do this?

  • @vicro Any 3070 deals?
    This is tempting but I think the resell chance of 3070 is better in a couple of years then it is of 3060 Ti, so future proofing really.

    • +1

      gathering RTX3070 at moment, stocks are still hard to get.

  • My 3070+5600x arrived today, bought on Black Friday, can recommend these dudes

    • Are you happy with it?

      Show us some pics of the bad boy!

      • +1

        There you go. Still alot more things to add like fans, cpu cooler, some figures to fill the gaps. But overall great experience, if not exceptional. These guys know what theyre doing. 100%

        • Clean. I like it

  • +1

    Hi, is a 3700 available as cpu upgrade, and when will you be restocking the intel counterpart to this deal?

  • Is this genuinely worth it? I want to game and stream anything from league of legends to AAA titles. Do some editing aswell. I have seen some deals for under $2k on techfast which has the rtx 3070. I don't mind waiting.

  • +2

    Damn its out of stock… do you know when they will be restocked?

  • -1

    If you guys could match Techfast's pricing or Titan Tech's pricing and offer more reasonable upgrade prices for PSUs that would be great. If you could lower your pricing that would be great.

    • +1

      Dude nothing is free. What’s with people man? These guys run a business to make a living.

      The pricing here is highly competitive even against techfast and there’s been from what I’ve seen zero complaints from anyone whose purchased and or received their systems. Ask others about waiting 8+ weeks for tech fast systems if saving another 100$ is your thing.

      • -2

        No one is asking anything for free. Them charging $70 to go to a gold PSU isn't a reasonable upgrade price. And considering Techfast were selling their BFCM systems for $200 below building it yourself, and people are getting their systems shipped out already, saving $300 seems pretty reasonable.

        • If you are going to make a statement like you have at least make sure it's factual - here is a direct link to an image from Techfasts BFCM upgrades were there power supply cost was also $79.

          Also I decided to check to see if anyone had actually received the system as you stated and this was the only feedback on all 3 sales I came across:

          Also just to further highlight that you're out of line and have pretty much no idea here is a PC Part Picker list just as Luke does for all his adds now, showing this deal is $130 cheaper without delivery costs (likely to be an additional $70-100 easily) and that's if the parts are in stock:

          'Seems pretty reasonable to me'

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