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[eBay Plus] $1 Tuesday Deals: Bluedio Earphones (OOS) | Apple AirPods 2 $99 (OOS) | 8ft Trampoline $169, Massage Gun $39 @ eBay


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Tuesday 8/12/2020 2pm

One item per transaction, two transactions per person.

Wednesday 9/12/2020 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm

Thursday 10/12/2020 2pm -

  • 8ft trampoline with kids’ enclosure - $169 (was $279.95) - 200 available.
  • Monopoly Christmas edition - $29 (was $58.95) - 100 available.
  • Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver - $129 (was $189) - 200 available.
  • Massage machine - $39 (was $59.99) - 200 available.
  • Belvedere vodka - $49 (was $79.99) - 180 available.

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  • +2

    Aren't those cheap wireless earbuds $0.50?

    • +7

      They may well be $0.50 but the postage alone will be worth more than that!

    • +2

      Just in time for Xmas and the inlaws :)

      • +15

        Don't buy crap just because it's cheap.

        • +1

          Fail. Didn't see this advice until after I spent $2 on the deal (1+1).

          Oh well, I will have to skip my 7/11 coffee for 2 days to break even 😂

        • That's what I said when I was looking at Afterpay shares @ $8. Regret now sigh opportunity cost.

    • Maybe not the sports ones with 3 in stock.

      Or perhaps you're right… '300' Is being optimistic by eBay

    • +4

      Either would be preferable to the dodgy bug repeller I got for $1 last week.

      • +4

        Wait people here bought that? It's literally not worth the $1.

      • I accidentally bought two of them with my accs and I feel like it doesn't do shit lol

        • +2

          i did too.. it says it takes 3-4 wks and has its phases.. am trying just for the fun

  • +4

    Gonna ask with no shame. Will I be able to still get the $99 airpods if I managed to grab one from the Black Friday - Cyber Monday deals? Planning to gift it to family and earn those brownie points for these airpods 😂

    • +1

      I see no reason why not

    • +2

      Generally every different day has a different code, so they'll have independent limits to anything else.

      It's possible the Tue, Wed, Thu will all be the same code, but it's unlikely to be the same as any previous deals.

    • How to score? Any tips?

      • +5

        It's been said before a million times on other posts but just try to get it in your cart and pay for it during the next drop. Basically keeping it in your cart with CC details all filled in and code applied so you only have to press Confirm and Pay button at 12pm/2pm/4pm (if you managed to add it to your cart). Also pressing the Buy it Now option is faster than the add to cart button since it automatically puts you in checkout.

        • Thanks. Clear now.

        • what store is it

        • Where do we get the code ?

        • How can you add it to cart when it's out of stock? The option to add to cart does not show up.
          and how do you have the code applied? I thought you had to paste it every time.

          • @ozbargain-pashim: It only shows up for like less than 10 seconds. So you'd have to refresh at the exact time that they drop and pray that you can add it to cart

            • @ven041: By the time it shows up you're better off just buying it now instead of adding it to cart :/

    • +1

      May be a dumb question but I am new to this. Where do we get the code?

      • +1

        No one knows the code until the first drop. After that you can just copy/paste because it will stay the same for the rest of the day.

  • +15

    ..is dealbot a real person or a bot?

    • +6

      lifes biggest mystery

    • +3

      He's real to me!

    • +1

      "I'm a real boy!"

    • +1

      Well, can he pick out some trains in a 4x4 picture grid?

    • AI

  • +10

    Airpods Shenanigans 2 - Electric Boogaloo

    • +3

      And Ive only just got my blood pressure under control from the previous deal.

    • +1

      is it wrong that i'm contemplating having another crack at this? :D

  • I thought tuesday $1 is just one off.. i'll utilise my plus acct until its expired this end of month/year

    • +2

      This will be the sixth week in a row.

    • +1

      Mine expired last month but is now valid until November 2021, no payment has been taken and I cancelled the PayPal authorisation as soon as I signed up.

      • Where did you cancel paypal authorisation? Under My Ebay Plus -> Edit Membership -> Change payment method, it doesn't let me delete, only change.

        • +2

          You cancel the Paypal authorisation within PayPal itself, not eBay. Once PayPal has cancelled the authorisation, eBay can no longer auto debit your PayPal account.

  • Is the massage gun worth 39 ?

    • +2

      This is the model.

      Seems to be a new model, no reviews, but only 33% off retail.

  • +1

    my friend wants to know the link of the massage machine

    • +1

      Tell "your friend" to clear his browsing history after clicking on said link 😁

  • +16

    Tramampoline! Trambapoline!

    • you could always jump on your car instead

      • +4
        • +2

          The fact that I've never heard of this reference and it is older than your account makes me feel like I'm missing out on quality Ozb posts

          • +1

            @pennypincher98: The fact that you just cross-referenced this user's account age with the age of this reference makes me feel like I'm missing out on some essential detective skills here

    • I'm using mine as a bed.

  • ar there anything else tomorrow ? or just Bluetooth Earphones?

    • Same I want to know. Want a fan for summer….

  • Still waiting for my diffuser from last deal, no email nothing.

    • +5

      My husband bought that too and kept getting messages asking him to cancel his order as they ran out of stock and waiting time was going to be long. My husband said he was happy to wait and they said 'thanks for your understanding' and proceeded to ask him if he would like to cancel his order hahahahahha.

      • You may try to get it

        But is that much effort to get that cheap thing not worth.

        I received its ok but very small means you need to keep filling water as they quickly run out water in it

        • How do the LED lights look, is there a button for changing the colour?

  • A lot of airpods this month lol

      • +3

        Source ?

        • -1

          Airpods Max. Just announced by Apple last night. Those downvotes didn't age well tbh. Though you could argue this airpods & the new airpods Max aren't direct comparison.

          • @jianh: Your kidding right… $899 for over-ear head phones? It more pricer than beats before acqusition.

  • Do we click through a banner to redeem them?

  • +3
    • +1

      $1 aye? That gives me an idea…

  • Probably a dumb question but is there any chance officeworks can price match eBay deals like these?

    • +4

      All stocks would be gone by the time you show them the deal. But according to their terms, big NO.

  • Would there be a promo code for each of this item?

    • +1

      Yes. Every item has a different code.

      • Does this mean one account can get one set of airpods for each of the four drops?

        • +1

          every item has a different code, not every drop

        • +1

          The airpods all have the same code, but it's one use per account.

  • I had purchased Bluedio Hi during one of the earlier deals (for $9) and one of the earpiece was DOA. I wrote to them and they promptly send me another pair which is running fine. It's not stellar but is ok if u want to watch movies etc. Very much plastic.

  • $1 earphones you can't say no to that but the Airpods are they the same seller from the previous deal?

  • Will probably give this a pass from reading comments on previous versions of this deal (sold out in a few seconds).

    But family member who has an old standard account was checking their eBay “messages” and just above the messages there was this text which said “$99 AirPods if you sign up for free trial” or something similar with a unique code following it.
    The way they explained it, it seemed like the $99 AirPods were guaranteed (beat the rush).
    The code had expired a few weeks ago, so somehow I think it was part of this deal but they said the code was unique (random letters or numbers) instead of TPLUSCYBER.

    So they missed out (code was expired by the time they saw it). But maybe it will randomly come back (get targeted again).

    Just thought to mention since it may happen to someone else.

    TLDR: old standard eBay account (many years old), targeted above “messages”, unique code expires quickly, first time “Free eBay Plus trial” only.

    • That was this deal which was about a week before the Black Friday shenanigans: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/582664

      I managed to snag a pair of AirPods stress free through my mum's account, but voluntarily participated in the stress on Black Friday for the AirPods Pro. Took me 3 drops before I managed to get a pair!

      • Yes your link is the exact same as the one I linked through the text “this deal” in original comment above, but that deal mentions the code is “TPLUSCYBER”.

        Family member said the “unique” code was displayed above “messages” and it was random letters or numbers.
        So I think it was a different deal (different code at least).

        • Sorry - realised as I read through your comment a second time that I had completely misinterpreted it!

          • @iamnikon: That’s ok.
            I have a feeling they are randomly “targeting” old standard accounts (many years old) with unique codes.

            The TPLUSCYBER deal is very similar though (you get to jump the queue).

    • There was a deal for 700 free AirPods on new eBay plus accounts a month back. Helped my dad get a pair. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576214

    • Last time when I got it. The seller was "Returns" but sold by titan gear.

  • Any chance getting it? Or will be gone in 60 secs?

    • More like 10 seconds :(

    • -1

      plenty of us got it during the 3-day black friday drops

  • Will the AirPods be from Titan Gear again? If I participated in the Black Friday $99 deal, will I still be able to get this one? Many thanks

    • +2

      It will be a different code irrespective of who is selling them, so yes, you can participate' again. And by 'participate', I assume you mean win another pair!

      • Didn’t work like that last time? Multiple people couldn’t buy because they bought before

        • That's because that was the same promo….. Albeit on sequential days, but the same nonetheless.

          This is a new week, new promo.

          • @ash2000: How do you know this week is a new promo? It could just be a contenuation of last week's promo with the same code.

            • @ozbargain-pashim: Only going on precedent. Every other time they've had an airpod $99 promo (with the exception of the ones that run on concurrent days) it's been a new code. I could be wrong, but I'll be proceeding on the basis it's a new code!

  • Missed out on the cheap earbuds from the previous week, might give this cheapy one a go for a buck

    • same, I slept through it

    • +1

      You slept through 2pm?

      • +1

        Wait sorry I might be talking about the wrong deal xD

    • +1

      The Bluedio Hi Wireless is totally rubbish. I got it and straight into rubbish bin

      • thanks, I'll try get something else where I can

  • Competition time!

  • great

  • Wow not much at all

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