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10TB WD Elements $172.94 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This has recently dropped in price again. Great deal!

I have 8 of these already so no need for myself, but I thought i'd pass it on

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    you're so quick

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      camelcamelcamel my dude

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    Knew I waited for a reason! Thanks OP

  • can this be shucked?

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      very easy , but you need tap it to solve 3.3v issue, but as I know , HP Microserver Gen8 and NAS server support 3.3v natively , work out of box .

      • I don't get this, are these particular WD disks different from other HDDS? All HDD's use a standard SATA power connector don't they?

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          its a newer standard of the power connector, same physically but electrically different.

      • Do you know if the 12TB model requires the tape as well?

    • yup, but as per other reply there is a 3.3v issue. i got around it with electrical tape.

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        Drives found in these can be WD100EMAZ (rebadged WD HGST Ultrastar He10/WD Ultrastar DC510 Helium drives) and WD101EMAZ (rebadged WD UltraStar DC HC330 drives).

        Depending on PSU, most need to do the 3.3V kapton tape mod on the 100EMAZ only. The 101 doesn't come with the 3.3V trigger. But you likely want the 100 as it is Helium.

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          Dont think these include the 100EMAZ anymore. Bought two recently and they were 101EDAZ which are the air filled ones

          • @notmaccas: Yep, my recent ones were that too (though 101EMAZ, not EDAZ). Whereas the older ones were all 100EMAZ. But I am not sure it was just a few batches or others are getting the same too.

  • That is a very good deal, honestly did not know these got that cheap. I paid a lot more for mine.

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    Not helium any more as far as I'm aware. Annoyed at myself for getting the 12 tb last week when the 2tb extra in my Synology with shr won't be used as the other drives are 10tb.

    • At least its not SMR

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      Minimum disk is 12tb large for helium disks now as far as these shuckable externals are concerned.

    • I don't know what you mean by this? Does the raid protocol not take advantage of the last 2tb? I've been given a five bay synology and already have one 12tb WD elements drive.

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        With SHR it allows you to have different size drives, but the largest drive is used as the parity drive. So I've got 2 10tb and 1 12tb and the 12tb will be the parity and I'll have about 18tb for storage (the usable 9tb on the 10tb drives)

  • Which drive is inside?
    Can we take the drive out and put into the desktop?

    • I believe so

    • probably white labelled which are basically reds. Rated at 5400rpm but some are actually 7200rpm.

    • Yes, but you need to check the 3.3v thing as mentioned above.

  • I've comments on peopel saying the elements drives are good bu tonly the larger capacity drive. Does that include this 10TB or only 14TB and up?

    Does anyone know what drive are in these? What RPM?

    Hoping to shuck this and just stick it in my PC as a secondary drive.

    • 8TB and up are PMR if that is what you are wanting to confirm

      • I thought it was 10 and up, there are 8tb SMRs. The 8 and up was for the more recent WD Red scandal where they put in SMRs for Red NAS drives upto 6TB.

    • 12TB+ is better since these 10TB models are now air-filled (previously were helium models), so they run much hotter and are more noisy.

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    only 8?

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      80 TBs? For what….

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        Linux distros!

        prob has nas set up and health amount of backups for photos and ripped media

      • Prawns

  • you are quick, I just finished bought my one and try to post it :)

  • is this a price error?

    Microphone, Call, Track, and Volume Control
    Bluetooth wireless technology
    Adjustable Sensory Bass

  • don't think its going to get any cheaper than this!

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      10tbs wd externals have been as cheap as $120 before. Prices always come down over time, when 16tbs-20tbs become the norm, i am sure 10tbs will be cheaper than this.

      • When was it $120?! damn i missed out

        • It was a price error and the orders were cancelled. Or mine was anyway.

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              @garetz: From the Amazon deal? It was a price error so you would've been lucky - many people didn't. In either case, a price error is hardly indicative of regular pricing.

  • Oof, makes my 4tb for $109 last week look bad.

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      thats cause it is bad.

    • Almost as bad as my $299 12TB

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    damn out of stock as I was checking out

    • Same, annnoying.

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        hesitated so my fault

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          Rule of Amazon, order first, cancel later if required. You will have at least a few hours minimum to do so.

          • @annarchon: Not very familiar with this… was going through to see if it works with Mac and need power etc…. then it's gone!

          • @annarchon: Very good point! Next Amazon deal I will strike with no hesitation

            • @R3XNebular: Yeah, Amazon ordering process takes a few steps.

              When you first order, on the right, there will be tracking, change shipping, cancel, view or edit, archive on the orders page.

              The next step will just leave tracking and archive in the above view, but if you go into tracking, you can still cancel.

              Then once they have charged your card but not yet shipping, you can still attempt to cancel but they will show a you might not be successful message and you have to wait to see if the cancellation is successful.

              The amount of time between each step is dependent on how fast the shipping is, I have prime, so I expect a few hours. But if you are using the free >$39 shipping, you might have days.

              Edit: mine just changed from the first step to second, took about 45 minutes.

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    Its back. if you still need them ..

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      Is it? It won't let me add to cart

      • it's back but not at the price in the header of this message - boo

  • Device Type Smart_phone ??

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    Just made it. Regret not getting more than one but it's one for another ozbargainer.

  • Clicked on buy now but nothing happens?

    • Same, think its out of stock or price error thats being fixed

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    definitely not out of stock.

    • This item is only available from third-party sellers (see all offers).

      • literaally out of stock just as posted! oops

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          Deal lasted 13 minutes. Pretty impressive given the number of clicks.

  • No Stock!

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    The one day I don't check ozbargain immediately the deal I've been waiting for comes up and I miss out

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      Make sure you chuck on a camel x3 price alert so in the future you have a better chance of nabbing one :)

      • Yea i'll do that

  • Not just me then wouldn't let me add to cart

  • it's now back to $303.95.

    • That's sold by Amazon US.

      This deal was by Amazon AU.

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    blink and you miss!

  • Available again through Amazon AU but price back up to $312.93.

  • party over

  • Wow, that was quick.

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    That was so quick, can it be classified as a deal? Looks like a bait and switch.

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    with google photos not going to free anymore soon….this is a must

    • Any good solution to backup your photos to NAS?

      • I have plex pass and it has a photo back up service from phones.

        Other than that nextcloud self hosting

        I just needed one of these drives as all my others are full.

    • Buy a pixel 1 OG second hand. Unlimited photo/video backups

  • Just curious
    What people use the 10TB storage for?
    Most of the movies that I watched are streamed directly from Netflix and youtube
    Photos are backup to iCloud and Google photos

    • Games

      Linux ISOs

      • PC games or console games?
        I believe PC games are now downloadable from platform like steam or origin?

        For console games, switch takes micro SD, PS5 takes NVMe?

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          For me, PC Games.

          When you download them, you store them on a hard drive.

          • @Jonzay: Aren't SSDs the better choice to store games?

            • @w02m08w: If money isn't a problem, sure, they'll load faster.

              But 10TB of SSD costs significantly more than 10TB of HDD.

      • You'll want to backup your photos and videos locally starting June 2021. Google is removing free unlimited storage for photos and videos for non-Pixel users. Those shucked WD's (I have six) will come really handy for that.

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      I use for my Plex server. I used to use streaming services like you. But once I setup Plex with Sonarr and Radarr I can literally get any show or movie just as easily and cheaper.

      • +1

        I'd say it's even easier plus has better quality and isn't limited to a particular platform (until they decide to stop offering movies, then say goodbye to your purchases). I'd like to support the film industry, just as soon as it comes up with a viable alternative to piracy.

        • +1

          Yep I agree. If the film industry went the way of Spotify and charger $40-50 a month and I could get anything I wanted then I’d pay it… but they don’t. And I find someone will be talking about a show or a movie, I’d search my streaming services and it wasn’t on them.

          Plex and Usenet cost me about $100-200 a year but I get anything I want and it’s so easy once it’s all setup

          • @BarryBargain88: Top 3 Usenet providers?

            Using the other method and the seeds just aren't there on older films.

            • @So lo: If you want the best coverage go with an Eweka subscription supplemented with UsenetExpress, Usenet.Farm and ViperNews blocks. Abavia picks up some stuff the others miss too, but not a lot.

              Eweka's the best provider but it still doesn't have some things the others do.

    • And sometimes something just isnt available to stream in your region on any service, even with a vpn.
      I REALLY want to watch Michael & Michael Have Issues but the only place I can find to stream it at all is AmazonPrime and its only available in america. I have a vpn but apparently what region you can watch is tied to the location of the credit card you used to sign up with so no go.
      Ive got it on a drive around here somewhere so now have to go looking through them all to watch it (if I still have the drive, not sure).
      Then theres the problem that just because something is there one day doesnt mean it will be there the next or that it will be the original version.

    • Internet archive… the tech co's are rewriting our history and deplatforming those that highlight it. I reckon the truth will be worth a lot of $ to free thinkers in the not so distant future.

      … Brave new world.

  • Probably a price error, though I’d say it will be honoured for those who got in on time.