This was posted 1 year 1 month 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Apple Macs (M1 MacBook Air - $1439.10, M1 MacBook Pro - $1799.10) @ JB Hi-Fi


Another Apple Macs deal !!

M1 Macbooks

MacBook Air - M1/8GB/256GB - $1439.10 (was $1599)
MacBook Air - M1/8GB/512GB - $1754.10 (was $1949)

MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/256GB - $1799.10 (was $1999)
MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/512GB - $2069.10 (was $2299)

M1 Mac Minis

Mac Mini - M1/8GB/256GB - $989.10 (was $1099)
Mac Mini - M1/8GB/512GB - $1259.10 (was $1399)

Stack with TCN Gift cards to save an extra 10-15% off

~~OR price beat at Officeworks to save an extra 5% off. ~~ Officeworks has now lowered prices to match, price beat no longer applies


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    I think they are out of stock

    • +3

      Based on some previous posts, you may be able to price match in person at an Apple Store. They have most of these standard configs in stock.

      • -1

        You shouldn’t be able to, has to be in stock and in the same state/region for them to price match per their policy.

      • I confirm Apple offering to price match JB’s pricing in the past, and may well still apply now.

  • very limited stock though

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    Can we get the 16gb model

    • +1

      No. That's a special order item at retail.

    • +2

      likely never on a sale of 10% off, you can use zip pay to get 10% tho

      • Zip pay has a cap of $30 if I’m not wrong, so max discount on a $300 payment.
        Is it possible to use 15x $100 HIM cards at jb?

        Also, is it possible to buy HIM cards currently at 10% disc and pay with zip pay? (I.e. $300 worth, 10% + 10% zip cashback = paying $243)

        • +2

          Is it possible to use 15x $100 HIM cards at jb?


        • Finding those HIM cards is the real challenge though. I went to a few places and nothing, the likelihood of woolies having any by Saturday for 10% zip is low, especially enough to buy these laptops given the limits to the zip promo.

    • +3

      Looking at the reviews it seems the only need for 16GB is rendering and exporting large 8K files. Otherwise Apple’s Unified Memory Architecture seems a lot more efficient than memory handling in the past.
      Here is comparison

      Personally, for what is essentially a student laptop, 8GB would meet nearly all requirements anyway.
      Btw if you want the old intel version it is $1299
      My daughter has this, perfect for high school.

      • +4

        If you're an app developer and want to run docker servers, a couple of android emulators, an iOS simulator together with your IDE, you need lots of RAM. I'm sure there are plenty of other cases besides video rendering.

        • You would do that with a student laptop?
          Anyway, if I was running an emulator or editing a film I would still use an intel or AMD machine for the time being (intel if wanting a Mac). And get an i7 or above with more RAM.

  • Most stores don't even have stock.

  • Does this mean JB have stock? I'm still waiting for a call from JB that my M1 Macbook Air has arrived.

    • Did you pay for pre-order

      • Paid in-store 10 days ago. They had 1 silver left at the time but I wanted the space grey.

        • When I checked two weeks ago, JB stock of space Grey MBAs were due in late Jan/early Feb…?

  • If your local doesnt have stock, looks like the only options are (to save even further):

    • buy online for home delivery and use JB online discounted gift cards
    • price beat at Officeworks early tmr morning
    • but you can't use those TCN gift cards online lol

      • I meant use JB online gift cards (either from insurance/employee gift card portals or classifieds)

        • Suncorp have JB giftcard for 5% off, but up to $1000 / month
          Last month I used $1000 TCN giftcard (10% off from AGL) + $250 JB giftcard (5% off from Suncorp) to get a iPhone 12 mini
          Ordering online and no issue at all

          P.S: TCN giftcard was still available to be used in JB online in October, but they have changed to instore only now :(

    • +1

      Officeworks still open now
      Just go and price match if you can
      Last time I went early in the morning and was able to get MBA for 1367

      • +1

        I got my Mac mini last week at office works price matched with JB Hi Fi.
        They were out of stock on the Monday at JB Hi FI and office works, ordered online and they said delivery on the Wednesday, got my Mini the next day (Tuesday) at 2pm
        So I would advice you to fill up your shopping cart and see what the delivery date is.

        I also went to Apple Doncaster to price match, but they said it had to be in stock at the store or in stock online .. so a wasted trip.

        It is so much faster then my 2015 MacBook Pro 13" …. especially graphics like Pixelmator Pro.
        The transcoding on video like you get with Intel CPUs is really good too.
        I have converted about 400 AVI's (naturally videos about linux ISOs) and continued watching Netflix, reading twitter, surfing the web and no slow down at all.
        This is all on the base model 8gm RAM, 256gb SSD
        instead of paying the apple tax of $300 for a 256gb upgrade on the SSD I simply purchase a Samsung T5 1tb ….very n ice

        When Apple come out with a version with more USB connections / more grunt I will upgrade.

        • Did you got a m1 Mac mini from officework? as I saw it is unavailable online.

          • @ZYDMZ: Yes, I did, was going to check out office works again, but their site appears to be offline.

            • @mokgum: Thanks! I will check my local officework

        • The rumours of the 16 core iMac and 32 core Mac Pro have me salivating. The 4 core mini already does more than what I need.

  • +3

    From all the reviews these things are amazing.
    If Apple continues on this path, Intel would be a thing of the past in another few year's time.

    • +6

      Leaks today of 16 and 32 core laptop models coming next year, hope it’s true that will be insane 😳

      • Has to be to take on the workstation and creator segments… :)

        • Apparently the base Air can for a lot of people.

          • +1

            @AustriaBargain: for most customers definitely … average user will not see any difference whatsoever in performance but gain a bucket load of battery life etc. In the work place we treat it as an entry level, and our designers/creative teams are on the mac's so they dont stack up exactly with the higher end workstation but the marketing and a few of the digital guys who don't do graphics design will see no difference whatsoever…. rosetta2 implementation is nothing short of amazing (i'm a pure PC user).

      • +1

        And when you say 'leaks', you mean clickbait articles from authors who get paid for their columns.

        • +4

          As opposed to people who don't get paid for their work??? WTF

      • They are also focusing on graphics processing and would change the way we look at Macs now. Nobody thinks that Mac is a gaming machine but Apple Arcade this year clearly shows that they want a piece of the gaming industry and many games not on Mac now would be running them. Apple does have a great way to reward developers despite their high rate of commission because their customers are more dedicated and loyal to them than other systems.

    • +3

      For Apple intel is already a thing of the past…. For everyone else that's a long way away…

      • +1

        Steve Jobs in his autobiography says he had late night phone calls with intel CEO shaming them for not having a high speed but low energy chip for them. Jobs was planning this well before his death. I wonder what happens when Apple finally finishes all of Jobs’ unfinished products and aspirations. Will they be rudderless.

        • +1

          I don't think so, they spend more than most companies make on RnD. When Nvidia take over ARM though they will need to patch that relationship up a bit hahahaha

          again i'm no fan of Apple but this is a brilliant kick up the ass the intel's of the world needed (AMD from one side and Apple now the other)… should see some amazing things happen in the next 5-10 years.

    • What do you mean? They're already a thing of the past xD

    • +6

      They can be as amazing as they want, but they currently hold a 10% or so market share and I don’t think business or education are going to swing wildly away from their current platforms towards Apple given software and price are so important to those segments. If anyone’s a threat to Intel short term it should be AMD, although Intel still has strong relationships with OEMs. Longer term ARM chips may be a threat, but with Apple unlikely to sell outside its own ecosystem you may be looking more towards Qualcomm to lead any charge against Intel especially with Microsoft dabbling in ARM based Windows again.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple user myself and I’m very happy the transition has gone as well as it has, but Apple likely isn’t a huge risk to Intel, and if Intel does fail because of Apples move capturing market share then that likely also signals a huge shift away from Windows or Chrome OS as well, so a number of huge players are all impacted and they won’t just roll over.

      I’m sure Intel will be ok. The worse of it is probably the loss of Apple as a customer. Their market share certainly wasn’t insignificant.

      I didn’t cover it above but gaming is a market where Apple can’t compete with Intel either, although my personal thought is that within 5 years cloud gaming will have leveled that playing field considerably, so I don’t think it’ll remain the trump card it has been for decades.

      • +1

        Just to add to your point.

        Apple was only 2 to 3% of Intel's annual revenue based on estimates of analysts. So it's very unlikely Intel is going away anytime soon. Intel also makes a lot of it's revenue from Data Centre, where AMD is just starting to make in roads with their Zen based EPYC CPUs and Apple really has no presence.

        In terms of AAA gaming, x86 has dominant market share with Intel and AMD. PC (Intel/AMD) has approximately 24% market share, whilst the AMD based Playstation and Xbox have approximately 30% market share. Cloud based gaming still needs high speed, low latency broadband infrastructure and the majority of the world still won't be there in five years. Companies such as OnLive have tried and failed to make cloud based gaming a viable product because the infrastructure just wasn't there.

        • Agreed.

          By 5 years I certainly did mean it when I said “level the playing field”. I don’t expect it to be the forefront of how games are consumed, and it’ll also be mid way into a console generation that has spec’d hardware for on prem gaming.

          That said, it’ll be available in more and more markets in that time so while it may not dominate, it’ll become a viable option for more customers with each passing year, especially for games that aren’t hugely latency dependant.

          I do think cloud gaming will take off before we see Apple being heavily supported for AAA titles running on the system itself. It didn’t happen while Apple was on x86, so I don’t see that changing regardless of how good their ARM chips are. There’ll be outliers but and some games will ship.

          Exception would be if Apple ever pursued the console market I think, which has been rumoured time to time but I don’t think there’s strong evidence it’ll happen at a scale where they’d look to compete with Sony and MS. Think they’re happy with mobile gaming and Apple Arcade.

    • For the power draw yeah, but for processor intensive work you're still better off with a proper computer. It obviously has issues with soldered ram / upgradability and why they haven't included the 10Gbit show it obviously has overhead issues. It's not the golden child apple and apple fanboys make it out to be.

      As it is a RISC processor it excels at some workloads and is quite mediocre at others.

      • Yeah, I agreed with you in some points but I think that apple opened up the great transition to ARM for computation that never seem to be possible for X86 Architecture.. but despite the compatibility issues with SW/HW features, ARM is the way to go for future as it's power consumption per Computation. Furthermore, there is other researches happening on RISC-V where recently they have scored massive benchmark on Multicore scores. Anyhow.. yeah only problem now is remaining is transition.

    • I doubt that, no matter how good these new machines are, or will be more so in higher end models, Apple doesn’t cater in all market segments, and businesses have a lot invested in wintel with specialised software.
      Granted, it might encourage more people to look at AMD so intel should feel threatened on two fronts.

  • I ordered one two weeks ago during Black Friday they didn’t even have stock back then! I haven’t heard anything about my order. I don’t see the point of discounts when you don’t even have stock.

    • +1

      Officeworks seems to have stock (in warehouses) so you can get your hands on one in a couple of days. I tried my luck at Costco next and they only had the Air in Gold, but had Pros in Space Grey. Went to JB to cancel my order, after a bit of to and fro the manager went into the back of the store (for the second time!) and said there was a new shipment that had just come in but was only available in Silver. Grabbed it without blinking. Got super lucky. Impressions so far with a Macbook Air M1 base model, its chewing through any number of apps I am throwing at it. Some iOS apps like News, Twitter work great! Battery looks decent but knew this going in. Moral of the story - Go into store, their websites do not reflect their current inventory well.

  • +2

    Mac minis don’t arrive till feb

    • Hope not I ordered my BTO 2 weeks ago 😞

    • From online or from store?

      • Just checked online based on my postcode. Could be different for you

  • Also can try Officeworks PG, another 5% ?

    • yes but you are better off using discounted TCN gift cards.

  • Seems the new MBA, MBP and mini are in hot demand this year.

    • Time to buy Apple stock

    • +2

      They are. But the M1chip just gives apple more space to provide a discount.

      • +1

        Yeah from all the reviews I’ve seen they literally smokes all the Intel Macs before them and the fact the have 18 hour battery life is insane.

  • Thanks OP. Just in time as my step-mum was looking to get one today.

    Paid with JB Gift Cards via work benefits program for a total of $1368 - same as what you'll pay via Officeworks PG.

  • Can you pay with TCN cards instore even though the store doesn't have stock to get it for Feb 2021?

    • In case anybody is wondering , store said if I order now in store, the price is at the time of pick up so If there is no discount at the time it will be at retail price.

      Those with TCN physical cards like me are stuck in a limbo because JB Hifi won't let you convert them to JB hifi gift cards to buy online.

      They don't have stock of the mac mini basic.

      • You can't pay for it now at the discounted price?

        • Not at the SA branch I was at. Maybe someone else can check if they have any luck with paying for it now?

          • +1

            @gym: Paid on Black Friday in Sydney and still waiting for stock to arrive. Call other stores near you and see what they say.

  • +4

    Wow. Been 45mins now and still no android/window boys in the thread yet?

    • Record?

    • Why only a comment on Android or Windows, there's more then just that you know xD
      P.S. As a Linux user I'm very happy to see this transition and hoping it makes a mainstream change, but keeping up or beating the current M1 ARM processors.

  • -1

    The problem isn't Apple are in high demand, the problem is no one can get stock of lots of things, including white appliances.

  • I also ordered one of the models they are selling here back at the Black Friday weekend which they have advised will not arrive before Christmas…. interesting they are now selling even more! Hope they are being transparent about delivery expectations.

    • February

  • -2

    Stock problems ? you ain't seen nothing yet …. the Chinese are so p****d off with us at the moment , they may just decide to stop making them for us anymore.

  • +3

    some of the sydney cbd ones still have stock - bought a mbp 13" today, they also had one unit of the base 13" mba in stock .

    Helpful sales rep told me there was a sale tomorrow, but he could do the price for me today . i had no idea of the stock shortage.

    • Would you be able to tell me which store it is?

      • world square - they were def down to their last few units at around 5pm. might be worth trying in the AM if convenient

        • Thank you, will check it out.

  • guys, the delivery could be around feb 2021 for Macmini.

  • is apple having tough time selling their mac range?

    • +4

      Hell no, the new M1 macs are a huge leap forward and very popular

      I don't believe Apple covers any of this discount but I could be wrong.

      • i know apple give a certain price to retailers below which they cant sell the item or they get penalised or can get their license cancelled. so all of these sale on latest apple model products is with approval from apple, so they might be covering it if they are approving

        • That would be illegal to fix prices =). More likely is that they sell to retailers at such an inflated cost price that the margin for retailers is crap, it’s more about getting people in the door and buying other high margin items.

          • +1

            @LittleTicket: Yes the margins are very slim, and then they try to turn a profit on accessories / Applecare etc.

          • @LittleTicket: Yeah, I believe it’s more a case that margins on Apple hardware is not high so retailers won’t discount too much on them. Same deal with iPhones, iPads and iPods (back in the day).

            • @Smigit: The margin on Macs for retailers is bang on 10%, which is why they’re never really discounted more than that (source, I used to work at Good Guys).

              Selling them at 10% off they make essentially no money at all - they hope you’ll buy something else in the “basket” which will make a few bucks (e.g AppleCare, accessories etc as Merlict mentioned).

          • @LittleTicket: You can 'fix' price under a re-seller agreement. JB aren't an apple retailer/distributor.

            • @ajole: this is factually incorrect.
              It is illegal to collude to fix sell prices on goods in Australia
              The way Apple forces everyone to sell at retail price is by leaving very little margin for retail.
              If you see a 10% discount it's most likely because the retailer is behind budget and needs to make loads of sales to make their target and get the bonuses that they miss out on if they don't make target.

              If you're talking about fixing the prices that Apple charge to resellers- that is legal.
              And they way Apple get around that and give advantage to big dealers like JB HiFi is by having different amounts of bonuses- see above

              • @kaos:

                this is factually incorrect. It is illegal to collude to fix sell prices on goods in Australia

                Yeah thats why I put inverted commas around 'fix'.

                The way Apple forces everyone to sell at retail price is by leaving very little margin for retail.

                Not completely true

                they way Apple get around that … is by having different amounts of bonuses [based on budget]

                Yup. So if you back calculate margin based on these targets its not 'low margin' am I right?

                So all in all, 'fixing' prices. If they weren't, in effect, fixing prices, we would see a lot more variability cf. max ~10%. This is one of the reasons why Apple is always the subject of anti-trust investigations, and they often lose, because they walk the line really closely

      • +2

        Jack the prices up double of production costs

        Who cares? The production cost of your favorite clothes is literally pennies on the dollar, it's just an irrelevant number as a consumer.

    • -3

      not with so many brainwashed iPeople

  • +2

    I want 16gb :((

  • +1

    How’s Windows run on it?

    • +1

      Bootcamp is not supported. It may be possible in the future but don't hold your breath on it being easy or bug free.

      • -3

        Bleh. What's the point!

        • +5

          They've been making Mac OS for 30+ years so somebody likes it!

          • @Merlict: This (new?) OSX only started in 2001 .. heh.

            Before that was completely different on the old 9.1 days (loved that old tangerine). sigh

      • Is it possible to run Parallels software?

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