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As Seen in The Sunday Mail: New Hangover Remedy Security Feel Better $5.95


Take 1 or 2 bottles of SECURITY FEEL BETTER after the party, before you go to bed, will prevent you to have hangover symptoms the day after (e.g: disorientation, nausea, headache, body aches, dizziness – to name a few).

Quote from maker:
"There's a possibility if you have one or two beers, taking Security Feel Better might get you below the limit in 45 minutes" Read article for more details below:


Artichoke, Angelica, Lemon Juice, Pear Flavour and Yunnan Tea

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    is this just an advertisement? i don't see any mention of any savings ???

    • yup, not scientifically proven and more importantly, not a bargain.

  • "will prevent you to have hangover symptoms the day after"

    so do a couple of glassed of tap water…

    • so do a couple of glassed of tap water…


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    Hangover cures are all a myth

    Australian celebrity scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki continues on his myth-busting ways, this time putting to rest misconceptions regarding hangover cures. In short nothing will ease the pain of a big night out except time and a few glasses of water.


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    Hangovers serve a purpose… to remind you to avoid getting so wasted next time.

    • Or so you have at least some indication of just how awesome last night was…

  • The fact it's an "article" from the Sunday Mail (Adelaide's Sunday Murdoch paper - note not newspaper cause that would imply it contained actual news), is enough to totally debunk any Scientific conclusions about the product for me…
    Might as well say "As seen on Today Tonight and ACA" for all the credibility the Sunday Mail has!

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    The potion's Sydney-based marketing director, Michael Romm, said that the French-made drink, based on artichoke extract, contained an enzyme that helped break down alcohol in the liver five times faster than the body on its own.

    He said while he had not yet had it scientifically tested, he believed it had the potential to lower blood alcohol levels within the hour.

    So, the product hasn't been scientifically tested, yet the marketing director somehow knows that the drink can break down alcohol "five times faster that the body on its own"?

    LOL, thanks for the laugh OP, but I'm going to put this product into the pseudo-science gobbledygook basket.

    Edit: Instead of a link to a mainstream media outlet, perhaps you should have included a link to a scientific paper such as this instead: http://www.cmaj.ca/content/169/12/1269.full

    Our results suggest that artichoke extract is not effective in preventing the signs and symptoms of alcohol-induced hangover. Larger studies are required to confirm these findings.

  • $5.95 each or $49.95 for a 10 pack over at UNDOIT - not much of a saving here, purely advertising

  • Spam and dubious…belongs in OzSpamScams

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    this is an ad, not a bargain.

  • waste of time

  • Ad (not bargain) for snake oil (useless). Neg.

  • As above.

  • I want to try, but $7.95 Postage for 1 bottle?! You should have a delivered special price.