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Mercedes Me Bluetooth Adapter - Free for Existing MB Owners


My first post or two.

Was booking a recall service for my A class MFY 2018. The service department told me that my car can get a free Mercedes me adapter which makes my car a bit smarter.

Please refer the link for the details of the smart part.
I'm not too sure if it's limited to certain models or years. But worth to get one if it's free.


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    The high yield just keeps on yielding

  • +1

    How’s about a 2014 SLK55?

    • One of my favorite cars :)

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    What's your secret to be on OzBargain and still own a Mercedes

    • +43

      Being on Ozbargain long enough. Imagine the savings

      • Until it breaks down and you have to pay for repairs

      • +2

        I'd argue OzBargain makes people spend more then they normally would!

    • +8

      2 posts & 6 comments in 8 years…there you go

    • Only lurk and never ever read the comments.

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      Be a investment banking analyst at Westpac.

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      Be on OzBargain Free stuff section only, score free stuff, save every other penny towards a Merc.

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      Scalping PS5's i imagine

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      Be on the lookout for high yield investments.

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        This. I bought enough eneloops to power South Australia

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      Easy, buy one below market rate, sell for profit. Use profit to be Eneloop batteries. Rinse and repeat.

    • Must've snagged a good MB deal here. 😎

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    its cool when it works, but 70% of the time it doesn't work as intended.

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      So the deal is only worth 30%?

      • +18

        30% of the time, it works everytime.

        • Hahaha… stings the nostrils..

      • +3

        30% of free is still free

        • Not if it costs you ~$20 petrol to drive there and back

        • tentsubore is a half full guy.

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      Just like the car I imagine

    • Download the new app. The old one was horrific. New one works 10% better

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    They've been doing this for a while. Had my 2017 CLA250 serviced last year and my service advisor connected it up for free. Was a bit useless to me but I think there's a transition to a new app which is supposed to have more features.

    • New app much better with lots of features.

      • That’s great. I’ve just downloaded but haven’t tried it out yet

      • What are the new features and is it available?

        • Edit sorry replied to wrong person.

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      I wish I had a service advisor
      My mechanic just says "she's screwed mate"

      • Every service advisor is different but I’m lucky to have a really top bloke who looks after me and my car every time I need a service or if I have even the tiniest issues with my car.

  • Wow who drives a mercedes benz and views ozbargain?

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      Coz ones driving an Aston Martin are on Whirlpool.

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      All of us investment banking analysts at Westpac

    • I browse ozb not cuz of bargain but to know what’s out there. 99% percent of the stuffs I buy, I don’t even use it much. But it’s still great to have. That’s why love obz.

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      Plenty of people that drive Mercedes aren’t rich or own them.

    • +3

      So what ?? It's not Rolls-Royce

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      A second hand ML is about $3k..

      • Is that all? Wow. I remember when you would struggle to find a 1998 ML320 for under 50 grand second hand.

    • +2

      I do. I save a lot with Ozbargain which helps me to afford nice cars.

    • Older models hold their value well, like the 560SEC for example, and even older models.

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    This adapter worth $50 max, so nothing to brag on about. Although Mercedes will invoice it as $500 fitted for free. LOL

    • Tax incentives

  • It would be unfortunate if that title got cut off at 2 words.

    • Mercedes Meh?

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    George Russell can cash in on this deal.

  • +3

    That doesn’t look like a Camry.

    • “That’s not a Camry, this is a… oh wait. Never mind”

  • Got one last year but it's useless doesn't tell you anything about the car

    • +2

      I bet it tells Mercedes lots about your car though….

      • Sure do!!

    • Does it help with old Bluetooth pairing by any chance. Parents GL won't pair with iPhone 8 Bluetooth..

      • No it doesn't, it works as a different Bluetooth device.

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    Wonder if I can slot this in the AU Falcon.

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    The service department told me that my car can get a free Mercedes me adapter which makes my car a bit smarter.

    Do they have anything that makes the drivers a bit smarter? I've had 2 near misses in the past week, both Mercedes lol

    • +2

      When I read things like this, I often wonder how drivers always think it's everyone else and not them.

      I mean, it was you that had the 2 near misses, not the other cars.

  • +9

    Honestly why do people hate luxury car drivers? Sure they could spend the money on a world vision membership or something actually productive for broader society but each to their own, I guess.

    • -6

      Usually because of their tendency to drive like jerks.

    • +7

      Tall poppy syndrome is very real in Australia

    • +3

      It’s more cathartic to beat down on Tony from East Kew driving his Merc AMG when he forgot to chuck on his indicator to lane change for the 10th time today, than Shazza from Roxburgh Park driving her ‘96 Corolla performing multiple rapid lane changes on the Western ring road. They’re both (profanity).

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    Will this thing read out errors? I've got one with a check engine light that's been on for a year.

    The engine is still there.

    • Have you checked under your seat?

    • Would this apply to a 2018 sprinter van. Mine has the small screen, factory android auto head unit.

  • +3

    Buy a Merc get a free "Mercedes Me Bluetooth Adapter", what a deal! :D

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    If something is free then you are what’s being sold. Guessing it’s a great way for merc to bug you about services but also to track how the car has been driven and where.

  • Hope it comes with driving lessons too.

  • +1

    "Free for Existing MB Owners" - what about future MB owners?

  • +2

    Just looks like a way to bug me about servicing - if it gave me some actually cool features like turning on the ignition for heating/cooling or true keyless then I would be on board, but otherwise, why in the world would anyone want this?
    It's like inviting Google and Facebook into your car seat.

    • I'd love to have Google in my car seat, that would be amazing.

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    It's not like bluetooth was invented last year, why is it not part of the car from the get go?

    • Good question… Mercs have had Bluetooth for a while too, but I get the impression from when I sold my last Merc that most people wanted CarPlay / Android Auto. So this sort of adapter could help bridge that gap (kind of).

      Some buyers I had come by were ‘obsessed’ with the idea that they just ‘had to have’ CarPlay. But when I showed them either Bluetooth audio, or direct USB connection playing, they relaxed and weren’t so single-focused anymore…

      Strange how MB focuses in their promotional material for this adapter about features like ‘this adapter will help you know when it’s time to come in to the dealership’. I thought that’s what calendars and reminder emails were for.

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      I have a brand new Mercedes and don't need this adaptor. I believe it's only for older models that don't have the MBUX system.

      • 💪

      • Can I have it? =)

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    I’d rather upgrade my Merc and get all the other newer features, than just fill the ODB2 port with a glorified Bluetooth adapter / app interface :-)

  • The adapter rattles every time I drive over train tracks. They installed it just behind the handbrake release latch is on my GLA45. Was better off before it because of this new rattle.

  • How the flying (profanity) do you buy a mercedes and not have this basic feature…?

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