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40,000 $200 Regional Travel Rebates on $400 Travel Spend Available to Victorians


From Friday at 10am, the Victorian government is offering 40,000 Victorians $200 'vouchers' to travel within Victoria between December 12 and January 22 as a stimulus for the tourism industry.

You have to spend over $400 on one of the following categories to get the $200 back:
- accommodation
- tours
- local attractions

Exclusions are gaming, alcohol (except if alcohol is included in wine/brewery/distillery tasting type tour but excludes any alcohol purchased and consumed outside of the experience), fuel, food and drinks (except where packaged with an eligible expense such as a winery tour), groceries, personal items such as clothing and accessories, transport costs (rental vehicles, train and bus tickets).

It's really a reimbursement from the government though – travellers have to apply for the voucher, pay for the travel upfront and then receive a reimbursement from the government.

Still, $200 back on your trip is still $200 back!

Another 40,000 vouchers will be available on January 20, and may be redeemed for travel from January 27 to April 1, and the final batch of vouchers will be released on March 30 for use from April 6 to May 31.

Update: An extra 30,000 regional tourism vouchers will be made available to Victorians at 12PM today. Sold Out

Round 2: 40,000 vouchers will be released from 20 January 2021, 10.00am for travel between 27 January 2021 to 1 April 2021. Sold Out

Round 3: 30 March 2021, 10.00am, for travel between 6 April 2021 to 31 May 2021

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  • Better spend your time looking for places and exact dates, otherwise you won't even be able to apply for the voucher

  • +1

    Give it 1/2 an hour, the vic tourism team are working off Qld time (the confusion of WFH!)

  • Extra $200 voucher for person who find the "Apply Now" button first

  • +2
    • Well Done I upvoted it lol .

      • Sorry everyone apparently now is not the time for humour :/

    • +1

      Looks suspiciously too good to be a government paid design. I call BS

    • lol next level UI team!

    • If I was at work I would’ve done this too 😂

  • I'd say most people have given up.

    The business.vic.gov.au homepage is refreshing very quickly now.

  • +1

    Dan Andrews laughing at everyone for wasting their time.

    • He’ll make an apply now link that will actually pre vote for him in the next election

  • +1

    First finder gets a million dollars from the Vic gov, just need to click on a link to collect…

    • first finder gets the vaccine. Vic govt update their t&c's that Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory to use the voucher.

  • +10

    this might be good… filters out all the amateur theage readers, and mum and dads. Then the ozb pros can go in for the kill.

  • +4

    Update -

    Reckon 200,000 people refreshing, wasting 30mins of our lives. So 100,000 hrs of effort @ $25 an hour is $2.5m :) We might reach the total voucher value by Midday?

    • +12

      Jokes on them, my time is worthless!

  • in another 2-3 hours they say a problem with the site and move the date

  • +1

    nekmint…..allocation exhausted message

    • I will fcken lose my shit if this happens…

  • +1

    "Apply Now" is a trending topic on Twitter. Seriously.

  • Maybe time triggered and the old daylight saving time chestnut strikes again…. I try again at 1100

  • +1

    Business Victoria website crashes as people scramble for regional travel vouchers


    • +4

      yay we made the news!

      • I think it would have brought more hits to the page as others would have realized about the offer now :)

    • The professionals strike again!

    • Not really the problem is they forgot the APPLY NOW button .
      No problem getting the WS .

    • From the news: "To apply for the voucher scheme, visit business.vic.gov.au/travelvouchers at 10am tomorrow"

      Have they changed the date?

      • No, they've just updated the original story announcing the scheme with new text - except for that part.

      • +1

        Nah, just a rushed journalist who didn't proofread their article before printing.

  • +2

    Andrew should be paying everyone for wasting all our time

    • I'm pretty sure this is voluntary

      • +1

        Now you tell me

    • We need to spend $10 mill on a inquiry for this to still have no idea who ran it

      • +2

        This feels like the plot of an episode of Utopia.

    • +1

      Timekeeper, $750 weekly allowance for wasting our time

  • nek mini: "Sold Out"

  • +8

    What a debacle. Surely a Royal Commission into the Missing Apply Now Button will be announced imminently

    • +1

      Nah! Get Credlin on to it.

    • +1

      I'm sure the outcome will be very much the same as the hotel one….it was him, no it was him, and here comes the bus, actually it was him

    • isn't that all scumo does? Announce things and not deliver?

  • Seymour Skinner Web Devs: "LET ME IN DAMN IT"

  • my work has probably lost $200 with me wasting time refreshing this, thanks business victoria

    • +5

      In 38 minutes?

      Can you link me to your work's job application page please

  • +1

    Did Andrew outsource this task to Hotel quarantine as well??? Where the hell is the button? Or they using QLD time for Victoria event?

  • Sky News have their next headline

    • -1

      Prob some BS about China attaching Victoria and how Trump will save us all

  • I expected to miss out although now need to keep refreshing :)

  • i think the amount of time wasted here… and applying .. if converted to economic value supersedes that of the vouchers if all those time where better spend on more productive activities!

  • I feel it coming…

  • site isn't loading at all now :(

  • -2

    I keep refreshing and sometime it loads but the button isn't there.
    Anyone facing the same issue?

    • Welcome to the party - you are late!

    • +1

      Nah just you

    • Have a read above.

  • Bad Gateway now

  • +2

    somebody realised that excel wasn't the best way to record user details

  • +3

    www.business.vic.gov.au =
    going via Kansas using Incapsula
    might help if it was a little closer to home, possibly even using an Australian company.

    • Amazed not China :)

      • Pity. It would probably work then.

  • -1

    anyone succeeded getting one?

    • Nope

  • site's gone dead with a 502 bad gateway lol

    • back up, still with no button

      • and…..

        its down again

  • They're replying to people on Twitter:
    "We are currently experiencing high demand on the website and as a consequence, the Regional Travel Voucher Scheme page is temporarily down. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience""

    • +1

      would of been no demand now as the 40k would of gone if you put a button :)

    • +2

      They're replying to people on Twitter:

      They have time to read twitter, but no time to fix the website?

  • +2

    Get in there and sign this petition NOW!


  • Wonder if they'll reschedule the time as not really fair if it drops randomly during the day now?

  • +1

    Currently trending on Twitter in Australia:

    1. Apply Now
      19.1K Tweets

    2. Star Wars
      107K Tweets

    3. DisneyInvestorDay
      57.7K Tweets

    • whats happening with star wars?

      • Announcement of multiple upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series

  • i want melbs hotel too…they need it also

  • +1

    servers are being restarted… get ready folks

  • +2

    RTX 30 series, AMD 6000 series, PS5, and now the government voucher. Welcome to 2020

  • As painful as it is to say, I have new respect for Stuart Robert now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Robert

  • -1

    The management of the victorian government would make banana republics cringe

  • Constantly 500 or 502 error now

  • 502 Bad Gateway now

  • +1

    latest page "502 Bad Gateway"
    what a joke. is it 1st April already :)

  • it's down eventually — i think they are fixing backend

  • Smoko time servers have been turned off

  • will randomly work during the day so how many will be waiting when it does..

  • The web page at https://www.business.vic.gov.au/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address

  • +1

    i hope the government now employees better agencies for testing and go live readiness :)