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[WA] 50% off Gas Usage Charges (2 Years, Residential Plans) at AlintaEnergy


50% off residential gas charges with Alinta Energy's "Fair Go 50" offer, for two years. Only valid until December 14, 2020. May be able to get Kleenheat to price-match. Coupon code is "Big Deal 50" (no spaces supposedly), or use the link above.

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    FYI Alinta Energy is owned by Chinese Hong Kong based Chow Tai Fook Enterprises. But don’t let that get in the way of a good deal 👍

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      If we worried by who owned what on Ozbargin we wouldn't buy anything as 95% is made or owned in China….. No more USB-C or HDM cable deals gasp

      • Do we really need that many cables?

        • Yes. Please surrender your ozbargain badge at the door on your way out.

          • @tessel: I have so many cables that they all tangled up like spaghetti. Instead of just 1 cable that I need at $10, I collected 5 cables at $7. Those 5 bargain cables ended up at $35 where as I could of spend $10 for what I NEED. Buy what you need and save earth’s precious resource for future generations. It’s only a bargain when you use it.

    • Who employ many Australians.

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        Apparently they have 800 employees, not sure how many of these are actually Australian based? I’m sure if you and many others take your business away from Alinta to an Australian owned energy company employing local Australians they will eventually hire more staff due to an increase in customers. Food for thought.

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      If we turn down Chinese owned products to protect our Australian values, why not turn down American products first since those hypocrites dragged us to the Afghan war crimes in the first place.

      • The US didn't drag us into anything. Howard couldn't wait to blindly follow Bush into another war, like the naive sycophants our politicians are.

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    Kleenheat is still Australian owned (Wesfarmers). Lets support them instead!

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      The WA gas market has a price cap, generally all the retailers charge what it is (or just below it) then discount off that price. Nothing like the shitshow of ‘discounts’ that are offered over east.

  • Their gas prices were much the same as AGL, I went from Alinta to AGL for 50% mid year. Alinta customer service far better in experience.
    Can't be bothered switching back for same price though

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    Already get that deal if you are RAC member with Kleenheat as well as collecting Flybuys points. Also being from interstate where gas/electricity has competition, i think competition is good.
    Synergy and Alinta had control of gas/electricity when I got here so I was quick to support any competitor so they didn't dictate the prices without any competition…

    Edit: Actually Kleenheat is 40% so I will try to get them to match.

    • I was called by one of the random companies recently, I think it was energie, who offered me 50% to switch from Kleenheat. I am currently on Kleenheat @ 45%.

      I called Kleenheat and told them to match it but was quickly told they won’t / don’t do 50% what they will offer instead is a $10/month “loyalty” bonus for the next 10 months ($100 credit total). Which by my sums is more than the extra 5% discount would add up to.

  • How to get this for current customers?

    • Maybe switch then come back

    • Leave to kleenheat or AGL, you will get contacted by Alinta in a bit (few days normally) to ask you to stay.

      Alternatively call them Monday and say you want to leave because of this deal, match it else I move. They usually know about competitors promo so would match or beat.

      • So this deal is not for existing customers?

  • Just signed up myself. Definitely cheaper than my current AGL gas.

    • AGL has 50% discount as a pretty standard offer.

      • Yeah i had it before, but i think my 2 years ran out. Let me switch out to Alinta and see what they say if/when they contact me.

  • +1

    I'd save a whopping 2c per day, so I'll stay wth Kleenheat

  • Kayo Sports deal with Alinta Energy beats them all I reckon, especially for a low-usage customer like myself.

    • What's this deal can you elaborate please.

      • +1

        One year of free Kayo (basic service) when you sign up to Alinta's "Sports Pack Gas Plan". In Perth, it is only gas-supply that you sign up for.

        Usage rate is 13.81 cents per unit compared with Kleenheat 9.41 cents per unit (supply charge and account fees are identical).

        I did the math and because I don't use a lot of gas, I am effectively paying an extra ~$3 per month for Alinta, and I get a year of Kayo included.

        I'll probably churn back in 12 months time.

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    when kleenheat started atlinta refused to match any of their offers and were extremely arrogant about it, and that's how kleenheat got a roll on in WA….

  • Called Alinta, they say it was a "dodgy link" to their webpage and they won't honor it. Offered 43% off for 12 months instead of 50% off for 24 months.

    • They offered me 46% and $50 credit and waive establishment fee because normally would charge because I was away so long.

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