This was posted 11 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Thomson Hibachi Tabletop Grill $49.99 (Pick up in Store) @ Coles Best Buys (Selected Stores)


Saw the deal in store at Coles Burwood East this arvo. About 10 left when I bought one.
The cheapest I have come across online is $60 at Kogan not including delivery.
Part of the coles Bestbuy catalogue starting on Friday. Available in certain stores (participating stores listed on last page of catalogue online).
Not big enough for a party but small and compact for maybe making some yakitori skewers for a small family.

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    Real Ozbargainers will just steal some cinderblocks from a construction site and use that!

    Thanks though that's a good deal :D

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    Family of 1 maybe.

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      With multiple personalities.

  • Saw a bunch at Coles Southland a few days ago.

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    Looks pretty similar to this one on Amazon that's around the $80+ mark

    • It’s all the same, just re-badged.

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    Any way to check which coles will have stock> ?
    I was going to buy the kogan/amazon one a while back but they were out of stock for ages.

    Participating stores on last page of catalogue, annnnnd none of them are my locals…ahhh

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    In terms of quality, does it matter where these grills are made? Would you try looking for one made in Japan?

    • +1

      I would, yes.

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      My wifes friend has a Japanese one - cant really see the difference. Ultimately this is a very simple device. A box to hold burning charcoal and a grill on top. There's not much to go wrong.

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      Poorly made ones would probably crack as well as not heating evenly

      • The charcoal gets hot and heats.

        The ceramic grill has gone into a kiln so isn't going to crack from the heat.

        • Some ceramic bbqs are known for cracking if the heat gets too high, and it's especially an issue with some expensive ceramic egg shaped smokers like the kamado joeand char grilles (at least that's what I have heard)

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    incase anyone was after these, I saw a stack of around 15 of these in Coles Croydon (VIC 3136) today at roughly 5pm

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    Interesting most of their best buy stores in NSW are outside of metro syd

    • I bought mine from Chullora NSW. There were two left.

  • Any stock in QLD?

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      I saw about 10 at Redbank Plaza store Saturday morning

    • Yesterday I saw Coles Sunnybank Hills still got quite a few.

    • Greenslopes

  • Wish it were electric

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      charcoal makes food taste better

    • +2

      If you want electric ones just use the free council ones

  • Is the replacement grill at $9 a good deal and can you wash amd reuse or is it 1 time use only?

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      Can’t tell if you’re just kidding around or not? It’s stainless steel and food grade… yes, you can reuse it.

  • What’s the usual price on this?

    • There isn't because Coles doesn't usually sell them.

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        It's on Amazon for 80 bucks

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    If you’re planning to use this indoors, make sure you’re using binchotan charcoal

    • +2

      Bit contradictory to get a bargain hibachi only to use it with premium only charcoal that won't kill you?

    • +1

      Hey do you know good place to source binchotan charcoal in Sydney?

    • +1

      if you’re planning to use this indoors


      make sure you’re using binchotan charcoal

      That's like saying premium cigarettes won't give you cancer

      • Agreed, you could die from carbon monoxide poisoning if used indoor

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    No more left at coles Burwood east.

  • Hrmmmm, no metro Adelaide stores.

  • 11 at Vermont South, VIC as of right now.

  • Outdoor use only?

  • Where to buy the charcoal?

  • Are these durable or a few use only before the ceramic clay cracks with thermal cycling?

    • My suggestion is don’t suddenly chuck water on it while still super hot

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    This is mainly for style and looks isn't it? Don't a lot of asian style grocers have those larger stainless steel banger ones for cheaper if not less? Especially as they won't crack (granted, probably rust lol).
    (Genuine question)

    FWIW I use a terracotta cube pot I got from Bunnings on clearance years ago lol >_<

  • I have one, very hot. Perfect for thin pieces of meat.

    • LOL, it is not your ordinary barbie, I haven't try mine yet.

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    Read this tired and saw ‘Hitachi Girl at Coles’

  • Saw over 10 units at Norwest Coles yesterday.

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    Around 20 available at Coles Dandenong (princess highway store not dandy plaza like what their website said… I went there this morning)

  • What's better this grill or a Lodge Sportsman's Grill? - price not a factor.

    • Do you really have to ask? The lodge sportsman would beat this hands down, but it's more than double the price and its heavy as. It will probably last you 30 years even if mistreated some

  • I wasted an hour today
    I didn’t realise there was a list until I got home
    I suggest Check the list of “participating” stores might save your time

    • OP said "Available in certain stores (participating stores listed on last page of catalogue online)."

      • Coles Best Buys is new to me, but how can Chullora and Clemton Park in NSW have them (as per comments here) if they aren't in the list?!?!?!

  • Real ozbargainer will go to Coles, put in $1 coin to the trolley and bring it home to use it as a grill.

    • This is OzBargain, not OzTheft.

      • +1

        You're new here, eh?

      • Ozborrowing as long as you return it after a summer of use?

      • It's not theft because they are selling the trolleys for $1

      • It’s a trolley rental scheme

  • Bought one, cheers, OP! There are about 8 left at the Nerang Store.

  • Thanks OP. More than ten left at Macquarie Park.

    • Around 4/5 left at Mac Park when I got one at 3:30pm

  • Great for tailgating at the cricket.

  • Thanks Op :) About 9 left in Taylors Hill Coles Vic :)

  • About ten at Sunnybank Hills Qld. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks Masterchef for bringing the hibachi grill to the forefront of culinary excellence. /S

  • 4 left at Mt Ommaney QLD, cheers OP just firing it up now!

  • Heaps left at Langwarrin

  • these are a nightmare to clean, get a second have weber go anywhere, or smokey joe

  • +1

    Thanks, got one for each stomach

  • Mitcham got about 5 left as of now

    Both Forest Hills and Vermont South sold out

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