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[Pre Order] Apple AirPods Max All Colours $840 Delivered @ Studio Proper


For those who missed out the Costco deal, or does not have membership, or want a colour other than Space Grey.
Next best price is Rosman Computers $877 but also out of stock.
It seems that Apple is the only one with all colours in stock.
JB-Hifi only has Space Grey in stock at RRP price $899 + $4 delivery (can use discount gift cards).
Most stores show they are out of stock, advertising delivery mid-Jan 2021.

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Studio Proper
Studio Proper

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  • +6

    major issues with retailer according to product reviews

    • +63

      And also major issues with price, $840 for headphones!!!!

      • -8

        Oh you sweet summer child.

      • +8

        Wait till next year for the pro max version which is $1,200! :)

    • +1

      Every retailer has issue on productreview, check out Apple themselves

  • +1

    If you buy direct from Apple you can return em if you don't like them or you see them cheaper.

    • +11

      buy it for the gram and flex, then return it after got all the pics lmao

      • +4

        Lol I'd respect someone more for that than putting it on a credit card you can't afford

  • +6

    Are lots of people really buying them till OOS? Ot is Apple simply releasing 2 units per merchant to simulate demand.

    • -1

      99% the latter. low stock to simulate demand

      • Like everyone single manufacturer who’s latest products are “in demand”. Of course there being a pandemic doesn’t help…

    • +1

      My guess is that everyone's buying from apple to try it out, and likely a large % will return it.

    • +21

      Apple AirPods Max at $840 makes the ps5/xbox series x at $749 amazing value

      • +1

        Ps5/series x are amazing value though.

  • +21

    Posting these on ozbargain should qualify as trolling. What a joke product compared to Bose or Sony for a much lower price.

    • +1

      It’s even more of a joke when they set RRP’s and the day they’re released, they’re discounted. It’s almost Kathmandu like…

      • +2

        Apple didn’t discount them though. Plenty of items ship for bellow RRP. Look at new release video games as an example being sold at physical retailers.

    • +2

      Two words: apple ecosystem

    • What about headphones that have better sound quality than those 2, which are bought mainly for their ANC capabilities?

  • +7

    Please stop

  • +36

    Ozbargainers should boycott this overpriced junk, or else the competitors will follow this price trend and we will be paying over $500 for other brands next year.

    • I get what you're saying, but you can hardly call it junk. The engineering is great, expensive but great.

    • +1

      How many OzBargainers are buying the competitors headphones do you reckon…

    • -1

      Same goes with Samsung making plastic flagship phones.

  • +25

    Why are these getting upvotes…

    This is not a deal. We are quick to condemn the little guys with their deals…but with Apple we turn a blind eye….for a product thats a rip off?

  • +3

    840 for headphones? Dafaq?

    • +1

      There are many cans that cost this much or more rrp, but they always go on special and can be bought for far less.

      • +12

        Not my take at all. I believe, and many others do too, that the competition is Sony, Bose, Sennheiser and the like. Nothing stands out as being especially targeted at a pro market with these, just people willing to spend more than their Beats headphones.

        I mean, if these are “pro”, whatever that mean, (I’ll assume you mean studio headphones or something) then they’d likely be open cupped and not need active noise cancellation, something generally aimed at using the headphones for commute.

        I think their main target are those who won’t blink at $550AUD retail for the Bose 700.

        The XDR monitor is completely different and has prosumer feature set and was unveiled alongside the Mac Pro. That was clearly marketed towards a professional market.

        • +1

          My mac laptop is so 'pro' it doesn't even have an escape key

  • +16

    Overpriced. Not a deal.

    • +1

      Feel free to post a better price.

  • +3

    That's insane the amount of money these cost. The difference between these and all the other fantastic headphones, is these will always cost more.

  • +3

    I kinda understand why so many people hate this headphone without even try it…but howcome not nearly as many people complaining about B&O’s super expensive headphone like Beoplay H9i for $600+ and H95 for $1000+? Do people comment here already hear and know AirPod max sound worse than any of those? Do people confirm it has inferior build quality in any way comparing to B&O?

    It feels like just because B&O position themselves as a luxury and good audio brand so it’s almost easier for them get away (or even justify?) with charging high price in some people’s mind?

    • +6

      You're comparing these to the likes of Beoplay and H95, when they should be compared to the likes of XM4 and Bose 700.

      I highly doubt Apple is trying to take over B&O small share of the market, they are aiming to get Sony and Bose's share.

      btw, no one is saying these are a bad pair of headphones, they are probably amazing but the price is just insanity at this point.

      XM4 on release were like $400 and Bose 700 were around $500

      • “ You're comparing these to the likes of Beoplay and H95, when they should be compared to the likes of XM4 and Bose 700.”

        How do we know for sure though? People just “assume” AirPod max “should be” compared against those popular one. For all we know it’s as expensive as some of B&O’s. And what happen if it surprisingly sound better than B&O’s? Will it then become a good value headphone since it then not only gives high end sound but also provide more functions (through Apple’s ecosystem) than B&O’s?

        Expensive or not it’s all relative right? People just automatically assume it won’t sound better or at most on par to Bose or XM4 without even hearing it yet? That’s not really fair right?

        • +1

          You can't compare this to xm4, build quality is night and day, this one has full aluminium on the ear cups, that's on its own is already worth a lot, then you have Apple ecosystem and then potentially good sound quality as well

          • +3

            @ln28909: They do have better build quality but there is a reason Sony and Bose use plastic.

            Yes, it is cheaper but it is also much lighter weight so better for overall comfort for long term use (wearing it for hours).

            I'll admit the removal ear cups is a legit sick feature and very unlike Apple so I was surprised to see it.

            Yes, the Apple EcoSystem is good if you have other apple products.

            It is probably amazing, but I just think $800-900 on release is a bit much and it should be more like $650.

            • @BarginGrabber: "I'll admit the removal ear cups is a legit sick feature"
              Next year, they'll release new better model where ear cups are optional extras…to go with your other apple accessories and dongle :D

              • @nfusion: Lol wouldn't be shocked to see that become a thing or they make it so only Apple approved $100 ear cups will work, otherwise no sound will come out

            • @BarginGrabber: I've seen a few mention the "Apple ecosystem" as almost a (partial) reason for the price.
              What can you expect to get from being in Apple ecosystem in a pair of headphones? I don't have Apple or airpods to know. Do you have any unique features in the Airpods today that it's only there because of Apple ecosystem?

              • @nfusion: Just things like connectivity is very smooth, like I open it up and it will tell you connected to your phone, tell you what the battery life is at and stuff like that. Apple apps are probably better integrated as well.

                There are probably other features as well that work great on Apple products but not so good on Non-Apple products.

                • @BarginGrabber: Thanks. Those aren't anything new though, I don't know about other brands but my using the Sound+ app, I can see all that info with my Jabra, including choose EQ, set it up for different conditions etc. I guess time will tell if there's any API or anything that App devs can actually leverage the "Apply ecosystem" for to make a difference, maybe something like allow devs to define an EQ they deem best fits their app?!?

        • +1

          @ Bagachin: Seems like you will definitely buy these today and review it for rest of Ozbargain community and justify the price?
          Sound like Apple fan boy.

          • +2

            @BinnyC: Nope, I’m still rocking my XM3. I just don’t think it’s fair to judge something without even using it, hack most people don’t even see it in person yet and they already critic like they pay and use it “thoroughly”, how’s that a better behaviour than a blind Apple sheep?

          • @BinnyC: Bette than sounding like a narrow-minded bandwagon rider.

        • +3

          Like I said, no one is judging the quality of the product. I'm sure it is amazing and maybe slightly better than Bose or XM4, I'm not denying that.

          What people are wondering is whether or not the price tag is justified.

          So, I'd be shocked if Apple is trying to compete with these 1k+ wireless headphones.

          The reason being usually Apple charges more than the competition for a comparable product.

          I'd be shocked if they are charging lower amount vs the B&O headphones but want to out compete them. I could be wrong, but based on their history they typically don't do that.

          imo $650 is where it should be considering the use of more premium build quality and the Apple ecosystem. That is still $150-200 more than Sony or Bose on release.

          $800-900 seems a little too much

    • H95

      Just searched for it now and discovered this model exists.
      Waow… AU$1399 for Bluetooth ANC headphones.

    • I’ve got no dog in this fight … but the B&O cans have been crafted over decades of iterative improvements to get to the point they are today.

      Apple’s first crack and they nail it? Seems fanciful.

    • +1

      The issue for me is that these headphones will be marketed much more intensely than any other luxury headphone - and will sell a lot more. Ask your average iPhone-owning neighbour in a month what the Beoplay H9i is - he'll almost definitely have no idea. Ask him what an Airpods Max is, and he'll likely have heard about them at the very least. The Apple 'cool' factor and their great integration into the Apple ecosystem will definitely attract people who want the best luxury headphone for their needs, but where things start to get depressing for the rest of us is when Bose, Sony, and all the other manufacturers start going 'Hmmmm… Apple are charging $900 for a premium headphone, and people are buying it? If people are willing to spend that much, let's raise the roof on the price of our next premium headphone!'. And the sad thing is, there'll be a little bit of outrage, and then people will just roll over and accept it as the new normal. Thanks, Apple.

  • +6

    Yikes! The Apple tax is strong on these

  • +5

    Came here expecting posts making people genuinely interested the deals on the AirPods Max feel like sh!t, was not disappointed. Thought this was OzBargain, not OzNowayIwouldpaythismuchforXsonooneelseshouldorelsegtfo. Noticed this on a few deals aimed towards the more expensive stuff including my own posts.

    • +5

      Agree. There are people who want to buy a specific product regardless of others subjective opinions, I cannot see what the problem is to post a deal that helps these people to pay less if they are going to buy it anyway. Just move on if anyone is not interested in the product.

      • +6

        Nothing wrong with your post, just some people on here feel the need to justify other peoples spendings (no idea why)

        • +1

          The kinds of people that call people who buy Apple products sheep all seem to have the same MO, as if they are part of some sort of hive mind; what was it you called people who all act the same? I wonder… Always with the same sort of comments as if they are reading off of a script; no originality, no credible arguments. You don’t need to like the deal and no one is forcing you to buy anything but some seem hell bent on forcing their opinion on others. Yes these are expensive but people will buy them. For everyone else, use what you want and be happy, but don’t push your option down other people’s throats like some sort of religious nut.

    • +4

      Really not liking how 'I personally don't like the product' is a valid reason for a neg now.

      Even if you don't want one.. this could still be useful for someone who does.

      • +1

        Wait til you hear about caged egg deals

  • +7

    It seems that Apple is still hanging on past glory that it thinks it can still demand for such insane high prices on their inferior products.

    What a delusional company Apple continues to be.

    • +2

      Stocks up 4%

    • +3

      Bro, sold out till like February

    • Yeap they are doomed.

  • This should not be a thing

  • +5

    Neg for the shit retailer.

  • +6

    Bought 10 , thanks op

  • +6

    Please post it on Oz-overpriced

  • +5

    I swear people only buy shit like this for clout. Sad life.

  • +3

    Thanks, bought 10

  • Sigh no Aptx LL

  • +2

    How's it a bargain in the first place when your getting ripped off in the first place by a brand xD

  • I think people buying this at launch would not care about that 60 saving. They either rich or buying for making review video. They are not price sensitive. However most of the bargainer here may think twice for a headphone at this price point.

  • +3


    Why do all the models have serious posture problems? Are these very heavy? Also am I allowed to open my eyes when using them? Will the dynamic head tracking be able to call an ambulance when I collapse from the weight of this hipster rubbish and/or see my latest card statement? Can I snap the cups off and use them as a defibrillator or nipple protectors?

  • The Bra Case beats VIctoria Secret.

    • They should have done a collab.

      Apple and Victoria's secret

      $1200 for headphones.

  • -1

    Wasn't there a thread about boycotting these cheap Chinese made products? They break so easily. I'd spend a bit more on a quality product.

  • Why would you even want metal on the outer cups? I can just see them getting all scratched up over time. It may look and feel nice at first but it's just adding unnessary weight and potential for cosmetic damages.

  • +1

    Ridiculous price for what it is.

  • +2

    We probably soon will see 24-month data plans with headphones instead of handset🥴

  • not my type of headphones plus too expensive

  • +6

    Agreed with all the negs. If we support this overpriced junk, Bose and Sony will soon follow suit. I say boycott every Apple Airpods Max deal.

  • +1

    These will complement my $2300 iPhone 12 Pro Max well. I bet Spotify will sound great!

    • Don't forget your $1000 Series 6 Stainless Steel Apple Watch, I mean, how else will you be able to tell the time?

  • +3

    If you buy a pair of these one day - good for you. If you decide to not buy a pair of these ever - good for you.

  • +4

    Apple will keep testing the boundaries of what people are willing to spend.

    Their marketing department is world class.

    • -1

      This is entry headphones money. Also remember anything with a rechargeable battery will be junk in ~5 to 10 years.

      • +3

        Entry what?
        You're surely not suggesting this is an entry level price point, because that's just bullshit.
        I'm well aware premium cans can go well into 4 figures, but $800 is not entry level by any stretch.

    • +1

      This is exactly as i see it, testing and testing.
      Just like the AUD$1,699 monitor stand.

      • This $8,499 monitor doesn't come with a stand but it also doesn't support VESA mounting without a $349 accessory? What are you meant to do with it, balance it against a pile of books?

  • don’t know why so many ppl like to tell ppl off when they buy it. personally i won’t get it but everybody is entitled to spend THEIR money however they like it. just cos u don’t think it’s worth it doesn’t mean that others will think like u..

  • So many people misusing the neg…this objectively (not subjectively) a deal given it is $60 off a newly launched Apple product (which rarely goes on sale).

    If you think its overpriced/useless/etc etc just move on instead of s**tting on other people's purchasing decisions. Sure leave your comment but don't neg based on your opinion about whether it is a good product or not. I am not an Apple fan but I am interested in these headphones; I own the Beoplay H95 and am interested on a deal to see how they stack up. Thanks for sharing OP!

  • +1

    I saw these being launched and immediately bought apple stocks. These have good review and I am sure apple will sell a lot of these to iPhone users. Plus it comes with fragile parts and a shitty cover so apple will keep on making money with repairs too. I personally think these are too expensive for headphones and Sony xm4 or Bose qc35 would be a much better value but I also know there are too many people with iPhone standing in line to buy these.

  • It s APPLE guys.

    You need to have deep of faith. No matter which Apple products out. Just buy it.
    Which most Apple fans will …

  • This is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with this world. It has got to be some sort of sick corporate in house joke?!

    • Why do you say that?

  • I've seen people say "They have one piece milled aluminium"
    Can someone explain what benefit that would give to my sound quality or comfort for these over other brands that aren't one piece? For me those are two important qualities for headphones.
    I had a MBP and one piece unibody still dented the same when dropped, didn't increase my MBP performance..

  • +1

    As the saying goes. A fool is easily parted with his money. Apple must be loving their fools

  • +1

    These should be called the Monster Audio 24K Gold-Plated UltraHD 79Ghz Wireless Bluetooth 9.0 Headphones with Dolby Cosmos 41.28 Channel Surround Sound.

    Can Apple just buy out Monster Audio already? They've clearly decided to follow in their footsteps with their retardedly overpriced consumer electronics justified by pseudo-scientific Voodoo.

  • +1

    Mobileciti $808 today only, code HAPPY2021.

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